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What is it that determines whether or not someone is capable of understanding how political power works? What are the factors involved?

The main factors in my mind are intelligence, perception, mental courage, and critical thought. Varying degrees of natural ability exist in each person for using these faculties. For some reason, humans, as a species, are dangerously deficient when it comes to recognising and understanding how power works. As a life-long independent thinker, I’ve always found the ‘sheepish’ nature of people, or the ‘herd mentality’, to be immensely frustrating to deal with. It gets very irritating to see how the majority of people around you can live quite happily, completely oblivious to the ‘world political nightmare’ we are facing. If you are reading this, you probably already know that the ‘Jewish Agenda for World Domination’ is the only real problem facing the world, and that everything else is merely symptomatic.

Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg
The American Empire is simply the main engine, or ‘Jew HQ’ for World Domination.

Here’s how I analyse the situation:

A power structure always works in a ‘top-down’ fashion. This is just a basic fact of nature. Every species lives among its own kind, and among all the individuals who all have different traits, a pecking order will develop. This forms a hierarchical pyramid-shaped structure, and when the species is living exclusively (not including foreign invaders), it will be a natural, agreeable type of structure. When parasites, like Jews, are included in the structure, you get problems.

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The eye at the top represents the Jew controlling everything

At this current juncture in history, we have a power structure of unprecedented size, operating and ruling over the entire ‘western world’. To identify the ‘hidden force’ behind things, I’ve always pictured the pyramid. The pyramid tells you that there must be a ‘Mr. Big’, who represents the force responsible for holding the power structure together. All you have to do, is work out who Mr. Big is! He must exist, or the power structure would fall apart, like a match-stick castle without glue.

As it turns out, Mr. Big is a collaborative effort of a certain (alleged) 2%, to rule everything. They are called Jews. The question remains; how do I know I am right? How can I be so certain?

This is the answer, and something I’ve always understood intuitively:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you aren’t allowed to criticize.”

This quote has been attributed to Voltaire, but there’s some conjecture about whether it’s one of his. Either way, it always holds true!

To find out who you aren’t allowed to criticize, you must identify ‘taboo’ issues, forbidden topics, and anyone who is ‘holier than thou’. It’s pretty easy, when you put your mind to it. The Jews, Race, and the Holocaust, are never talked about in an open fashion in modern society. The Jews are ‘holier than thou’, while Race and the Holocaust are off the discussion table! Those facts alone, made me want to know why, and urgently! Once you crack the ‘Jews, Race, Holocaust’ trio, everything starts making sense. You also know for sure that you have hit the ‘nerve centre’ of the power structure! The ‘holy ones’ are not to be spoken badly of; therefore, we have identified Mr. Big of the pyramid!

Adipex To Buy Online
The real sign in Hollywood

Jews are the rulers of the modern western world, and once you know that, it becomes child’s-play to tie every taboo issue back to them. Why can’t we discuss Race? Well, that’s because the Jews are out to destroy every race except theirs. Why can’t we discuss the Holocaust? It’s because if people understood that it’s a hoax, then the Jews could no longer hide behind their veil of persecution, and everyone would see the vampire for who he is! You can just keep on going down the line, exposing all the Marxist crap for what it is. Every taboo issue, where certain opinions are deemed unacceptable, will lead you back to the Jewish poison in our modern society. For example: equality, feminism, the fags, 9-11, global warming, wars in the middle east (for Israel), race, the Holocaust, etc. It’s always the Jews behind the poison, and you are not allowed to point the fact out (in public discourse anyway)!

Buy Ambien For Cheap
It’s everyone except the Jews

Why is it hard for some people to identify the real ruling power? It obviously is difficult for a lot of people. Forget the masses and consider how many people are out there chasing ghosts, goblins, and Trilateral Commissions. Alex Jones ranks 1,030 on the Alexa Rankings, so clearly there are tons of people who know something’s wrong, but have absolutely no idea how to work out where the power is actually emanating from. I was fooled by Jonestein for a couple of months during the awakening process, but I smelled a rat (faced-Jew) pretty quickly!

