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12 years on from the most famous Jewish attack on American (western) soil…… What lessons have we learnt?

(Apart from the fact that Alex Jones tells lies about 9-11!)

Order Xanax Europe

Here’s what I make of 9-11:

There are three primary reasons why the Jewish Cabal decided to attack the U.S. on September 11, 2001:

1.)    To put the blame for the attacks on Israel’s enemies; meaning the Arab/Muslim nations surrounding them. The goal was to portray them as “terrorists” and the enemies of “western” civilisation in general…. This objective has clearly been achieved by the Jews. They can then call anyone who opposes the Jewified Western nations a “terrorist” and also bitch and moan about how much “terrorism” the poor innocent persecuted Jews have to put up with in Israel. Basically, they get the “sympathy vote” if we follow their bullshit story of the 19 Arabs wielding box-cutters!

2.)    So the Jewish controlled “west” would willingly fight wars on behalf of Israel…. Now that we have common enemies it’s supposedly in our interest to help the Jews.

3.)    To create hi-tech police-states throughout the West and survey every single action anyone makes… If we “good goyim” oppose them in any way then we must be “siding with the Terrorists”!

Buy Alprazolam Cheap

We’ve already been through Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and now are about to go into Syria, and after that, Iran. Why is that? All because the Jews have us on a “terrorist witch hunt” for the “bogey man”….. (I thought Osama bin Obama was already dealt with….. Haha….. Nope; the wars still continue, telling us clearly that the “binny” hunt was all bullshit to start with!)

It’s interesting to note that the “Fighting Terrorism” excuse for all these mid-east wars was used most extensively for the Iraq and Afghan wars, but in the more recent Libya and Egypt debacles the media simply shows Arabs/Muslims = Bad, U.S. (west) = Good, peace loving, democratic…. And that’s enough for most to swallow the “Jew Party Line”! The Jew narrative is so entrenched, they only have to show 9-11 footage “every now and then” to illustrate how evil the Muslims are, and everyone believes it…… (Not that I like Muslims btw…)

Whenever the “rat faced Jews” are looking for extra sympathy all they do is throw in the ultimate chutzpah, and mention the Buy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery so we feel even more sorrow and pity for the “poisecuted” Yids!

The latest bit of chutzpah here in Australia has been our U.S. Ambassador, Jeffrey Bleich (Jewish of course), putting up flags of all the “victim” nations at a 9-11 memorial in Canberra… The NERVE of these RAT bastards is unbelievable: They commit the crime, play the victim, get us to fight their illegitimate wars, and then pretend to be “sorry” for the acts of the supposedly evil, plotting, Arabs/Muslims……

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk

Folks, we have one problem in the world today and that is the JEWISH PROBLEM!

Everything else is a symptom of the JEWISH PROBLEM!

12 years after the fact it is high-time “average Joe Schmo” got an IRON FIST of TRUTH in his FACE!!!!

Buy Valium Australia

Watch this if you are unsure of whether JEWS did 9-11:

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk

– BDL1983