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(By the way, Happy Birthday to a great friend of mine!! You know who you are!)


Stoneface dog, swirling fog, gates open on the dark dark night
Standing stone, skull and bone, dead witness to an unseen fight
Beat the drum, beat the drum, beat forever on the endless march
Stricken dumb, Cut and run, someone is screaming and the sky is dark

Sword and shield, bone and steel, rictus grin
Deaf forever to the battles din

March or croak, flame and smoke, burn forever in eternal pain
Charge and fall, bugle call, bone splinter in the driving rain
Horses scream, Viking dream, drowned heroes in a lake of blood
Armoured fist, severed wrist, broken spears in a sea of mud

[Repeat chorus]

Mother earth, mother earth enfold you in her cold embrace
Sinking down, killing ground, worm crawling on your cold white face
Win or lose, nought to choose, all men are equal when their memory fades
No one knows, friends or foes, if Valhalla lies beyond the grave

[Repeat chrous + last 2 lines twice]

Buy Soma Online Review

Bonus song to listen to:


– BDL1983

Cheap Adipex 37.5

Just in case anyone is confused about the “political semantics” of things; I’d like to clarify EXACTLY what my position is regarding White Nationalism, National Socialism etc:

Here’s my take:

I’ve called myself anything from an Australian Nationalist, to an Australian White Nationalist, to a National Socialist.... I’ve never really put too much weight on what term I used because I figured everyone understood them how I do….. Maybe they don’t; I’ll define it just for the hell of it!

When I use the word “Australian”, I use it because that is where I am geographically located. When I use the term “White Nationalist“, I mean it to imply loyalty to “White Europeans” all over the world. Not just Australia. I’ve heardBuy Xanax Pfizer Onlinerefer to Buy Real Xanax Online Cheap and I’ve got to say that is probably the best term I’ve heard used to describe “White racial loyalty” on a global level! This grand idea of a united “White European Imperium”, regardless of where we are located in the world, is what I support. It is also referred to as “Pan-European White Nationalism” or “Pan-Aryanism” by some people. I think that clarifies my position!

Now that’s clear; I support a grand white “Imperium Europa” where whites support fellow whites wherever we are on the planet. It’s impossible to say exactly how scattered this “Imperium Europa” will be…. My guess is that the “home base” will be Europe obviously; how many other outposts around the world, who the fuck knows!?!?!!

On an ideological and political level I support the National Socialist system being implemented within “Imperium Europa”. This means:

1.) Preservation of the White Race and even sub-groups within it where applicable.

2.) JEWS must be removed from “Imperium Europa”; that means their power and mind-set must be destroyed!

3.) Debt based money and interest slavery must be replaced with the National Socialist monetary ideals; money issued in the correct proportion to keep the economy stable (see Gottfried Feder’s ideas). I’m not elaborating any further…

4.) Elimination of the Marxist welfare state propping up the “Unter Menschen” (under men). Nature will take care of the worst elements of our race. Through National Socialist Eugenic policies, the best elements among us must be given the most incentive to breed.

5.) The Laws of Nature must be adhered to. They must dictate all political thought. This should really go without saying, considering National Socialism IS THE EXPRESSION OF NATURES WILL, but I felt like mentioning it as well….

I’m sure I could write a million things more but I only wanted to do a “basic” clarification of my personal political stance.

My Final Word: I support a great united white “Imperium Europa”; (obviously there will be white “outposts” around the world); politically and ideologically I support a National Socialist Regime to run the Imperium!

Order Xanax Europe

Above: My appreciation goes to whoever put the great quote on the great picture!


Buy Ambien For Cheap

INTRODUCTION: Gerhard (or Gerry as he’s known) was born in 1928 Germany. As a 17-year-old at the end of WW2 he fought alongside many others his age, giving all they had for their “Volk und Vaterland”. They were the last reserves fighting a hopeless battle by this stage (in 1945). It was “Alles für Deutschland”, ’till there was no fighting power left. Gerry’s father got killed in the war but thankfully Gerry survived and made a living driving trucks until 1953. He lived in communist East Germany until he saw an advertisement wanting potential immigrants to Australia. Gerry had had enough of communist rule and headed to Australia in 1953. Here in Australia he also drove trucks until his retirement, always keeping a keen eye on politics and the world surrounding him. Now in his 80’s, he is keen to see some of his philosophy and political thoughts passed on for posterity.

I first met Gerry 18 months ago and I’ve gathered some valuable knowledge from him; albeit over a couple of beers! In these posts; of which there will be a few over time; I am going to write-up some of his work. A minor detail to note is that I’m going to edit sentence structure, grammar, and spelling errors which Gerry wrote. He does about 90% proper English with 10% “errors”. Although I think the “errors” are just bits where he infuses German into the English!

