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Clement Pulaski
Buy Diazepam 10Mg
December 24, 2013

Buy Xanax Nz

Man was made in God’s image, but man rebelled and brought sin into the world.  By disobeying his creator, man sullied and obscured the image of God implanted in him.

But God did not wish for this world of sin to perish without redemption, and so He sent his only-begotten son to dwell amongst us.  To restore the image of God in us, the Son of God was made flesh.  God assumed human nature, thereby granting us humans the possibility to become holy once again.

This event, the Incarnation, is the essence of Christmas.  The wicked and undeserving world received the greatest gift.  We could never repay this gift through our own wealth or efforts, but it is offered freely.

This Christmas, as we remember the good work that God does for us, we must also keep in mind the work of the enemy.  For the enemy exerts every effort to lead us all into a new rebellion against God.

By corrupting our culture and educational system, Satan and his special people–the Jews–are trying to make us forget about our Lord and all that He has done for us.  Christmas has been secularized, and all genuine expressions of piety are mocked and declared to be evil.  By doing this, the Jews attempt to destroy once again the image of God in man, the image which is renewed in us through faith in Christ.

By accepting the gift that came through the Incarnation, we bring about peace on earth and goodwill towards men.  In our ongoing battle against the forces of Antichrist, we must never forget we are on the side of righteousness, compassion and peace.  No matter how twisted and false the mainstream culture becomes, faith in God and in the justice of our cause will sustain us.

Rejoice, for the Lord draws near.  Hallelujah, for unto a child is born!

Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg

Let me make something clear here: I do not identify as a Christian, but I see a good positive message in Clements article. If you are not Christian, it doesn’t matter. The point of posting this is that you should be able to use a day like Christmas day to reflect upon the fact that there is some unknown “Higher Creative Force”, which sits far above us in terms of shaping how things got how they are. There is the Good, and also the Bad. If Christianity is someone’s preferred way to appreciate the Good and Holy in this world, then good on them. I support positive Christianity. Real Christianity identifies the Jews as “sons of Satan”. Could anyone seriously argue that this is not a reasonable assumption? Would you really be surprised if the Jews were actually a Satanic bloodline? I know I wouldn’t!!!

So, to all the eternal Christian bashers: Bash JUDEO-Christianity all you want. I hate the Jew version of Christianity too! But don’t include people who promote “positive White Racial Christianity” and opposition to the Jew under the one banner! The two things ARE NOT THE SAME!

– BDL1983