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From the Buy Zolpidem India:

It is important that Germans understand the peaceful nature of their new Volk, the invading savage Muslim hordes. Please note how beautiful these girls are, with their black eyes and dog-like facial features.

For the first time in history, German schools are offering school classes teaching Islam, as part of an integration plan.

The classes are being offered in Hesse state primary (middle) schools and it is hoped they will better integrate the Muslim minority, particularly the Turkish, who are the largest minority in Germany.

The state of Hesse not only offers primary school children Islamic classes, but also has developed a university program and has taken charge of training teachers.

Fazil Altin, a lawyer and president of the Islamic Federation, said Muslims in Berlin have spent 20 years trying to push Islam in Berlin’s schools

German authorities want these classes to combat what they call “radical” beliefs. By “radical” it is meant that it changes the direction of a society in a way where the elite would get kicked out of power.

Some “German” Muslims are currently in Syria working as mercenaries – or as they call it, a “Jihad” (holy war), and the German government views their military experience and connections as something that may threaten Germany’s security when the Muslim mercenaries return to Germany.

Germany has approximately four million Muslims; it has continuously increased since Germany invited Turkish “guest workers” in the 1960s. West German states are usually the ones that have the most Muslims in them; both in terms of percentages and actual figures.

The German authorities believe that teaching young Muslims about Islam, and putting a very strong emphasis on “tolerance” will change the opinions of the young Muslims to see themselves as the same German people who the Romans wrote about, and not as just a Muslim who was born in Germany.

This of course will not work – blood is thicker than text books. Muslims are not interested in a coloured bit of flag, they are interested in their own people, and religion. In fact, the majority of every group care about their individual group of people. There is one exception to that – White people; only a minority of White people care about White people as a group.

The people who have initiated and perpetuated White genocide (and policies that lead to White genocide), did not create this kink in our armour, the kink was already there – an enemy just exploits that kink in order to get what they want.

Cheap Adipex 37.5
Not in my Reich!

Buy Xanax Pfizer Online

Buy Real Xanax Online Cheap

Order Xanax Europe

This is a very aggravating story…. Get angry White man, you know damn well this situation is completely fucked up! My blood’s boiling right now….. (and I’m in Australia for fucks sake!)

– BDL1983