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This video by E. Raymond Capt gives a basic rundown of what Where Can I Buy Zolpidem Tartrateis on about regarding the 12 tribes of Israel. And NO, (in case anyone’s thinking it) ‘Israel’ in the Bible are not the Jews of today. ‘Israel’ is the WHITE RACE. The Jews are Edomite/Canaanites, otherwise known as the seed of Satan…..

Listen to Soma 350 Mg Side Effects for more information on the topic!

– BDL1983

Order Ambien Online Usa

Buy Diazepam By Paypal
I can’t help it if it’s true!!

This is a superb radio broadcast which tells it like it is regarding Christianity, Christian Identity, and the Bible.

From Buy Brand Name Adipex:

Rig.Veda. I 130.8 tells of how the “black skin” was conquered:

“Indra protected in battle the Aryan worshipper, he subdued the lawless for Manu, he conquered the black skin.”

Buy Yellow Diazepam

A Discussion with Sven Longshanks of Soma 350 Mg For Sale

Sven is also a contributor on the Buy Ambien Cr 12.5 and has created a site called Buy Ambien Prescription Online.

• The Old Testament is a racially exclusive book for Aryans. Race and caste was as important for Abraham as it was for the ancient Aryan Hindus. The symbols and attributes of Indra, the King of the gods, are the same as those of Yahweh.

• Israel is all the people and nations descended from Jacob Israel, Abraham’s son, not a piece of land in the Middle East.

• The European people can be shown to be the true descendants of Israel, from physical descriptions in the Bible, historical records and fulfilled prophecies.

• Today’s ‘Semites’ claim to be descended from Shem, one of the sons of Noah, but since Arabs and Jews are mixed-races, this is a lie. They come from an unlawful marriage, which is a marriage between two different kinds, and have no claim to the heritage of Shem.

• Jews follow the Talmud, not the Old Testament. They have two Torahs, and when they say they are devoted to the Torah, they mean they are devoted to the Torah SheBeal Peh – the Talmud. The Torah Shebichtav is the Old Testament, and remains as an ornament on the wall of the synagogue for most of the year.

• Christian values are the same as traditional White values: Love your neighbour (racial kinsman) as yourself, Honour your father and mother (your ancestors), No fornication (race mixing), No usury, Live separately to the other races and have nothing to do with them.

Buy Phentermine Generic

Buy Brand Name Adipex

I agree with Buy Valium Hua Hin on this stuff. Understanding this issue is not something that comes easily. It takes a lot of research and independent thought, but above all, HONESTY. Anyone who dismisses this Dual Seedline thing immediately upon hearing of it is being very foolish! It’s true, so get used to it. That’s why I’ve taken a stance on this issue, just for the record.

– BDL1983

Buy Diazepam Glasgow

Buy Phentermine For Weight Loss
The Menora – A Symbol of the World’s Best ‘Lying Club’!

“Most average people believe that the Holocaust actually happened, that Jesus was a Jew, that the Jews are ‘Gods Chosen People’, and that the Bible is a book written by Jews………. They are mistaken on all four counts!”

Anyone who has been aware of the Jewish problem for any significant amount of time is aware that the WW2 ‘Holocaust’ narrative is a big Jewish fairytale which never happened. The Jews made up the whole story and forced it down everyone’s necks using their control of the mass-media (and everything else)!

Let’s use the Holocaust and WW2 as an example of Jewish behaviour: The Jews instigated the war, killed countless millions throughout Europe, caused real ‘holocausts’ all through Germany, then turned around at the end of the war which they won, and complained about being victims. Oy Vey, the Chutzpah!

Jew story: Evil Germans/Whites were killing poor innocent Jews….

Real story: Evil Jews/Communists killing innocent Germans/Whites……

The Jew story is clearly the opposite of the truth – you get the picture.

Buy Soma From Trusted Pharmacy
The real sign in Jew Hollywood.

