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Aidhan from Buy Zolpidem 12.5 Mg compiled this post as “Part 2” to Buy Zolpidem India…… Nice one!

Note: I had to gather up the Jew pics….. That was a horrible task….. But I had the stomach for it believe it or not, even after the trauma of gathering the “Jewess pics” a couple days earlier!!!

– BDL1983

Here goes:

Nordics are strong
Jews are weak

Nordic Men are masculine
Jewish ‘males’ are Effeminate

Nordic Men will fight
Jewish ‘males’ will cower

Nordics are committed to the truth
Jews are dependent on lies

Nordics are beautiful
Jews are ugly

Nordics are nice
Jews are evil

Nordics are eugenic
Jews are dysgenic

Nordics are clean
Jews are dirty

Nordics create
Jews destroy

Nordics have culture
Jews have none

Nordics revere nature
Jews fabricate and destroy nature

Nordics are masters
Jews are slaves

Nordics are insightful
Jews are base

The Nordics

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The Jews

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I actually had to have a friend gather these jews. It was too sickening (Hahaha!! – BDL1983)

Elvira Bauer, Trau keinem Fuchs auf grüner Heid und keinem Jud auf seinem Eid (Nuremberg: Stürmer Verlag, 1936).

But the Germans — they stand foursquare.
Look, children, and the two compare,
The German and the Jew.
Take a good look at the two
In the picture drawn for you.
A joke — you think it is only that?
Easy to guess which is which, I say:
The German stands up, the Jew gives way.
The German is a proud young man,
Able to work and able to fight.
Because he is a fine big chap,
For danger does not care a rap,
The Jew has always hated him!
Here is the Jew, as all can see,
Biggest ruffian in our country;
He thinks himself the greatest beau
And yet is the ugliest, you know!

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This would be a great opportunity for any crypto-jews to come on and write ‘they are not all pure nordics, you know nothing about race’…

Source: https://nordicantisemite.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/compare-the-two/

That says it all.

– Brett