Friday Night – RACE WAR!!




Petra Silander 02






Iron Cross Swastika

– BDL1983

7 thoughts on “Friday Night – RACE WAR!!”

    1. Yeah I just took a wee break. Back now mate with a renewed vengeance!!! Sometimes ya need a break….. Or ya die of exhaustion! PLENTY of stuff to come in the next few days! I hope ya like some ACDC and Black Sabbath (Dio) in the next couple days – then its back to hammering the Jews! 14/88

  1. Indeed………
    We hear the “Red Fox” complete this Set. The Scots, like the Irish and the English need to HTFU and hunt the ‘reds’ out of Scotland, or they will be no more “Scots’ or Gaels or English. The ‘reds’ constitute the ‘jew’ who demand the blood of others spilled and spoiled, so that the ‘jew’ may drink and thus ‘live’……..
    For the Kelts of Galicia.

  2. We is f’ken sh’tfaced ona Friday nite wid dis ………
    Burrrrrrrrp……. Honest….. on the last too of ‘arf a case…… specie El purchase for a multi ‘ken festival etc. Ma Plonker mate calls it ELO….. Electric leg opener……He’s expat Scot,,,,burp….and speaks with a Glaswegian inflection.

    Check out the immigration gumballs vid…… If Europe opens its borders to the teeming hordes of the Orient and the Indian subcontinent, then Europe and Whitey will be no more. Whew gives a shite wot the bug eyed kike barbarous spectre s thinks…. She’s a lying jew, and thus a deceiver.
    Like the Spartans, its time to hardon the fuck up, lock down the borders and tell the jew to fuck off, to those nations where the jew is more likely to feel ‘superior’ as only the jew can.

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