I chose the name of this blog “volkundvaterland” in honour of the Germans who fought for the correct ideals in WW2. If only the British colonial countries (and the US) had SUPPORTED the correct side in the war, the world would be a lot better place. But Jewish control of the US and the British Empire meant we were always destined to be misled; and misled we were….. Our soldiers fought believing they were doing what was right too; in the SPIRIT of fighting for their people and country, or “Folk & Fatherland” if you like that phrase…. I do, and that’s why I use it on the blog banner.. The “Nietzsche Haus” is what Gerry calls his small “philosophising” shed where he writes his stuff.

Over to Edition 1 of Gerhard’s “Nietzsche Haus” Writings:

Dated: May 2013


“Capitalism is an old theory by Scottish economist Adam Smith, 1723 – 1790. Although modern science rejects most of his economical teachings as erroneous, he still remains one of the greatest economists in England. Smithonian Capitalism is based on Free Trade, demand and supply, and LOVE of profit! “When the cup of the rich runneth over, the poor shall get the splashes”.

In time, the love of profit turned into GREED for profit, over the course of 300 years. This deregulated freedom also deregulated morals. It sent many economies to the brink of bankruptcy.

Capitalism is materialistic, it pollutes and destroys this world, with its ever-increasing population. There was no ‘farsightedness’ in those old brains of Adam Smith, only insatiable GREED for profits.

Greed is a psychological disorder, an unstoppable desire of ancestral, animalistic gluttony – Feeding as much as it can, ’till it becomes sick? Greed is irrational, selfish, primitive, and in modern times, uncivilised.

The recent Wall Street Financial Crisis was caused by greedy “Money Hoarders” – By the insatiable Jew!

The Jews art in getting riches is to lend money at low-interest rates, then gradually raise them, eventually garrotting the borrower. Be wary of the stealth of a Semitic “Money Hoarder”!

The naivety of Australians means they cannot really grasp this menace. The Australians have had the Jews for only the last 200 years in their country, whereas the Europeans have had Jews for 2000 Years. They were bought in with the Roman colonization of Europe. Since ancient times the Jews were hoarding money and defiling people wherever they went. When they were expelled for their abominable behaviour, they would move to “greener pastures”, where they carried on as before, until they were expelled again. ‘Till this day, without people realizing it, the Rothschild bankers in England financed all the wars and colonisation for England. This is why England still has an “open heart” for the Jews today. Thereby explaining America and England’s eagerness to protect Israel and Jews throughout the world!

Hitler’s National Socialists knew the truth about the Jews and “persecution” of Jews followed. All the financial crisis’ in the world are created by the Jews insatiable financial greed. He is the true human parasite on this planet!”

THAT CONCLUDES THE FIRST EDITION OF “Gerhard’s “Nietzsche Haus” Writings”. More to come in the future…..( That was only so short because it took a while ‘wording’ the intro bit!)

UPDATE –  (17,7,13) More can be found here: http://nordicantisemite.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/the-jewish-curse-1/

– BDL1983

Buy Ambien Cr 12.5

Take a deep breath; brace yourself for this one! If you’re Australian it will make your blood boil!!! It’s an old article from 30 June 2011 by a Jew called Lahav Harkov…

Take a look at this offensive looking “Likud” kike called Danny Danon….. What an ugly fucker!

Buy Ambien Prescription Online

My comments are in bold as you’ll probably guess! Here’s the Jpost article:

Likud MK and Australian MP discuss “humane solution” for thousands of ‘Muslim infiltrators’ in Israel: Send them to live down under. (We don’t want ’em, you have em!)

MK Danny Danon (Likud) asked Australian MP Michael Danby (Australian Jew) on Wednesday to propose, in parliament in Canberra, sending African migrants from Israel to Australia.

Danon and Danby discussed the issue during the Australian politician’s visit to Israel for the World Jewish Congress’s International Conference of Jewish Parliamentarians. (What the fuck is that? They need an International Conference of Jew Parliamentarians?? I thought Jews were loyal to the countries they dwell in; hahaha)

“The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity,” Danon told The Jerusalem Post. (So once again it’s ok for Jews to protect their “identity”……..)

“The refugees’ place is not among us, and the initiative to transfer them to Australia is the right and just solution. (But these Jews can send them to Australia to destroy OUR IDENTITY and that’s ok??? Oh that’s right, I forgot; there’s only 2 races on the planet according to Jewry: Jews and Goyim. Refer to the Protocols for more on that!)

“On the one hand, it treats the refugees and migrants in a humane way. On the other hand, it does not threaten Israel’s future and our goal to maintain a clear and solid Jewish majority,” he explained. (More amazingly blatant hypocrisy!)

Danon said Danby enthusiastically agreed to present the idea to the Australian Parliament. (Great isn’t it; 2 Jews are going to force it though the parliament!)

Read More: http://www.jpost.com/Diplomacy-and-Politics/Danny-Danon-Send-African-migrants-to-Australia

Isn’t that heart warming?

– BDL1983