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This site turns half a year old today!

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk
Adolf Hitlers 50th Birthday cake..

That sure looks like a delicious cake for the Fuhrers 50th, but ‘Expel The Parasite‘ is only celebrating a 1/2 year in existence. Maybe a smaller cake, cut in HALF would be more appropriate!

What can I say about this blogging business? Well, here’s some general rambling for ya:

I started this blog 6 months ago for no particular reason at the time, other than expressing a few thoughts and seeing what would happen. The blog started out with a different name: “Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk“, basically because I always thought that short phrase summed up the essence of real racial nationalism. “People and Territory”, it made sense to me, and with a German name, it just seemed right. After a couple of months, I got tired of the German name, mainly because it’s annoying to repeat to fellow English speakers, so I changed it to ‘Expel The Parasite‘. ‘Expel The Parasite’ sums it up nicely too. We can’t live with the parasite, so logically we must get rid of it, somehow.

Today, this site ranks 785,980 on the Alexa Rankings, so it seems to be doing quite well. I appreciate all the people who have visited this site and got something out of it. I must be saying something right because it just keeps going up the rankings at the moment! All of you decent readers deserve a nice cold:

Generic Ambien Looks Like

Or a:

Where Can I Buy Zolpidem Tartrate

Enjoy a beer, or two…. or three, or four, they are all good for you! SERIOUSLY!

As a result of the blog itself, I’ve spoken with a few decent people on skype. I’ve had a good time, a few serious discussions about the problems facing the world, and a few of the above pictured ‘ales’ whilst doing so!

The people I find agreeable and good to talk to are:

Soma 350 Mg Side Effects, Buy Zolpidem Reddit, Buy Diazepam 10Mg, Buy Xanax Nz, Scott Elliott, Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg, Kev from Perth, and a few others who I’ve only spoken with briefly…… (Buy Xanax Paypal Uk, you should get skype man!)

These people are all genuine decent people, but I’d have to say that Adipex To Buy Online has narrowly won the ‘Expel The Parasite Award for a person who probably drinks as many beers as me and is good to talk to‘! Congratulations John! Hahaha… Mike comes in at second place because he’d probably be off eating super red-hot chillis, while John and I would be having another beer!! Hahaha… (just rambling some crap here)

A massive CHEERS to everyone who likes this site. We’ll keep spreading the truth and hopefully retain a good sense of humour while we do it!

Additional cheers to Buy Ambien For Cheap, T. Abbey, and anyone else who makes decent comments and reblogs posts from here!


– BDL1983

Buy Ambien Prescription Online

Buy Phentermine Generic


Skip to the 92 minute mark of the above Truth Militia show when Janet (Aryan Goddess) calls in. Listen to what she says about Buy Diazepam Legally and his family. I think you’ll find she is spot on, as usual!

I’ve talked to Mike on Skype a couple times, and he’s a genuine person, honest, and open about things. Not many people are like that. So when you talk to people who are, you tend to get along great!

I hate to bring this up again BUT just in case anyone wants to comment about ZCF or Spingola and how horrible big bad Mike is, consider these points:

1.) Buy Valium Hua Hin bit the hand that was feeding him…. You don’t do that. Mike could have fired ZCF for ANY reason if he wanted to. Mike fired him because he was being an arrogant disrespectful shithead, WHICH IS FAIR ENOUGH! Mike owned (and still does own) the Buy Adipex In Canada website, so ZCF should shut-the-fuck-up and get on with his life.

2.) Deanna Spingola had Mike labelled as a “deranged psychopath” on her website (still does I think). She had never bothered to contact Mike to get his side of the story regarding the ZCF drama. To label someone you DON’T KNOW as a psychopath IS NOT A VERY NICE THING TO DO! That’s why Mike called her show and called her a “Cheap Valium For Sale!” Not what I’d have done personally, but still, IT’S FAIR ENOUGH!

3.) Look at Mikes record of activism and staying true to his race. He has a beautiful wife and four nice, well-mannered, polite white children. That says a hell of a lot about his character! Listen to what Janet says in that clip. She confirms what I suspected! Good on ya Janet; well said!

Visit Buy Alprazolam Australia and Buy Valium 10 Mg Online.

– Brett (BDL1983)

Buy Teva Valium

From Buy Xanax 2:


I hate that I even have to talk about this.  I meant to never get involved.  But this is simply too much.  I cannot remain silent.

The anonymous internet personage who calls himself “ZCF,” based on the URL of his former website, “Zion Crime Factory,” has gone full antifa.  Once a supporter of Adolf Hitler – a mildly prominent one in the internet Antisemite/WN community – after having his site shut down by Mike Delaney, who was paying for and hosting the site, after repeated instances of disrespect, “ZCF” decided not to take his content (he had the databases) and create a new site, instead deciding to set up a WordPress blog and cry about how Mike hurt his feelings, claiming that he had been destroyed, appealing to people who did not understand that he could have set a new site up for himself and restored the whole body of the former site in a matter of no more than 8 or so hours (I could do it in about 2).

After writing a number of articles, over a period of a few months, all amounting to nothing more than him crying like a little girl about the bad bad Mike Delaney, this week he wrote an article called “Buy Xanax Cod Saturday Delivery” in which he announced that all White Nationalists were hate-filled cult members.

For those who knew a few things, ZCF was considered to be a very talented essayist, who had none of his own ideas.  Everything on his site, though quite well written, was a recycling of the ideas of other.  In this new essay, we have the same format, only instead of recycling the ideas of various revisionists and White thinkers, he is recycling the ideas of the Southern Poverty Law Center, attacking the White race directly, claiming that all those who associate with White Nationalist ideals are “hateful bigots.”

You can read the thing for yourself.  I’m not going to bother to quote from it.  The underlying concept is that we should all be “individuals” and “think for ourselves,” which he translates into not believing in anything.  He equates the desire for a White homeland with a desire to subjugate other races, while presumably understanding that no one in the WN community, that I am aware of, has any desire at all to rule over the primitive races.

But there it is.  And let this be a lesson.  I never made an issue of the ZCF drama, but now the truth of the matter has been revealed – “ZCF” is spineless, weak and useless.  We should note that those obsessed with him were all too dense to realize that there were no ideas there, and thus nothing to follow.  They were also so mild as to be willing to devote themselves to a man who’s face they have never seen, who’s first name they did not know.

I knew from the arrogance of ZCF that he was worthless.  Such people are weak and incapable, always.  A man who cannot reflect on himself cannot evolve and thus cannot ever truly be whole.  We can see now, without doubt, that “ZCF” was an empty shell, void of all but a talent for regurgitating the ideas of other, better men.

We would do well to beware of this sort of figure in the future, lest some of you once again make fool’s of yourselves.


My opinion: End of the issue. ZCF should shut-the-fuck-up and stop ALL personal attacks on Mike since Mike is a REAL PERSON with a name and plenty of activism to his credit! ZCF should THANK Mike Delaney for giving him a platform in the first place.. Mike didn’t have to, but he did……

Final word: If anyone makes the ridiculous claim that Mike “stole” ZCF’s website, then consider this: If you OWN something, a website for example, then how do YOU STEAL IT FROM YOURSELF!?!? I’m sick of this retarded Pro-ZCF Bullshit… ZCF doesn’t have a leg to stand on!

I agree with Mike Delaney!

Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Online Uk

Visit Buy Name Brand Ambien Online and Soma Grand Buy

– Brett