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Andrew Anglin
Order Xanax Europe
January 9, 2014

On New Year’s Eve, a group of intoxicated German teenagers partied on the Berlin Holocaust memorial, set off firecrackers and urinated on the symbolic graves of the allegedly gassed Jews.


Here is a clip of a Jew news service whining about it.


Note that these do appear to be actual White European Germans, rather than Muslim immigrant “Germans.”

Though this may appear to simply be drunken shenanigans of wayward youth, I would offer that it is deeply symbolic of a coming polar shift of the soul of the German nation.  In my own estimation, the Roman saying “In Vino Veritas” (In wine, is truth) certainly holds true here, as the teenagers acted out something rooted in their subconscious minds – a drive to be out from under the weight of the guilt the Jews have brought down upon them.

During my time in Europe last year, I met many Germans, and being the sort of gentleman that I am, would find an opportunity to bring up the alleged gassings of the innocent little Jews that their grandfathers are said to have taken part in.  Though my denial was sometimes met with slight resistance, there was a universal perception among those I spoke to that they, as a nation, no longer had a duty to support these Jews.  They all confirmed that this sentiment is growing very steadily amongst the youth of this once greatest of nations.

Though they were not deniers (at least not when I met them – I converted at least two, and possibly more by telling them to watch a few YouTube clips), they were ready to state the obvious fact that four generations is too long to hold people responsible for this.  And once they are ready to question their own responsibility in the matter, it is not a huge leap to question the culpability of their ancestors.  Once the window is open, to consider if it is possible that it didn’t happen, it is game over – it doesn’t take much research to see that there is literally no evidence whatsoever to support this ridiculous Jewish lie.

Once the Holocaust lie collapses, so does the entire foundation of Jewish power.

If the youth of Germany rises, so do we all.  Even broken down and occupied by the US military, it remains the strongest country in Europe, economically and politically, representing the most intellectually capable members of our race.

Though I believe they are going to need a push, it seems to me that the rise of the Golden Dawn may be on the verge of presenting such a push – of kindling a long diminished flame in the racial soul of the German people.  When the Golden Dawn becomes the government of Greece, showing that such a thing is indeed possible, they are going to give the Germans, and all the other Whites of the world, an opportunity to ask the question “what if?”

And once that question is asked, every single member of the Aryan race knows the answer, deep down in their bones.

2014 is going to be a very interesting year indeed.

Buy Alprazolam Cheap


Yeah, the fuckin’ Holohoax. It never stops with these whining Jews! Let them whine, for the day of the rope draws ever nearer!

– BDL1983

Cheap Xanax Pill Press

From Buy Phentermine For Cheap:

Buy Roche Valium Uk
Adolf Hitler, The German Savior.

Adolf Hitler was the greatest White man of all-time, beside Jesus Christ himself. A man of true selflessness and love for his own people. A man truly motivated by an unconditional love of his German people. No leader of any country was loved as much by his fellow country men as Adolf Hitler was. During 1920′s the great depression in Germany left the entire country in a state of decay. Mothers walked around the streets with weary eyes begging for bread to feed their children. Alot of them could not bear seeing their little children being starved to death, which resulted in alot of suicides. Grown men were shattered and the overall spirit of the country had been destroyed by the International Jewish bankers. Women became prostitutes, filth ensued, which led to the degradation of the German people.

Along came a man by the name of Adolf Hitler, who was extremely confident that he would revive his people. This confidence and sheer determination made the Germans feel hopeful. They were lost, they were defeated, Adolf Hitler arose like a God, speaking with the utmost compassion to his fellow people.  The Germans saw no other way than Adolf Hitler!

Generic Ambien Cost At Walmart

Buy Diazepam 5Mg

Exactly & SIEG HEIL!!

And before anyone says a word: Jesus Christ was NOT A JEW and Christianity was NOT A JEWISH INVENTION! It most certainly has been HIJACKED BY JEWS, to use against our race, but in it’s original form it WASN’T JEWISH!! (I’ll be writing something about this topic soon because I feel like it….)

– BDL1983

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India

Buy Valium In Cambodia
The Fuhrer: our spiritual guide.

Thanks to Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk for alerting me to this article. It is a must read:

(Originally from “Das Schwarze Korps” on Hitler’s birthday, April 20, 1944. “Das Schwarze Korps” was a weekly journal published by the SS.)

Sometimes one says that a person is the soul of a battle or of resistance. The Führer proves that this is more than a nice phrase. It applies to him so well that one would have had to invent the phrase if it had not already existed in the German language. Many a man has had power. Many can give orders. And some have the inner greatness that justifies their power and gives their orders power.

