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From Buy Zolpidem India:

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Some people don’t think it is that important to expose the Buy Xanax Pfizer Online The argument is that it was a long time ago and not relevant to today, also that it can sound extremely callous to those who have yet to discover the deception behind it. For me, it was discovering the truth about ‘the holocaust’ that proved to me that it was not just a few bad Jews that were being dishonest, but the entire tribe that were consciously lying about this event, and punishing an innocent nation for a horrendous crime that they were not guilty of in any way. The punishment for perjury in court is justifiably severe when it is just against one person, but to bear false witness against an entire people is beyond anything a court has ever had to deal with. Hitler’s description of the Jews Buy Real Xanax Online Cheap and how if the lie is massive enough people will not suspect its veracity, has its perfect fulfilment in ‘the holocaust’. A lie of such massive proportions that it has to be reinforced everyday at least once on every television and radio station.

Once you realise that the whole ethnicity are united in telling such a lie as this, with only the odd exceptional Order Xanax Europe telling the truth about some small part of it, it becomes clear that none of them could ever be trusted. The magnitude of the crime is so hard to imagine, to falsely accuse an innocent nation of the most horrific genocide ever, it is as alien to the Aryan consciousness as it would be for us to even contemplate doing it. It has to be the greatest injustice of all time bar crucifying our Lord.

Exposing the Jews collectively as a people has to start with the holohoax. Investigation of their other crimes all hinges on exposing the one that gives them their false ‘victim’ status. When I hear about miscarriages of justice and about people imprisoned on false evidence, just one person is bad enough, but a whole people are being punished here, for something that never happened and it was not a mistake, but a carefully thought out deception. There isn’t even a word capable of describing just how much of a crime the false accusation of ‘the holocaust’ is. It’s like when an innocent man is accused of rape by a vindictive psycho-femme, but literally millions of times worse. It should make everyone’s blood boil when they realise how their emotions have been manipulated into blaming an innocent party for imaginary gas chamber atrocities, how children have been shocked into being ashamed of their own flesh and blood, and generations have lived with the guilt of being descended from a people capable of such inhuman behaviour.

Once you get over the realisation that an entire nation could be so vindictive and deceitful, you then discover that many of the crimes they levelled at the German people actually had their origin in real crimes committed by the Buy Alprazolam Cheap against the Christian Russians. The alleged holocaust horrors weren’t just from a twisted imagination, but were very often real acts of terror projected onto the German people in order to change the Jews from being the most wicked murderers of the Russians, into the poor, innocent victims of the Germans.

After understanding what they are capable of, you start to see how they have placed the blame on others for many of the tragedies they have engineered in history, famines being just one of them. The Holodomor intentional famine that the Communist Jews inflicted Buy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery was just a repeat of the intentional famine that the Crown Jews Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk which was a repeat of the intentional famine that the British Jews inflicted Buy Valium Australia. Whenever the Jews are involved there will be intentional famines and the blame deflected away from them. It still goes on today through their control of the UN, only now they call it Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk and instead of stealing the food from the targeted gentiles, they prevent food and medicine from being exported to them.

Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk

For anyone that thinks that the Jews don’t operate as a group, then the holohoax proves that they do. When Aryan peoples find out that their politicians have lied about other nations for personal gain, there are large movements dedicated to exposing the truth and attempting to have the war mongers tried in court for their deceptions. The demonisation of Gaddafi, Assad, Iran and Iraq come to mind. But where are the Jewish movements defending Hitler and charging their elites with not speaking for them, or for their interests? We continually hear ‘white’ people making excuses for Muslim terrorism as a response to British imperialism, where are the Jews excusing Hitler for his response to Jewish imperialism in Germany? There are large British movements that point out the crimes of the ‘British’ Crown in India, South Africa and Ireland, but where are the Jewish movements pointing out the crimes of the Jewish Bolsheviks, the Jewish bankers and all the Jewish false-flags that have been used to start wars?

There was nobody that came out of the second world war better off than the Jews. During the later stages of the war, when the rest of Europe were starving and being bombed, the Jews were fed, clothed, medicated and paid for their work, while they were being housed Generic Ambien Looks Like for their own safety. Being in those camps prevented the European people from taking vengeance on them for staring the war in the first place. The rich Jews were even more comfortable, staying in America, Canada and England, spreading their lies in the media about the Third Reich and plotting Where Can I Buy Zolpidem Tartrate They were the only nation in Europe to actually Soma 350 Mg Side Effects during the war, according to the Jews own almanac census figures. The whole fraud relies on the people being deceived being such good people, that they are unable to imagine that anyone could lie like that. Our imaginations have become so used to just being used for entertainment, that we have forgotten that it is also there for us to imagine all the ways that somebody else could be different to us. It is no wonder that they are continually promoting the idea that we are all the same, it means good people don’t doubt other peoples intentions.

Once they lose their victim status they stop being given the benefit of doubt and people cease to make excuses for them. There is nothing worse than someone pretending to be a victim in order to gain sympathy, especially when they are blaming the real victim. The fact that they try to hide all the evidence that proves that there were no gas chambers, is proof in itself that it is a lie. Anyone else would be happy to hear that not so many of their people died and that none of them died in such a horrible way.

Investigating the holohoax is the first rung of the ladder that leads up out of the rabbit hole and into the fresh air. The high priests of the half-truth movement know this, and will do all they can to keep people going around in circles and never stumbling across that ladder in the dark. Even though the war happened 70 years ago, it is still vitally important to expose the holohoax, to take their cloak of invisibility away from the Jews, and to expose the hypocrisy and double-standards of half-truth ideology.

‘The Jew ‘cries’ with pain when he attacks you’ – Old Polish Proverb.

Buy Zolpidem Reddit

Also at Buy Diazepam 10Mg

It is a hoax, so let’s hammer it home to everyone, loud and proud!


– BDL1983