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6 thoughts on “Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality is Not Genetic”

  1. Sorry, I just can’t read this shit anymore. Ive researched the faggots for years now and I have to say the jews just made it up and that’s that. They can do all their pseudo-science as much as they like but my understanding is deeper. The ones that think they are poofs actually are just inferior and so mistake not having any instincts for loving the same sex, like friendship is for us. Just they have none of the feelings towards the woman. The rest just comes from irreality caused by porn etc.

    These inferior specimens are scum for many reasons including the fact that they invest a lot of their time in stopping everyone else from breeding.

    1. I can’t find any resources right now but i’m pretty sure the National Socialists came to the same conclusions presented in this article…. That there isn’t any particular genetic factor causing homosexuality but mainly abuse from childhood… Homos could effectively be cured through certain processes… Carolyn Yeager did a show on this a while back about how the National Socialists could successfully treat homosexuality

  2. The pro-sodomites (i.e. left) will ignore this because it means that homosexuality could be cured. For the leftist to accept this as a possibility he would have to admit that for it to be cured, homosexuality would have to have been a sickness in the first place. He would have to admit that he dedicated years of his life to the wrong cause. This would be an admission of defeat.

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