What we have here is a pattern: The Jews control everything, and then they force their propaganda on everyone. That much is easy to understand, since it is the only way they could pull-off a hoax like the Holocaust!

Now let’s move on to what the Jews tell us about the Bible, Jesus Christ, and them being these “Chosen People of God”:

We know that the Jews have infiltrated and successfully gained total control of modern ‘Christianity’. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that it is often termed ‘Judeo-Christianity’! We also know that the Jews never tell the truth about anything. Take anything the Jew says, then flip it 180 degrees and you’ll arrive at the doors of truth:

“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

John 8:44 (no prizes for guessing who’s being referred to in this verse)

My question is this:

Why would anyone in their right mind believe what the Jews tell us about Christianity; a religion which they obviously control in its modern incarnation?

Buy Soma From Canada
Does Jesus look like a Jew to you? Looks White to me!

If you believe that Jesus was a Jew, that the Jews are ‘Gods Chosen People’, and that the Bible is a book written by Jews, then you have just swallowed probably an even bigger Jewish lie than the Holocaust!! The Jews are the ones who have told us these things about Christianity. That fact alone made me think (almost instantly) that the opposite is probably true.

Anyway, the deal with Christianity does work the same as with the Holocaust; namely the opposite of what the Jews tell us is true! The thing that amazes me most about the anti-Christ crowd is that they accuse Christian Identity of ‘wanting to do’ EXACTLY WHAT THE JEWS HAVE DONE!

Consider this:

The Jews and anti-Christs walk in lock-step on this issue. They think the Bible is a book written by Jews, and that Christian Identity adherents simply want to insert themselves into the Bible and take the Jews place! I.e. these White Christian Identity adherents want to rule over a multiracial society and behave just like the Jews do. This is the false idea held by those who believe the popular Jewish lie – the one where the Jew says that he created Christianity!

Order Xanax Online Usa

On the other side of the coin, Christian Identity doesn’t make the mistake of believing what the Jews say about Christianity. They say that Jesus and the Israelites of the Bible were White, and that Christianity in its original form, was a White Racial Religion. This means it wasn’t at all ‘universal’ like modern Judeo-Christianity! They point to the modern day Jews and correctly identify them as the Edomites whom Jesus and the White Israelites fought against. Ironically, and correctly, Christian Identity points out that it is the Jews who are imposters pretending to be the Israelites of the Bible, which of course, they are not! (Any simple study of the requirements to fulfill the role of ‘Gods covenant people’ will show how the Jews don’t fulfill any of them!) The Jews are the ones ‘inserting’ themselves into a White racial book, then ‘universalising’ it. So rather than simply having a covenant with their god like the White Israelites did, they become masters over all people, and therefore ‘chosen people’ to rule the world using their own bastardised version of Christianity! Judeo-Christianity, as pointed out correctly by the anti-Christs, is a critical part of the Talmudic Jewish enslavement plan, and therefore it must be rejected by thinking Christians and everyone else for that matter!

For those with lingering doubts – take a step back and think about which option sounds more plausible:

1.)    The Jews telling us the truth about Christianity and how they are ‘God’s Chosen’, since we all know that the Jews wouldn’t lie about anything, or

2.)    The Jews are lying imposters using and subverting Christianity for their own evil Talmudic agenda of world domination?

When you understand that the Bible is not meant to be taken as ‘universalistic’, since it is a White Racial book, then you begin to understand what it is really all about! In essence, it all comes down to a racial battle between ‘the light’ and ‘the dark’, ‘good’ versus ‘evil’.

The forces for ‘the light’ (or ‘the good’) are the White Israelites – House of Jacob/Israel.

The forces for ‘the dark’ (or ‘the evil’) are the Jews – Esau/Edomites/Canaanites.

The racial battle described in the Bible sounds all too familiar! The key to understanding it is to correctly identify who the peoples involved actually are!

The battle continues…….

