Delendaestziobot… The most difficult person to deal with in the Universe!

In the post below about the Bitcoin thing, I had the pleasure of finding out (once again) what a complete arsehole Mr. Delendaestziobot truly is! Can anyone else be bothered dealing with this NAZI, as he calls himself?

Feel free to engage him, if you dare! Hahaha!

Mr. Delendaziofucker – TAKE NOTE – I will only be allowing your responses to the Bitcoin post, then after that you’re banned…. I simply cannot be bothered arguing against what is an obvious brick wall!!

For the Trolls & Jews

Read this Mr. Delenda, for this now applies to you.

UPDATE: I can’t be bothered responding to, or accepting any more of your comments Mr. Delendazio…. You’ve said enough to show your true colours, so fuck off and don’t come back! Any comment you make will go automatically to Spam. Enjoy you’re miserable life Motherfucker!

– BDL1983

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