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Directed by Fritz Hippler at the behest of Joseph Goebbels and the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Produced in 1940.

Last night I actually got a chance to re-watch ‘The Eternal Jew’. To be honest, I’d forgotten how good it was! The Germans certainly had these Jews ‘worked out’, to put it mildly. Everything they said about Jewish behaviour and their general ‘nature’ is still 100% applicable! 74 years after they made it, and it’s still completely relevant – the best proof that the National Socialists were correct!

If you haven’t seen Der Ewige Jude, then I’d suggest you watch it. It’s well worth it, and you get to see what utterly filthy rat-faced creatures these Jews really are. (I still broke out in a cold sweat and it’s the middle of a heat-wave!)

– BDL1983

Buy Xanax Cod Saturday Delivery

From Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Online Uk:

By Michael Collins Piper

The ‘King of the Jews’ Is Dead

Buy Name Brand Ambien Online

The patriarch of a crime syndicate-connected empire that has operated in the sphere of the Rothschild dynasty is dead. On December 22, Edgar M. Bronfman—longtime head of the World Jewish Congress (Soma Grand Buy)—died at age 84. New York magazine Buy Zolpidem China a “sometimes coarse, bullying businessman” but noted “there are some people who would simply call him king of the Jews.”

Rabbi Mishael Zion Buy Zolpidem Online Legally as “a modern Talmudic Jew,” noting Bronfman’s favorite book was the Babylonian Talmud, the hero of which, the rabbi admitted, is not God but the “cunning human scholar.” Praising Bronfman’s work funding scholarships for Jewish youth, the rabbi said Bronfman was “the person who invited us to live Talmudically in the modern world.”

This recalls Meyer Rothschild, founder of the dynasty with whom Bronfman’s family has had a long association. Zolpidem 10Mg Buy Rothschild was “a zealous believer in the Talmud and chose it alone as the guiding principle of all his actions.”

It is thus fitting that Bronfman biographer Buy Diazepam Uk Paypal said the Bronfmans were “the Rothschilds of the New World,” estimating in 1978 that Bronfman assets totaled some $7B. In fact, Edgar Bronfman had a level of clout few could claim, precisely because of his front-line positioning in the Zionist movement and his family’s pivotal historic role in the crime syndicate.

Edgar was son of Cheap Valium From India who immigrated to Canada from Russia and made his fortune in liquor, gambling, prostitution and drugs. Going “legitimate” when he assumed control of the Montreal-based Seagram distillery, Sam forged links with the New York crime syndicate headed by another Russian Jew, Meyer Lansky, and during Prohibition supplied—and thus controlled—the “spigot” of liquor funneled into the United States and distributed by the Lansky mob.

In many border towns in the northern U.S there are family fortunes accumulated by locals who were part of the Bronfman network. And in the big cities, a connection with this syndicate was a “must.” In Detroit, the “little Jewish navy” of Morris Dalitz—later Lansky’s top man in Las Vegas—ferried Bronfman booze into the U.S.

Even Chicago’s celebrated Italian-American gangster, Al Capone, Order Xanax To Canada. It was Lansky who sent Capone to Chicago from N.Y. in the first place, assigned to work for Johnny Torrio (Bronfman’s Chicago contact) who was moving to unseat “Big Jim” Colosimo, as Italian-American Mafia chief in the Windy City.

Colosimo had alienated Lansky and Bronfman—whom he called “dirty Jews”—by asserting there was “no future in bootlegging,” showing little interest in patronizing Bronfman liquor, preferring to focus on drugs, prostitution and loan-sharking.

So a Jewish hitman from N.Y. “retired” Big Jim and soon enough, Bronfman liquor flowed into Chicago. The media lionized Capone, but the Chicago mob, thenceforward, was dominated by behind-the-scenes Jewish bosses.

In any case, Bronfman plowed his ill-gotten gains into legitimate enterprises, establishing his family as major patrons of Israel and expanding their power on American shores.

When Sam died, Edgar assumed family leadership and—though little known to the public—was one of the most powerful figures on the planet. Today, his legacy lives on.

Aside from wheeler-dealer son, Buy Diazepam Glasgow, son Matthew chairs the board of the WJC and is a controlling shareholder of one of Israel’s largest banks, Israel Discount Bank, and other Israeli enterprises. Son Adam directs a family foundation and lives off family wealth. Daughter Holly—interestingly—shares the Buy Phentermine For Weight Loss as media icon and blowhard Alex Jones.

Bronfman bankrolled Mort Zuckerman, now a billionaire, who in turn bankrolled Dan Snyder, now billionaire owner of the Washington Redskins football team. They, too, are Bronfman heirs in their own respect.

Buy Soma From Trusted Pharmacy

Two rather notable Jews dead in less than 12 hours. If things keep ticking along at this rate we might stand a chance!! (I know, it said he died on December 22, but let’s not spoil the mood 🙂 )

Also take a look at his Buy Soma From Canada page. Note the pictures down the side – Presidents and Rabbis! A familiar pattern I sense……

– BDL1983