Buy Soma Mexican Pharmacy

End Note:

Just for some clarification regarding my religious views in case anyone is wondering – I don’t officially subscribe to any religion, but as an outcome of my recent studies into Christian Identity and Christianity in general, I can safely say that I now know where Christian Identity adherents are coming from. They are certainly analysing the Bible from the right perspective, as opposed to the Jews and anti-Christs, who are just plain wrong about all of it. What I’ve gathered from my studies into CI, which will be continuing until I’m done with it, is that there are far more historical truths in the Bible than most would care to admit. Does that mean I agree with it all and that I’m going to be yelling ‘praise Yahweh’ at everyone? Certainly not, since I don’t buy into the whole idea of the Bible being sacred. It’s a book with valuable lessons and historical truth in it, but that doesn’t mean I believe it all! ‘Yahweh’s word’ had to be written down by mortal men like ourselves, but we are not fool-proof and nor are we always correct in our interpretation of things; especially after 2,000 years of changing languages, translation errors and deliberate subversion (Jews). The leap of faith, as far as Christian Identity is concerned, is the leap from believing what can be proven to be true, such as the Israelites being White, the Edomites being the modern day Jews, the historical migrations of the Israelite tribes, to believing all the ‘Creation stories’ in Genesis, the Giants walking the earth, and fallen angels etc. I don’t care who you are, you cannot make me believe that any book is the word of God, or some unknown ‘higher creative force’! I do, however, believe in a ‘higher creative force’ which somehow put things how they are, but I don’t believe any man can claim that he knows the secrets of what lies beyond this life, or what the ‘higher creative force’ actually is! That’s the ‘leap of faith’ which I won’t be making….. Not without a miracle or divine intervention!

– BDL1983

Order Adipex Online Canada

From Buy Valium Japan:

Judea was a multicultural state by the time of Christ.

Jesus Was Not a Jew

There is a common misconception that today’s ‘Jews’ are in some way the descendants of the biblical children of Israel. This could not be more wrong and can be demonstrated in a variety of ways from credible sources. Jesus was also not a Jew, although he is commonly misidentified as such.

Jesus was a Galillean living in the Buy Xanax Sleeping Pills of Judea, where up to Buy Ambien Sleeping Pills Online lived at different times, all commonly known as Judeans, after the land of their nativity and not due to their actual genetic heritage. Jesus’ lineage through his mother was of the tribe of Judah, making him a ‘Galillean Judahite’.

The New Testament often mixes up Jew, Judean and Judahite by calling them all ‘Jew’. This can be shown by the way Jews are mainly Buy Diazepam Tablets Uk in the gospels, as well as them being specifically told that they Buy Real Valium Online the same heritage as Jesus, and that his message Buy Valium New York. At the same time, in a minority of places Jews are identified Super Cheap Xanax. There are also the verses in Revelations, referencing those who say they are Jews but are not, who are the Buy Valium Using Paypal. These verses cannot all be talking about the same people.

So if the New Testament Jews are not of the tribe of Judah, then who were they? The priests and the Herodian kings are named as Jews in the Bible, as well as by Jewish sources yet they were Buy Xanax Over The Counter, which is the Greek word for Order Xanax From Mexican Pharmacy, who were of the tribe of Edom. The King James Bible of 1934 sleeve notes explain how Herod was an Idumean stranger who with the help of Rome, had taken over the Judahite monarchy and the priesthood, appointing other Edomites to all the important positions in the State. ‘So Herod, a descendant of Edom, tried to wrest from Jacob the forfeited blessing, by setting up an earthly kingdom on a professed Jewish basis, to supplant Messiah’s spiritual kingdom.’

You can’t get clearer than that.


