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Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk

This site turns half a year old today!

Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk
Adolf Hitlers 50th Birthday cake..

That sure looks like a delicious cake for the Fuhrers 50th, but ‘Expel The Parasite‘ is only celebrating a 1/2 year in existence. Maybe a smaller cake, cut in HALF would be more appropriate!

What can I say about this blogging business? Well, here’s some general rambling for ya:

I started this blog 6 months ago for no particular reason at the time, other than expressing a few thoughts and seeing what would happen. The blog started out with a different name: “Generic Ambien Looks Like“, basically because I always thought that short phrase summed up the essence of real racial nationalism. “People and Territory”, it made sense to me, and with a German name, it just seemed right. After a couple of months, I got tired of the German name, mainly because it’s annoying to repeat to fellow English speakers, so I changed it to ‘Expel The Parasite‘. ‘Expel The Parasite’ sums it up nicely too. We can’t live with the parasite, so logically we must get rid of it, somehow.

Today, this site ranks 785,980 on the Alexa Rankings, so it seems to be doing quite well. I appreciate all the people who have visited this site and got something out of it. I must be saying something right because it just keeps going up the rankings at the moment! All of you decent readers deserve a nice cold:

Where Can I Buy Zolpidem Tartrate

Or a:

Soma 350 Mg Side Effects

Enjoy a beer, or two…. or three, or four, they are all good for you! SERIOUSLY!

As a result of the blog itself, I’ve spoken with a few decent people on skype. I’ve had a good time, a few serious discussions about the problems facing the world, and a few of the above pictured ‘ales’ whilst doing so!

The people I find agreeable and good to talk to are:

Buy Zolpidem Reddit, Buy Diazepam 10Mg, Buy Xanax Nz, Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg, Scott Elliott, Buy Xanax Paypal Uk, Kev from Perth, and a few others who I’ve only spoken with briefly…… (Adipex To Buy Online, you should get skype man!)

These people are all genuine decent people, but I’d have to say that Buy Ambien For Cheap has narrowly won the ‘Expel The Parasite Award for a person who probably drinks as many beers as me and is good to talk to‘! Congratulations John! Hahaha… Mike comes in at second place because he’d probably be off eating super red-hot chillis, while John and I would be having another beer!! Hahaha… (just rambling some crap here)

A massive CHEERS to everyone who likes this site. We’ll keep spreading the truth and hopefully retain a good sense of humour while we do it!

Additional cheers to Buy Zolpidem Usa, T. Abbey, and anyone else who makes decent comments and reblogs posts from here!


– BDL1983