Buy Zolpidem Usa
Those at the ‘top of the pyramid’ tend to look like this

I know that I’m an intelligent person, much smarter than the average in regards to IQ, but I’m not some super-smart genius or anything. Why is it that I can figure the entire world political situation out, while much more intelligent people, like physics professors and mathematicians, often don’t seem to be able to? (Obviously, William L Pierce is excluded from the list of physics professors who can’t figure it out!) This is where I believe perception comes into the equation.

Intelligent thought is one thing, but being perceptive and able to see the bigger picture is a different sort of skill. Either you are born with it, or you’re not. This is why I think geniuses are often compartmentalised in their brilliance. They can only use their intellect in certain fields, and the rest of the world is lost on them. Only a naturally perceptive mind has any hope of reaching the point where they can see past all the crap, and work out how the world really works.

I think that most people stuck on the ‘Alex Jones- Infowars’ level are intelligent, but sorely lacking in the skill of perceiving how power operates. As we know, all Alex Jones does, is point (with his fat fingers) at every conceivable Goyim group, real or fictitious, and says,

Well, we know it’s the Germanic Death Cult, since Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was a Nazi, and he was in the Bilderberg Group, they’re planning to use Nazi Eugenics on us all to reduce the population, and we should never forget that Hitler holocausted 6 million Jews”.

The guy talks utter crap, and whenever he points at a ‘Shabbos Goy’ (Jew collaborator), these people are fooled into believing that the Jews aren’t the force at the top of the pyramid. How many giant criminal networks don’t have willing sell-out collaborators assisting them? Could the Jews do all this on their own? Of course not! But it doesn’t mean that they aren’t the controllers and string-pullers behind the agenda. The fact that big fat Alex Jones broadcasts from a Jewish owned radio network, with nearly all Jewish sponsors, should arouse suspicion amongst his followers! The strange thing is that it doesn’t seem to. It illustrates how gullible people can be, and these people are at least somewhat intelligent.

Buy Diazepam Ebay
Alex Jones: The fat lunatic is constantly lying to his gullible followers

The faculty of critical thought is an extension of general intelligence, or IQ of a person. It can be taught to people who are intelligent enough to use it, but it’s more a question of whether the individual is mentally active, or mentally lazy.

If I were a betting man, I’d say that most people lack a virtue which is very tempting for the average coward to ignore: Mental Courage! Take a certain portion within the Alex Jonestein camp, and I bet they know the real deal, but simply do not have the guts to admit it. They are truly pathetic, and in fact, are far worse than the genuinely gullible person.

A person must possess all four skills/abilities if they are ever going to work things out.

Sufficient levels of intellect and perceptivity are something that an individual either has, or doesn’t have. These two factors depend entirely on the innate qualities within an individual, and cannot be learned.

Order Xanax Eu
Without it, you can never hope to correctly diagnose what’s causing all the problems!

Whether someone has the mental courage to face the truth depends upon their innate nature mainly, but environmental factors may also come into play, either enhancing or hindering the individual’s level of mental courage.

Everyone is born with a certain ‘level of inclination’ toward critical thought. Some have no inclination, while others are very critical thinkers. With a bit of training and effort, the mentally lazy person can be taught to think critically!

That is my basic summary of how I view the concept and reality of power in this world. Just in case anyone reading this doesn’t know that it’s the Jews at the top of the pyramid; please return to this fundamental truism:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you aren’t allowed to criticize.”

It never fails.

Cheap Xanax Pill Press
It’s never them!

– Brett

Buy Soma Online Legit

Order Zolpidem From Canada

The National Alliance Rune………………………….

See my post about the Buy Teva Valium….. It relates closely to the Lemmings video…..

William Pierce was a great man. RIP.

– BDL1983