The Führer, however, lives in his grenadiers, who are doing more than soldiers have ever done before them. He lives in the men and women of his people, who with stubborn loyalty and confidence do the impossible. They do not obey his power and follow his orders, but rather they obey and follow an inner voice named Adolf Hitler. He is the conscience of the German nation. All our virtue, bravery, good will, intelligence and sense of duty follow his example. He is the voice within us that accompanies our deeds and helps us overcome all obstacles.

What would we be without him? Spiritual movements and historical developments follow their own laws. Wars come and go like vast natural catastrophes. But it is not natural that a whole people rises to meet its great test, bringing forth miracles of bravery and confidence to a degree that no one could foresee, not even the best student of its nature. This goes beyond the natural course of things. Here we see spiritual forces that have neither historical nor biological foundations. The equation is simple: if one removes Adolf Hitler’s spiritual powers, if one cuts the bands of faith that bind each of us to him, what is left? Only people who can do what is humanly possible, who can only bear what humans can bear, and who one day will succumb. It is not natural that after five years of such a war, after such sacrifices and burdens, we still believe blindly in victory and fight and work more fanatically and bitterly than we did on its first day.

The Führer does not speak to us often. It is too seldom for us to attribute his power over our hearts to his direct personal impact. But he is there, he thinks and works for us, it is as if we feel the presence of an omnipresent will. The soldier in a difficult position who feels he can no longer master the situation with his own strength finds comfort in thinking of the man struggling with fate at his headquarters. He knows that everything humanly possible will be done to help him. And he knows that even a sacrifice, if it must be brought, is a meaningful sacrifice, part of his great plan. He never feels alone. Nor are the people at home alone who suffer the heavy burdens of air terror. They know that someone is there who knows their needs. He does not only cover their needs with the cloak of his sympathy; he is the one who is coining victory from their suffering.

Such blind trust places an enormous burden on him! His omnipresent will that we believe we feel assumes that with superhuman watchfulness he sees all, hears all, knows all that concerns Germany’s fate. Here we see the incomprehension of the world that speaks of deification and tries to keep him in human bounds.

The poor fools! How can they know how happy we are that he is the person he is! The simplest and most faithful among our people worry about him. Is he sleeping? Is he healthy? What about his cares and burdens? We know well enough that his day, too, has only 24 hours, and that he is human. We realize that he does not know what grenadier Schultze and worker Müller are thinking at the moment. No, he cannot read their minds. But he knows his people and their souls out of deep, almost prophetic knowledge. He knows what he can ask of them and what they can give, and that explains what the grenadier Schultze and the worker Müller think. He feels their will and their faith, just as we feel his. He needs no divine powers, for he feels in himself the strengths of his great, brave people. It is a wonderful sense of connectedness. And is not that enough?

He believes no less in us than we believe in him. If someone claims that we deify him, they must also claim that he deifies his people, that he trusts us more than is humanly possible. But he has always been right in the past.

He seems to know us better than we know ourselves. He certainly knows our shortcomings better than we do. They often seem big to us, particularly those that affect our neighbors instead of ourselves. Then we say: “If the Führer only knew, he would…” But the Führer probably does know. He just does not think it very important. No, he does not deify us, but he knows who we are. He knows all the characteristics of his people and can play on us like a musical instrument. He does not use force, but rather the fine sense of a gifted master.

Were this not the case, how could he bear the seemingly unlimited burdens of responsibility he carries! Back during what seemed to us happier days, we got used to calling him the greatest military commander in history. Should we change our minds now that he has not recently given us any great victories? Are we not thereby seeing the concept of military commander in all too narrow terms that do not fit his titanic tasks?

The goal of a military commander is victory on the battlefield, that and only that. We had great military commanders during the First World War. They won many victories. They often had good reason for blaming the victories they could not win on people and things outside their area of authority.

Kluck did not lose the Battle of the Marne, but rather the inadequate General Staff whose orders he had to follow. Hindenburg and Ludendorff did not lose the great battle in France, but rather those responsible at home. They weakened the army by allowing strikes and domestic decay. The responsibility for losing the First World War did not rest with the military commanders. They could wash their hands in innocence. They had done their limited duty. The Führer’s task, however, is not to win splendid victories on the battlefield, but rather in every area, in every realm, winning the final victory by every possible means. He cannot say I am winning in the East; what happens in the West does not concern me. He cannot say I am winning on the battlefields, what happens at home does not concern me. He is certainly a military commander, and nothing that happens there casts any shadow over his greatness. But beyond all his characteristics and significance, he is one thing even greater — the Führer.

