I’ve been thinking about the role of White Liberals in this stinking great big Jew run mess known as the Western World. I truly believe that most of these White Liberals are actually well-intentioned people at heart; problem is that they have virtually zero capacity for critical thought, let alone independent thinking. Whenever a person lacks these essential faculties for engaging in political discourse they must be excluded from it. Unfortunately, in the west today it is these types who are the only ones given any real voice. This is a large part of why we are in the mess we are in!

In Australia, White Liberals are also known as ‘do-gooders’. William L Pierce used to refer to them as lemmings. Truth is they will not pay any attention to cold hard FACTS which contradict their Jew programmed Worldview. They have zero interest in gaining any real political knowledge. They only care about appearing popular by agreeing with what all the other White Liberals say and do. They gauge their own sanity on whether other White Liberals agree with them. They feel good about themselves because all the other fucking idiots agree with them! They are far too stupid and naive to ever look outside the box. WE WILL NEVER CHANGE THESE TYPES! They have no real commitment to their political views which are implanted in them by the Jew media. This is why they flim-flam around on issues. They squirm around if someone brings up a topic and they are unsure what the other White Liberals would say!

The White Liberals are the masses essentially. Their minds and actions are bought and paid for by Jew Mass-Media. The reason we won’t ever change these types is because there is ZERO chance of us taking over the Jews Media. If we could take the media then we could alter mainstream opinions pretty quickly, but it’s not going to happen. William L Pierce mentioned these problems quite regularly. Rich & Keith over at Truth Militia are right about White Liberals: forget about saving them, they are gone, and why the fuck would you want to live among them anyway??

We should focus our efforts towards enlightening the 10-15% who are worth saving. Forget the rest of them!

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The White Liberals are also a big part of why the ‘White Republic’ idea is a pipe-dream in the current world political situation. For a start, the non-whites in our formerly white nations would never leave whites alone anyway, and then we’d have to deal with White Liberal retards……… Fuck that!

The Jew system must lose its strength, only then as shit collapses, can the 10-15% of worthwhile Whites even consider trying to form new homelands. And don’t worry, Natures Law will make the Jew system fall under its own weight. Hopefully the 10-15% can physically get away from the multi-racial areas, and the White Liberals stay there and get what they fucking deserve!! I hate these White Liberals as much as the Jews, probably even more! I sincerely hope the Jews give these idiots what they deserve with compound interest on top! (How Jewy’s that? Hahaha) I’m also sure the darker races won’t let this opportunity for rape, robbery, and murder slip them by!

If you are in the 10-15% and know the truth about Jews and Race etc, then it is your duty to try to enlighten others who should be in the 10-15%. We maximise our numbers that way. And for fucks sake, if you are living in a heavily multi-racial area, remove yourself from it, find some rural place as far away from it as possible, and work on establishing self-sufficiency and independence, as much as your situation allows.

Hell, I live in Australia, have no debt, and I’m saving my shekels to buy a rural property. I’ll eventually stick a house on it and try to make myself as self-sufficient and independent as possible. In the meantime I’m going to try to network with more like-minded people. Other than that I’m going to take a step back and enjoy the chaos!!!!

Check out the WL Pierce Audio’s in the links section. (An old Pierce ADV show on lemmings got me thinking about this topic)

Also listen to the Truth Militia – they nail these White Liberal idiots on a weekly basis!


8 thoughts on “THE WHITE LIBERALS”

  1. Liberals grew up with no discipline or are not disciplined for being useless to real community. They think they are equal and so everything is equal. Then they want to say “I told you so”, like a petulant and spoiled child. Entire generations of them are being born.

    They just want to be right, all the time! To be right they usually use slogans and preach equality because thats so easy and the jew tells them every day how ‘enlightened’ that will make them. So the thickest group gets to think itself the most ‘intellegent’, and anyone who disagrees with them is just ‘ignorant’.

    Children for life.

    And if you shake your head at them and tell them how they are wrong, you just don’t understand.

    Should be discriminated against… they hate discrimination.

    Their blood lines dry up and they live in a Jew made world. Listen to the shit they say and its clear there is a difference in intellegence, they don’t use their brains. But they are so distructive.

    Once you find out what their past times are, you can’t take them seriously ie watch soap programs all day. I knew of of a Liberal and i found she watched ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Friends’. You can’t listen to people like that. They have all got problems porn addicts, ‘disabilities’, pompous newspaper readers. Delve into it and their lifestyles are base or loathsome.

  2. You want to see the real mentality of these braindead fucks try and watch that program Q&A. They always ask an outrageous jew or a jew who is posing as a writer or a politician. Then you have all your liberal tripe and your feminist bitches up there and a mixture of liberals, jews and inferior races in the crowd who ask stupid questions, get stupid answers and clap for minutes on end at the most inane one liners. Don’t understand a bloody thing and truely intellegent people deserted it in droves years ago. Its where they defend democracy by letting every idiot speak. They let every degenerate on there. Then the really childish ones tweet in about how everyone else is biggoted and how we live in such an ‘enlightened age’. Thats what the liberal goy are watching when they put their better than you hats on. Jewish subverters ‘this is how to be intelegent’. Bougeous.

    Tony Jones says ‘this is what democracy is about, everyone having a say’. Jews in the background for good measure. The liberals don’t know what a a Jew is they think they are running the country.

  3. A good song about a world without liberals man. Saga – Stay Alive

    ‘See the fear in people eyes, never knowing when
    things will change and all these lies, will be forgotten
    we’ll know for real the things that matter, strait from our hearts
    We’ll find the strength to make it better, and all this will come undone.’

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