Bitcoin: Libertarian Idea of Paradise Would be Hell on Earth

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December 11, 2013

Welcome to Libtardistan.  Feel free to trade freely. Our President, Ron Paulberg, is on his ship doing something with computer sciences.  You'll have to come back laterWelcome to Libtardistan. Feel free to trade freely. Our President, Ron Paulberg, is on his ship doing something with computer sciences and market analysis of production proposals. You’ll have to come back later

Libertarians love Bitcoin.

About 44% of the online crypto-currency’s users self-identify as Libertarians.

They love the fact that it’s not controlled by a government or central bank — so no online Fed can “print” more of it and inflate our way out of trouble. They love that it’s decentralized; it’s the currency of The People, not The Man. They love that it’s “mined,” a bit like gold, because that makes it a bit like the gold standard, which libertarians think real currencies ought to be tied to. They love that Bitcoin isn’t taxed, so you can hide your income from the government if you want to. They love the way its value reflects pure supply and demand, and not a value forced into the system by regulation or monopoly. And they love that it’s fairly lawless — it’s difficult to enforce rules (other than the rules of the market) when everyone in the market is anonymous.

So the Bitcoin experience gives us a glimpse of Libertarian paradise: What life would be like with as little government interference as possible, in a market free of burdensome laws and taxes.

Unfortunately, that experience looks like a total nightmare. It’s characterized by radical instability, chaos, the rise of a boss-class of criminals who assassinate people they don’t like, and a mass handover of wealth to a minority even smaller than the 1% that currently lauds it in the United States.

If Bitcoin was a country — Bitcoinistan? — it would be like Somalia. Consider:

Bitcoin is most useful to criminals.

Currently, for ordinary people, cash and credit work just fine. While some mainstream businesses do take Bitcoin, there is no compelling reason — yet — for ordinary people to use it. If you’re a criminal, however, there are very compelling reasons to use it: you can transfer vast sums of cash completely anonymously. Cash transfers are a real problem for criminals. When you can’t use bank accounts, lugging around vast sums of cash gets old pretty quickly. Bitcoin solves that. So Bitcoin is very, very empowering for criminals.

There is a Bitcoin crime wave going on right now.

Given that Bitcoin is good for criminals, it should not be surprising that those criminals are targeting other Bitcoin users for thefts. The most spectacular theft so far is the Sheep Marketplace robbery, in which one hacker appears to have emptied a massive Bitcoin marketplace of up to $220 million in Bitcoins. Note that Sheep Marketplace was basically a trading post for drug dealers. Bitcoin exchange and account thefts are very common. Here’s a potted history of recent Bitcoin capers.

Bitcoin “law” is enforced by paid assassins.

The most shocking thing about the indictment of the Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht was not the amount of money in Bitcoin he controlled (about $28 million). Rather, it was the fact that when other drug dealers ripped him off, he didn’t put it down as the price of doing business. Instead, he is accused of hiring a hitman to murder six people he believed had stolen from him. Ulbricht was a Libertarian. In other words, there will be laws in the Bitcoin Libertarian paradise: And the people with the most Bitcoins will decide what that law is, when it should be applied, and how “justice” will be meted out. In Bitcoinistan, the sentence for non-violent financial crimes includes the death penalty, apparently.

There is literally a Bitcoin market for assassinations.

There have always been people engaging in murder for hire, using old-fashioned cash. But the operator of this Bitcoin website seems to believe that Bitcoin creates enough anonymity to allow assassination to take place “at scale” (to borrow the parlance of the tech startup world). He wants to destroy “all governments, everywhere.”

Bitcoin as a currency is horribly unstable.

Lolbergs love a life of danger.

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Hmmmm…. Indeed it would seem that Bitcoin isn’t going to save us from the Jews!

– BDL1983

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    1. What exactly do you mean? It’s a perfectly relevant current topic. I’m merely highlighting the point for the uninformed regarding Bitcoins…. Cheers for that link anyway; I’ll have a read of it man, 1488.

  1. You have a Third Reich Swastika and Nazi eagle on your blog, but you do not understand the Third Reich economic system. You seem as though you are being pro-active on the internet, but you do not understand anything of the Third Reich and us real Nazi’s! So why are you using our symbols?

