Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew)


Directed by Fritz Hippler at the behest of Joseph Goebbels and the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Produced in 1940.

Last night I actually got a chance to re-watch ‘The Eternal Jew’. To be honest, I’d forgotten how good it was! The Germans certainly had these Jews ‘worked out’, to put it mildly. Everything they said about Jewish behaviour and their general ‘nature’ is still 100% applicable! 74 years after they made it, and it’s still completely relevant – the best proof that the National Socialists were correct!

If you haven’t seen Der Ewige Jude, then I’d suggest you watch it. It’s well worth it, and you get to see what utterly filthy rat-faced creatures these Jews¬†really are. (I still broke out in a cold sweat and it’s the middle of a heat-wave!)

– BDL1983

13 thoughts on “Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew)”

  1. I recommend this for inspiration………
    1) Watch “The House of Rothschild”, a film by kikes which glorifies the rodent behaviour of the eternal enemy’s favourite family.(made in the 40’s/50’s from memory)
    2) Now slap on the masterpiece “Der Ewige Jude”.
    This combination should be introduced into the school curriculum to save the youngsters from the virus that is the yid race, a balanced view with both sides of the story presented and the viewer will inevitably be awoken from their kosher slumber. 1488!!

  2. That’s one main reason Jews won’t promote German culture abroad. Eventually, it will lead them to realize the true source to all their problems were (re)discovered almost a century ago. Do not blame or hate any white brothers and especially white sisters for falling into their clever traps. Educate them. To this end, I also recommend the Ford translation of Mein Kampf for equal effect – if I may so advertise, I have posted the link to a free PDF of the entire 2009 book on my blog if you’re unable to afford or even find a copy. It was my awakening. It’s powerful enough to even reawaken you, brother, and I speak the experience of a man who read the supposedly-reliable Manheim translation. Spread the truth like the Black Plague.

  3. I just finished watching The Eternal Jew. Truly horrifying, especially the kosher scenes. I’ve only recently really discovered my race and am learning to see through 34 years of lies. Everybody should see this film, the jew truly is a rat and the bastard child of satan. I’m blown away. Thank you

    1. Don’t thank me man! Thank NS Germany for that brilliant film!
      It can be a tough process waking up to the Jew-bullshit world we are raised in…. I only first started learning about the Race and Jew problems back in late 2008 when I was 25. It took a solid couple years of researching and reading/watching stuff to get to the point where I was 100% sure of myself…. By that point I was 27…. The last 3 years have done nothing but confirm my worldview…
      The Jewish agenda for world domination is the ONE real problem we have; every other problem is merely a symptom of the Jew. A key point to never forget is that the entire Jewish agenda is RACIAL. Any failure to understand the Jews actions in a RACIAL context will lead you down the wrong path!

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