The Edomites/Idumeans

The Edomites were descended from Esau, Jacob-Israel’s brother. Esau Buy Diazepam Wholesale and thus broke the first law, which is that each should produce only Buy Liquid Valium Online, Cheap Valium Online Australia, not mixing seed with another kind. Generic Ambien Not Effective of his were Generic Ambien 79 to Isaac and Rebecca’, his parents. Because he was unrighteous and polluted his bloodline, Rebecca knew that he should not be given the traditional blessing of the first born, and she instructed Jacob on how he could obtain it instead. This added to the jealousy that Esau had for Jacob and continues right through to the present day in the hatred that Jews have for the Europeans.

The tribe of Edom are called the Buy Phentermine Online In The Uk in the Old Testament, they repeatedly helped Israel’s enemies and joined in the plunder of the Israelites. The Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 they made against Israel was following Jacob-Israel’s father Isaac’s death, right after promising him that they would not make war on Jacob’s tribe, referenced in the book of Jubilees.

130 years before Christ was born, there was a final battle with the Edomites whose homeland (Edom/Idumea) was right next to Judea. The Judahites won, but their chiefs had become so estranged from God’s law by then that they thought they could force the Edomites Buy Xanax Romania to the Judahite religion at sword point, circumcisions and all.

This is explicitly against God’s covenant with the children of Israel as they are not to take Order Valium From India or to accept strangers into their tribe or religion, especially from the children of Esau. The promises and covenants were made to Jacob Israel and his seed alone, if they married out of their nation then the seed was no longer just of Jacob and the promises no longer applied.

As well as polluting the bloodline and destroying the biological heritage of the Judahites, forcing the Edomites into the Israelite religion meant that they brought Buy Cheap Generic Ambien Online and idolatry into it too, which eventually became the basis for the Talmud.

Buy Diazepam UkHerod the Edomite Jew’s massacre of the Aryan innocents.


At the Time of Christ

The Edomites had a reputation for subversion, corruption and treachery and they were not among Israel for long before they had taken over both the Order Xanax. This was achieved through bribing the Romans,who governed the province of Judea, which by now included both the original land of Judah and Idumea, the homeland of the Edomites.

The true Israelites recognised and welcomed Jesus as the fulfilment of prophesy, but the Edomite Jews hated him and sought to kill him. Herod was the first to do this and then the Pharisees after him, as Jesus excluded them entirely from his message by saying that he had come only for the lost sheep of the house (family) of Israel.

The Edomites were already a mixed race, unlike the observant Israelites who had continued to observe the strict racial purity laws of the Old Testament. Jesus reminded the Israelites of these laws and the covenant that had been made with their fathers, repeatedly saying that he came ‘not to any, but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel’, as well as speaking in parables that only they could understand.

Cheap AlprazolamKhazaria. The Khazars converted to Judaism and interbred with the already adulterated bloodline of the Edomite Jews.


The Khazars

After Rome’s conversion to Christianity, the Edomite Jews were prevented from holding any civic office, building synagogues or even doing business, by the Byzantine Christians who knew only too well how they operated. Usury and slave ownership were also unlawful under them, which prevented the Jews from being able to get up to much in the Buy Valium India Online.

Due to this effective banishment from taking part in public discourse, the Edomites moved to the kingdom of Buy Phentermine Online Mexico, where the King and his people converted to Buy Soma Online Usa, as it condoned and encouraged their own customs of slave trading and usury. To the west of them were the Christians and to the east were the Muslims, who also forbade usury.

These Khazars were part Monghol, part Turkish and now they had part Edomite to add to the mix. Soma 350 Mg Street Price of todays Jews show Buy Sandoz Phentermine from each of these different races, along with European blood, from when they later moved into Europe. This proves that they cannot be God’s chosen people, since one of the most important commandments for God’s people was not to mix their blood with strangers.

What Does God Think of Race Mixing?

Buy Xanax Los Angeles between the sons of God and the children of men that was the cause of the flood, which is interpreted as meaning it was between Seth’s sons and Cheap Phentermine Pills For Sale according to the Buy Adipex Capsules Noah was ‘perfect in his generation’, meaning that his blood was not mixed and neither was his children’s.

