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11 thoughts on “Sex Plague: The Normalization Of Deviance And Depravity”

  1. How do you look at these mongrelized Jewish “feminists” and even achieve the semblance of involuntarily displacing the blood in your brain?

    Always have your pets spayed – and neutered.

    1. Yeah, I thought it was dangerous enough just looking at the pics in this article! Imagine voluntarily attends one these Jew “art” exhibitions!!! Sick bags on standby – you’re about to peer up Annie Sprinkle’s Yid Hatch….. PUKE!!

  2. These are the signs of the end times, pure and simple. There is one solution and one solution only, THE BRUTAL & FANATICAL CRUSHING OF ZION, NO MERCY GIVEN OR EXPECTED! 1488! SIEG HEIL!!

  3. Generic Ambien Cost At Walmart
    The ABC claims that its symbol is an innocent lissajous figure…… Others, well mainly this scribbler, declare it a symbol of depraved occupation and a stylised israeli flag.
    For confirmation one needs only to write 911 in roman numerals to deriive IXXI, the same ‘lissajous’ figure as the ABC…. summing in gematria to the mythical 6 as in 1 plus 2 plus 3. In judaic numerolgy 18 represents ‘life’ for the jew and 911 most surely is a function of that…
    Life for the jew means death for every one else as much as a vampire to its goy.
    The treacherous double crosses in English gematria amount to X plus X or 24 plus 24 summing to 48… the date on which israel was made undead. Delving deeper we find that 2 and 4 sum to 6, deriving 66, the sum and product of the paired sixes, perhaps 6 and 6 zeroes even, deriving 12 and 36 , the sum equalling again….. 48……
    It is not surprising then that if the jew feels promoting the benefits of buggery as represented by 66 might lead to ‘life’ for israel, that buggery, representing death is hailed a virtue in the Goyisiche mind as much as is blind belief in the pair of sixes that comprise the holler cost. Sould the jew ABC decided to concoct another spell binding documentary detailing the predestined transmogrification of goyische sexuality, then it might entitle it ‘Young and Dum, with a Bum fulla Cum”.

    Buy Diazepam 5Mg

    Consistent with the affirmations of his ‘religion’, the jew is a notorious liar and the above website more than likely a faecal product of the bnaibrith, the peak orifice by which the Shit of the jew is propelled by peristalsis into the mind of true believers in jewhiss victimhood…. wink……

    Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Canada

    The jew ABC is completely Kosher and a full blown shit flinging operation dedicated to soiling the minds, homes and futures of those unfortunate enough to believe it as something else…….. The goyische mind, indeed the entire world, is a jewish toilet.

  4. Very funny stuff that……. They’re a bunch of funny cnuts the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh. My Olde Lady was ultimately via her Mum out of Inverness in Scotland. Dads of the North of England and should have taken up Morris Dancing…..I was advised once that Morris Dancing was devised by the Scots and have to wonder whether it was for the purpose of subverting the English. .The HeeBBC used to produce some really funny material before immigration really kicked in, like Fawlty Towers etc. British humour will go down with rest of it………

    Every thing the faecal finger of the sewer jew touches turns to Shit.

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