PROTHINK vs ZCF? I Agree With This:

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I hate that I even have to talk about this.  I meant to never get involved.  But this is simply too much.  I cannot remain silent.

The anonymous internet personage who calls himself “ZCF,” based on the URL of his former website, “Zion Crime Factory,” has gone full antifa.  Once a supporter of Adolf Hitler – a mildly prominent one in the internet Antisemite/WN community – after having his site shut down by Mike Delaney, who was paying for and hosting the site, after repeated instances of disrespect, “ZCF” decided not to take his content (he had the databases) and create a new site, instead deciding to set up a WordPress blog and cry about how Mike hurt his feelings, claiming that he had been destroyed, appealing to people who did not understand that he could have set a new site up for himself and restored the whole body of the former site in a matter of no more than 8 or so hours (I could do it in about 2).

After writing a number of articles, over a period of a few months, all amounting to nothing more than him crying like a little girl about the bad bad Mike Delaney, this week he wrote an article called “Thinking for Yourself” in which he announced that all White Nationalists were hate-filled cult members.

For those who knew a few things, ZCF was considered to be a very talented essayist, who had none of his own ideas.  Everything on his site, though quite well written, was a recycling of the ideas of other.  In this new essay, we have the same format, only instead of recycling the ideas of various revisionists and White thinkers, he is recycling the ideas of the Southern Poverty Law Center, attacking the White race directly, claiming that all those who associate with White Nationalist ideals are “hateful bigots.”

You can read the thing for yourself.  I’m not going to bother to quote from it.  The underlying concept is that we should all be “individuals” and “think for ourselves,” which he translates into not believing in anything.  He equates the desire for a White homeland with a desire to subjugate other races, while presumably understanding that no one in the WN community, that I am aware of, has any desire at all to rule over the primitive races.

But there it is.  And let this be a lesson.  I never made an issue of the ZCF drama, but now the truth of the matter has been revealed – “ZCF” is spineless, weak and useless.  We should note that those obsessed with him were all too dense to realize that there were no ideas there, and thus nothing to follow.  They were also so mild as to be willing to devote themselves to a man who’s face they have never seen, who’s first name they did not know.

I knew from the arrogance of ZCF that he was worthless.  Such people are weak and incapable, always.  A man who cannot reflect on himself cannot evolve and thus cannot ever truly be whole.  We can see now, without doubt, that “ZCF” was an empty shell, void of all but a talent for regurgitating the ideas of other, better men.

We would do well to beware of this sort of figure in the future, lest some of you once again make fool’s of yourselves.


My opinion: End of the issue. ZCF should shut-the-fuck-up and stop ALL personal attacks on Mike since Mike is a REAL PERSON with a name and plenty of activism to his credit! ZCF should THANK Mike Delaney for giving him a platform in the first place.. Mike didn’t have to, but he did……

Final word: If anyone makes the ridiculous claim that Mike “stole” ZCF’s website, then consider this: If you OWN something, a website for example, then how do YOU STEAL IT FROM YOURSELF!?!? I’m sick of this retarded Pro-ZCF Bullshit… ZCF doesn’t have a leg to stand on!

I agree with Mike Delaney!


Visit and!

– Brett

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  1. Whenever I read stories of White Nationalists switching over to the enemy side I always think they must never have been on our side to begin with. I mean, how can you revert to blue pill thinking after you have been red pilled? I admit I used to like the news on his site, but he’s obviously a weenie so we don’t need him.

    1. Yeah I agree. I think he’s a very talented writer but also an arrogant turn-coat arsehole who was never truly on our side to begin with……. I sensed his arrogance growing the longer he was chief writer on….. My sense of smell was right…
      1488 rollingwriter! Keep up the good work man. Thanks for all the reblogs you do

  2. I have the up-most respect for blokes who put there life on the line, say what they say and use there own name, and spread the word, like Goebbels uttered before his departure,”The lies will one day break down under their own weight and the truth will again triumph”, Delany delivers the truth, you too mate, if blokes go astray, let them dig there own grave the traitor bastards!

  3. I don’t care about ZCF i think that he is a jew and has a gay voice.
    I do however care about Carolyn Yeager. I was just listening to The Heretics Hour, August 5th 2013 and I liked the bit when she talked about ‘the suicide of Hitlers niece’ … ‘they love to go into that, i bet that took up a big part of the book’ and ‘Hitlers sexual mysteries, well there were no sexual mysteries in Hitlers life but supposedly they want to make them out to be but we know there is not.’ Then she spoke about the ‘Hitler Scholars’, and these are scholars ‘because they have written books’.

    I also found out something I didn’t know ‘Hitler was too dangerous to be a member of the human race because he was too evil’

    Don’t you just love it when Jews speak about ‘scholarship’.

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