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The television is an evil creature in the modern age. The medium is passive and all you are meant to do is sit there and soak up whatever rubbish the Jews want to feed you. If you are not a person who is capable of critical thought (like the majority), then the chances are you simply absorb all the false information like a sponge. Add in all the emotionally manipulative propaganda designed to further disable your critical thought faculties, and you end up with an obedient, zombie-like herd of people, who just say ‘yes’ to the T.V. and treat it as their loving ‘living-room’ companion!

Buy Zolpidem India
Just sit there, shut up, and absorb what Mr. Jew tells you!

I suggest if you don’t watch any television to turn it on and watch a half hour news or current affairs program to see what it’s like. See how it makes you feel. I probably watch half an hour in total everyday just to get the flavour of what people are being fed. One aspect of T.V. programming that they’ve really upped the ante with over the last few years is that of forcibly promoting ‘victimhood’ status as something to be desired. It continues to get worse and worse as this rotten Jew World Order agenda drags on. Everywhere you look in ‘T.V.-land’ there are more and more people trying their hardest to be victims of something. Anything will do. So long as they can complain about someone oppressing them. That’s what it boils down to, and it’s pathetic, not to mention how depressing it is.

Q. What is the driving force and the underlying false ideal behind all the T.V. propaganda?

A. Jewish Marxism and its ‘equality’ mythology.

William L. Pierce said that equality is mankind’s’ most dangerous myth. He was certainly spot-on with that assessment!

All Marxist philosophy is an extension of the false assumption that everyone and everything is inherently equal. We know that there is no equality in nature. No two individual people or any two races are the same. So, if we start from the false assumption of inherent equality, then there must be oppressors and the oppressed (victims). This is the only way to explain why inequality is abundant and everywhere. It creates a crazy scenario where anyone who is naturally above the ‘equality-line’ and doing well for themselves must be oppressing some poor victim. And vice-versa; the person who is below the ‘equality-line’ and is less able must be suffering some form of victimisation. Marxism is sheer lunacy when broken down in a simple manner like that. The oppressor and victim dialectic (Talmudic) also does wonders to destroy any incentive for people to better themselves. Rather than taking a good hard look at your own miserable failings and trying to fix them, you can just blame someone else! What a stupid, destructive, and thoroughly Jewish ideology!

Cheap Adipex 37.5

On the television (electric Jew) it is pretty easy to see how Jewish Marxism works its wonders on the issues of race, gender and sexual orientation:

Public enemy #1: White male, heterosexual. Especially if you are fit, strong, and racially conscious! Can never be oppressed according to Marxists!

Public enemy #2: White female, heterosexual. Women come in at number two because they can always complain that men are oppressing them, if they want. All thanks to Jewish Feminism which is just an extension of Marxism anyway!

The Eternal Victims of Evil Whites: Consists of men and women from all non-white racial groups. They all have ‘oppressors’ who they can complain about to the Marxist overlords. No prizes for guessing who is always accused of possessing ‘privileges’. The only Whites who are afforded special treatment, due to oppression, are the gays. If you’re White and straight, forget about it!

Buy Xanax Pfizer Online
The White oppressors made them like this.

Understanding the racialist worldview is the only way anyone can understand the depressing Marxist equality propaganda on television. Whites are always going to outperform the non-whites in any multi-racial society and become the so-called ‘oppressors’ of everyone. This is why the desire for victim status is so strong with the non-whites. With a bunch of Jews overlooking the process, the darker races are encouraged, as if ‘Whitey’ owes them, to take whatever they can out of Whitey’s rightfully earned wealth and status.

It’s not hard to see why modern society continues to decompose around us. The Jews have pretty much removed all incentive for the most able elements within society to try to ‘succeed’. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t try to make our lives better wherever possible, we definitely should. The point is that with the system set up the way it is – taxing the hell out of those who earn more, then giving it to an undeserving class of scum – to put it mildly, it’s certainly no way to create a better society. We end up with what we see now – a completely dependent welfare class (mostly coloured) that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Enough with the victims! I’d happily tread on them all! This is the attitude we need to adopt – ‘if you are able-bodied and technically of sound mind, but you don’t want to contribute anything useful to society, then you deserve to be shunned and looked down upon’!

Buy Real Xanax Online Cheap
Strength, Power, Glory!

Adopting and implementing National Socialist principles (with an extremely aggressive eugenics program) is the only answer to our current societal and racial problems. It isn’t just one possible answer of many. It is the only answer because National Socialism is the exact opposite to the Jewish Talmudic doctrine of Marxism which is destroying everything natural and healthy in this world!

Be strong and don’t ever be a victim!

– BDL1983