History will not ask if the commander Adolf Hitler fought on the Volga or in the Carpathians, but rather if he gave his people the victory of life, the Reich greatness, and its children a happy future. The joy of a victor on the battlefield is a high point of human experience. Even greater, however, is the ability to fight against human pride by giving up outward successes, to wear out the enemy here or there by retreats, to give up hard-won ground to gain time, to amass reserve armies instead of laurel wreaths.

Imagine how many times during the great defensive battles an army corps that seemed to be doing nothing could have been moved elsewhere. What brilliant victories, what prestige they could have won, what jubilation they could have given the nation, what happy moments they could have given the commander and his soldiers. But the Führer resisted all the temptations of the moment, conscious of his larger responsibility to the near and distant future. He saves every man and every weapon he foresees he will need for the great battle that is coming. He has factories working for the future, even if it makes life hard for soldiers at the moment. He is holding back the use of new weapons for the right moment, even though the troops and the homeland would find the use of them encouraging today.

He could not do that if he did not feel the heartbeat of the people, if he did not know what he could expect of his people. He has more cares, greater responsibilities, and harder decisions than anyone before him. If any of us had even a hundredth of his burdens, he would say he could not carry them. Any of us would prefer to be a common soldier who faces death, but only death, or a city-dweller who lives his hard life between air raid alerts, or the housewife with her shopping difficulties.

But there is one man who cannot lay down his burden, who carries a hundred times more than anyone else, who does not weaken or falter, who does not confuse the forest with the trees. He is a granite wall we need not worry about, who is everything that is good and brave and true in us, who warms us with the glow of his great soul: the Führer!

Come what may: He is victory!

Cheap Generic Soma (it’s where JH found it anyway…)

Spread this article far and wide!!

– BDL1983

Zolpidem 10Mg Buy

Hmmmmm…. I wonder why this might be?

Buy Diazepam Uk Paypal
December 12, 2013

Cheap Valium From India

The words of this man are the solution to our problem.

Many Americans take their freedom of speech for granted, and do not realize that to this day it is illegal to publish Mein Kampf in Germany.

The Order Xanax To Canada reports that the Jews are still working hard to keep the book banned:

Two years ago Bavaria announced plans to publish in early 2016 an annotated version with historians’ commentary, for academic purposes and to help “demystify” the text.

But this week, reacting to complaints from Holocaust survivors, the government of state premier Horst Seehofer in a surprise move changed course.

It said the “seditious” book must stay off the market and warned that any publishers who print it will face criminal charges — a move that was praised by Jewish groups.

The Jews are so terrified of Mein Kampf and the effect that it might have on the German people that they are determined to keep the book banned even though 70 years have passed since the fall of the Third Reich.  In fact, Jewish organizations in Germany have declared that Germans should never be allowed to read it:

The former head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, told national news agency DPA that she backed efforts to stop any reprints of a book that was “steeped in hatred and contempt for humanity”.

She said the text was “one of the most inflammatory works ever written in this country” and — even though it is available abroad — in Germany it “must never be legally allowed to sneak back into the hands and minds of the people”.

Buy Diazepam Glasgow

Jewess Charlotte Knobloch: Germans must never, ever, ever know what is written in Mein Kampf.

Knobloch displays the hypocrisy and deception typical of Jewish slanders against Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany.  She accuses Hitler of being “anti-humanity”, when it is the Jews who are actually the most deserving of this label.

The Jews murdered Jesus Christ, who came to save fallen humanity from its sinful state. (More on this topic soon…. – BDL1983)

The Jews shamelessly grew fat on usury while the masses were robbed and exploited.

The Jews in Soviet Russia killed millions of innocent White Christans, and then had the audacity to project these crimes onto the National Socialists with their imaginary “Holocaust” fairytale.

The Jews spread the plague of pornography and sexual liberation, which destroys the family, the most basic of human institutions and an essential component of a healthy life.

The Jews are the most ardent supporters of mass immigration and race-mixing, two phenomena which will result in the genocide of the White race, the race unparalleled in its creativity and compassion.

The Jews even threaten to Buy Phentermine For Weight Loss.

We are devoted to exposing this Jewish hypocrisy, and we openly declare that the Jews are the most wicked race in all history.  Mein Kampf is a constant source of inspiration for us, and we cannot praise and recommend this book highly enough.

Cherish your ability to read the words of such a wise and courageous man.  These words terrify the enemy.

Hail Victory.

Buy Soma From Trusted Pharmacy

Hitler was right, no doubt about it folks!

– BDL1983