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14 thoughts on “Who Are The Jews?”

  1. Hmm interesting stuff, I’d like to know how the neandethal and cro-magnon’s come into this idea or the Etruscans and pre Indo European invasion scandanavian’s. There were defiantly whites in Europe before the Indo European invasion, otzi the iceman for instance, or the non arayan language speaking Basques… I’ve listened to a heap of Bill Finks radio shows and some of his evidence is great and pretty convincing but it seems a little too linear…..

    1. Yeah, the impression I get is that guys like Bill Finck just focus on the White migrations which tie directly into the CI point of view… Nothing wrong with that though, archaeology proves the CI historical narrative. Having said that, there were clearly White tribes in Europe before the emergence of Christianity, but they just aren’t the focus in this instance…..
      There appears to be an overly simplified way of viewing it among CI adherents, but sometimes it’s best to simplify the message to make a point I suppose. 14/88

      1. Good point Brett, we didn’t spring out of knowwhere! Our roots are somewhere and Finck has a very convincing argument on his hands…one that even layman chaps as myself can understand, exactly what we need! cheers for posting the history stuff about Christ and the Jews, it is very enlightening, if only I could get my catholic and Christian mates to read your blog! They’re stubbornness is infuriating, 14/88 mate!

        1. Exactly, people sure do need a good dose of the truth. I’d like to think that this site provides it. Jews do hate ‘real Christianity’ and for good reason; it exposes who they really are and completely invalidates their “chosen people” claim…. Whites however are not ‘Chosen people’, simply the covenant people with the Christian God, in a White racial sense. That is VERY DIFFERENT to being the so-called chosen rulers over a multiracial religion, which Christianity most certainly was not!!
          1488 mate!

      2. Wow, BDL1983, you missed my paper, The Race of Genesis 10, my talks about Ionian Greeks, Etruscans, Tartessians and other peoples in Europe as early as 2500 BC, the Egyptian presence in Europe at an early time, and a lot of other things I have illustrated, just to make a biased comment about what you perceive it is that I focus upon, Please check out my work first-hand if you want to criticize me.

          1. Well, thanks, I appreciate that. I was only trying to address your comment so that I may offer an opportunity to clear up any misunderstanding. I am usually months behind on these things, if not longer, so I apologize for that.

  2. “Their migration to Europe can be traced through the Israel pass in the Caucasus mountains and is written about in various Apocryphal books and contemporary Greek and Roman sources, as well as being referenced in the Bible.”

    Obviously why they are branded Apocryphal!

  3. Fools being easily deceived… This man’s name is Longshanks, that sounds much like the Jewish practice of backstabbing. That Aryan Israel is the most blasphemous term I have ever heard, as those two things are polar opposites. This is an example of how any esteemed organization of knowledge is muddled. You want the truth behind the trio of Abrahamic religions? It’s right here, baby: Buy Soma From Trusted Pharmacy

    Truth is always stranger than fiction… The term Arya relates to spiritual traditions of the Far East, our people’s true origin. I recommend the sister websites JoyOfSatan and TheBlackSun666 for real knowledge, not this kosher shit. You are all being shit on by this article.

    1. Order Xanax Online Usa
      If you don’t like Christianity, Renegade is for you…
      Maybe the reason Christianity has many traditions you say were ‘stolen’ from Pagan Europe is that both Christianity and Paganism come from the White Racial soul……. Christianity is a fucking nightmare in its current form, granted, but it was White racial in its original state…. 1488

  4. Good article post Brett….it is a good streamlined version of the truth. Like I’ve said before, if one doesnt know the difference between the terms Judahite, Judean and Jew, they will never understand the bible.

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