Sunday Arvo Jukebox – 2/2/14

Here’s another version of ‘Ode To A Dying People’ by a band called Vinterdis:


A pretty good version, but you can’t beat Saga! This is the best. An absolutely excellent song by a great female vocalist:



– BDL1983

6 thoughts on “Sunday Arvo Jukebox – 2/2/14”

  1. Nice one mate! Bit of deaths head(aus), GBK and coopers after work over ere this arvo, great articles this week, loved reading the aggravated kikess posts man keep it up! 14/88

    1. Don’t talk about my Jewish Girlfriend that way!!!! Hahahah!!! We all love Sara!
      Cheers for the good words there mate…. Mmmmm, just had a fair gutsfull of Coopers Pale Ale man!

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