Lot’s daughters had to resort to raping their father in order to ensure that their offspring would be Buy Loose Valium, as there was so much race mixing going on around them in the area of Sodom and Zoar, that they could not be sure of keeping their posterity unadulterated otherwise.

The Buy Xanax Sticks tells us that after the tribe of Judah were allowed to go back and rebuild Jerusalem after the Babylonian dispersion, it was discovered that many of the people had taken strange wives and had children by them. The high priest hears of this and is terrified of what will happen to them because of this sin and the strange wives and children are banished. (They probably moved to the nearby land of the mixed race Edomites, taking back a mix of their own customs, which would have been pagan, alongside some of the Judahite ones, to form the beginnings of what would later become Buy Soma Online Usa.)

The Buy Carisoprodol 350 Mg has a whole chapter devoted to praising the slaughter of an entire tribe for not just for the crime of raping an Israelite woman, but because the offspring’s generations would have had polluted blood for ever more.

An everlasting covenant is made with a man called Phineas, and all his seed after him, for zealously spearing two race mixers through in Buy Phentermine 37.5 White With Blue Specks.

The word ‘bastard’ in modern bibles is translated from Buy Ambien Online which means ‘mongrel’. Ambien Buy Mail Order tells us ‘A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.’

When the Bible mentions fornication, this means Buy Soma Muscle Relaxers Online and the commandment Buy Diazepam Tablets Online In India means to not adulterate anything, including and most importantly the blood.

Buy Xanax 3MgIt all depends on your ancestors righteousness whether you are a part of the tower of Babylon, or the holy mountain of God.


The confusion of tongues at Babel was to prevent race mixing and to thwart Nimrod’s attempt to make a nation himself out of mingling the ones already provided. In the previous chapter all the separate Adamite nations are named and then Nimrod tries to make ‘a name of their own’. This is the original source of the globalist agenda to do the same today, reducing everyone to the level of ‘just a human being’ with no heritage, allegiance or identity.

Today’s Jews

Today’s Jews very biology itself proves that they are not God’s chosen people from the Bible and cannot possibly be the children of Israel, in either a physical or a spiritual sense. The Edomite connection is also confirmed in the Jewish encyclopaedia where it says that Generic Phentermine Reviews

If I can find out about this I am sure that the Rabbis are also aware, that they are Buy Valium Within Australia by God for violating the laws of his creation. Their hatred and resentment of those who have kept the laws of nature and are loved by God, is as old as they are, from way back when Esau, the father of Edom, married Canaanites to spite God and consigned his offspring to the same fate.

This is reflected in their aggressively promoted Buy Diazepam 10Mg Uk Next Day Delivery for everyone else, that forms a part of all government policies, education and mass-media, in the countries where Jews are vastly over-represented for their small population percentage, in government, education and the mass media.

Buy Valium 10The ten tribes are not ‘lost’, they are the European nations of today.


Aryan Israel

The true descendants of Israel are now called by a new name, just as it said in the Bible Buy Phentermine Weight Loss That name is Anglo-Saxon, Anglo from Angel, denoting descent from Seth and Saxon from Buy Adipex Diet Pills Online. Their migration to Europe Buy Diazepam Uk Online through the Israel pass in the Caucasus mountains and is Can You Buy Zolpidem In Mexico in various Apocryphal books and contemporary Greek and Roman sources, as well as being referenced in the Bible. This explains the Hebrew roots of the Buy Adipex Over The Counter and the Hebrew place names that predate Christianity, as well as the Mesopotamian names of some of the European pagan deities and festivals.

Today the Roman Catholic church calls the Jews the ‘elder brother in faith’ when in reality they are the elder brother who rejected the faith, the law and the birth-right, and has been covertly at war with us ever since.

Sven Longshanks

Can You Buy Alprazolam Powder

Sven also writes here:

Buy Phentermine With Prescription
Click to visit Sven’s articles

That’s a pretty good simplified summary of how things fit together!

– BDL1983