    1. Hang on a minute here man… The term Nazi was invented by a Jew named Konrad Heiden, so I’m not sure why you’re referring to the National Socialists as “Nazis”…. I use the Swastika because it represents National Socialism, which is Natures rule in its political and spiritual manifestation. It is the antidote to the Jewish problem. And no, it’s not Zionists, Communists, Capitalists, or any of those things; it’s Jews!
      I admit that I’m no expert on the National Socialist monetary system and its intimate details, but I know one thing, and the most important thing which is this: It is the only honest system, where the principle of a dollars work done means another dollar can be circulated. This keeps the economic system in balance and prices remain stable. National Socialism’s financial system does away with Jew usury and the need to pay back ‘debt’ to the filthy Jew. Under the NS system the people are a lot better off (obviously), since it directly removes the Jews power of printing fiat notes from nothing and with no labour/goods, nor any gold or silver anymore, to back them up! Your article highlighting the use of the silver coins is accurate by the way…. (link deleted because you’re a complete fucking arsehole!)
      With all due respect, that is a basic rundown of why I use 3rd Reich symbology the way I do. My blog targets more of a “Layman perspective” as opposed to “Esoteric Hitlerism” like your site. I think our interests are mutually complimentary, we are just approaching the same problem from different angles…. I hope that clears up some of our misunderstandings!
      1488 Kamerad

    1. Well, no I don’t wholeheartedly support creativity. They are wrong in their critique of Christianity, for example. I have the links up there for people to make their own minds up about… Pagan/Christian, whatever the flavour of the right message someone prefers… How can you expect me to officially endorse everything someone says on their personal sites?

      1. Then why do you have Creativity on your links? I know all the Creativity folks in the entire world, and yet I do not have a Creativity link on my blog, why do you have a Creativity link on your blog when you do not know anyone from Creativity…Fucking hell mate even I usen to belong to Creativity!!!

  2. If you do not know what a Nazi is….Well you are seriously out of your depth, and you should stop using our symbols….Seriously mate, what the fuck do you think you are doing?

    1. Nazi’s are a Hollywood style Jew creation. National Socialist – That’s what Adolf Hitler was. NOT A NAZI! You are seriously the ONLY person who’s got some kind of problem with me and this site. I don’t understand why. You say that you understand ‘the masses’, but you clearly are the odd one out who doesn’t seem to ‘get’ what I’m on about!
      I’m ranked 321,000 on alexa, you are at 3,926,000 for fucks sake. Who do you think is reaching more people?

  3. You support all Flavours? What the fuck is wrong with you? Here you are displaying a swastika and pretending to be a National Socialist, and you support all flavours, you are a fucking libtard, and you don’t even know it!!!!

    1. No, I didn’t say that now did I? I said that I have the links there FOR PEOPLE TO MAKE THEIR OWN MINDS UP ABOUT!!!!!!! I am a real person who can be contacted on Skype, but I guess you fucking cowards wouldn’t ever talk to someone out of FEAR! Oh my god, you might have to conduct yourself in a manner suitable of a DECENT PERSON! Keep typing away you fucking coward

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      I don’t think he’s a Jew though; just an extremely “hard to get along with” type of arsehole, basically! Imagine if he was leading some sort of mass-movement: He’d tear shreds of anyone who wanted to join, for being “Ziobots” (haha), and he’d be left standing there lecturing NO-ONE!! Hahaha!!!

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        1. Yeah, exactly man! That was only a guess at how much traffic he gets… It might be 20 or 30 visitors, 50/60 hits, or something like that… When I was ranked at 4 million that was roughly how much I got! Now its about 250 visitors, 500 views a day, average…. This site seems to be going alright! I’ve linked up your site already man; looking forward to seeing some good stuff over there!
          1488 man!

  7. Another small point I’d like to make regarding the use of the term “Nazi”:
    George Lincoln Rockwell founded the “American Nazi Party”. He was a NATIONAL SOCIALIST. The use of the term “Nazi” was to gain mainstream Jewish media publicity. Nothing more. I’d steer clear of using that tactic to gain attention, but Rockwell chose otherwise! It was his style – a very likeable man, with a gift for confrontational flair in the public eye…. The complete opposite to William Pierce, but ideologically they were both NATIONAL SOCIALISTS, not these fucking fake Hollywood style NAZIS…… Rockwell’s book ‘White Power’ is one the best books you’ll ever read. It’s spot on in identifying the enemies of our race & it uses HUMOUR really well too!!! Rockwell was great

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