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I agree with everything said in this video. I also think we need to be more brutally honest about things. No longer am I going to accept the phoney, meaningless label of “White Nationalist”. No, I am not one of them. I am a National Socialist because it is the only true expression of our Aryan spirit. It is also the only system of REAL RACIAL FREEDOM, and the ONLY ANSWER to our problems. Anything that does not adhere to the principles of National Socialism (Nature) is doomed to failure.

Adipex To Buy Online
This is the holy symbol we will one day carry to victory!

Thanks for sending me this video Buy Ambien For Cheap!

Sieg Heil! 1488!


Buy Valium 10 Mg Online

From Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India (commentary by John, not me)

Most of you may have seen ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ (Buy Valium In Cambodia). This is a Bonus feature which portrays the Jewish Marxist infiltration of filth and pornography throughout pre-National Socialist Germany and particularly in Berlin. J.H.


In this 15 minute Special Bonus Feature learn about how in 1933, Adolf Hitler was a man of high morals and proved it by cleaning up the depraved streets of the Marxist cesspit otherwise known as Berlin.


Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk

Does all this look familiar? Look around you, you have a two tier society, the poor and the ultra rich (the Jew is destroying the ‘middle class’), you have homosexuality and all kinds of perversions becoming the acceptable ‘norm’. On top of that we have ‘Miscegenation’ and the mass influx of alien people and cultures imported by the Jew to further destroy the indigenous race.

How inspiring that in 1926 the Nationalist Resistance amounted to two hundred dedicated men whereas the Jewish Marxist controlled scum numbered over 250,000, then Hitler and National Socialism against all the odds gained power with the full support of the majority of the indigenous German people. This was a victory beyond belief, the Jew and his Marxist foot soldiers were told to get out of Germany and those that didn’t were not slaughtered or gassed, they were imprisoned and made to work although they were well looked after (contrary to Jewish lies).

Adolf Hitler should inspire us all. National Socialism is the ONLY answer to the parasite that infests ALL our Aryan lands. Greet your Aryan brothers with the NS salute, why should you be ashamed of who and what you are?

The only way the existence of our race and a future for white children can be assured is by embracing National Socialism.

Hail Victory

John Hardon

Cheap Generic Soma
Click 1488 to visit John Hardon’s blog

Buy Diazepam Glasgow

Buy Phentermine For Weight Loss

Buy Soma From Trusted Pharmacy

Erich Priebke fought for Europe against the international materialist tyranny which has since swept over our lands.  He fought for freedom and for national survival.  As a part of the struggle for European survival, Erich Priebke was a part of a defensive measure in Italy against the Marxist terrorists of Bandiera Rosa.  In 1944, under his direction, 335 terrorists were executed for the crimes of murdering loyal Europeans, some of whom were serving in the armed European resistance to global finance imperialism.  For the act of liquidating the vermin of Bandiera Rosa, Erich Priebke was declared a ‘War Criminal’ by the victorious powers, who cited the fact that amongst the terrorist menace which were put down, there were a number of Jews.  For dealing with the self-Chosen terrorists in the manner befitting their crimes, Priebke was treated as an enemy of the people, whereas he was in fact defending the people of Europe from those whose kind have since destroyed our freedom.

Erich Priebke died in Rome at the age of 100, on the 11th October.  The enemies of humanity who infest the official church of Rome, taking their orders from their Judaic masters, denied Priebke his rightful funeral in a Catholic Church, citing his actions against Jewish terrorists as justification for this unjustifiable proscription. The last bastion of true Catholicism, the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth, (SSPX), defied the infiltrators who occupy the Vatican by giving the heroic soldier a decent Christian funeral.  It is to their credit that they stood up for Christian morality and the rights of the dead, whilst the Vatican ordered that they bow down to the orders of Talmudic vengeance.

Proving that their evil extends to attacking the dead, organised Marxist and liberal extremists attacked Priebke’s funeral, which was held earlier today.  If anyone has any doubts about the anti-human motivations of our enemies, that they stoop so low as to attack the body of a man who served his people and in any case is no longer using it, proves how debased they truly are.

Erich Priebke fought for us all, and his memory deserves to be preserved; not the propaganda and lies of the victorious materialistic powers who have ruined our lands.  Erich Priebke – Presente!


Note: This bit which I highlighted in bold, “Erich Priebke was a part of a defensive measure in Italy against the Marxist terrorists of Bandiera Rosa“, relates directly to the alleged ‘worst wartime massacre’ in Italy, from an Buy Soma From Canada. Whilst that earlier article portrays Erich in a ‘bad light‘, this article tells the story in the context of reality!

– Brett

Cheap Zolpidem

Can’t get enough of Jews whining about everything? Then have a read through this Buy Xanax 0.5:

A leading Nazi-hunter at a Jewish rights group said on Tuesday that the body of an ex-SS captain at the center of a diplomatic wrangle should be cremated.

Buy Ambien Canada Pharmacy, chief Nazi-hunter at the 350Mg Soma Medicine in Israel, said the body of Erich Priebke should “share the fate of millions of the Nazis’ victims, who have no grave to cry to.

Classic line: “…. no grave to cry to“. They actually have no grave to cry to because the Holocaust never happened in the first place.

Buy Alprazolam Powder China
RIP. Erich Priebke

Priebke died at age 100 in Rome last Friday while serving a life sentence under house arrest. His body has become something of a diplomatic problem.

His birthplace in Germany became on Tuesday the third place, after Rome and Argentina, to reject the idea that he could be buried there, fearful it would energize neo-Nazi sentiment.

But Zuroff — who compiles Cheap Xanax Online Pharmacy and attempts to bring them to justice — said the solution is simple.

“Burn the body and scatter the ashes,” he said.

“The last thing anyone wants is for his grave to turn into a shrine for the neo-Nazis, and we have to remember he was a totally unsympathetic Nazi who showed no remorse for the murders he committed.

“Why shouldn’t he share the share the fate of millions of the Nazis’ victims, who have no grave to cry to and no place to grieve?”

Priebke was serving a life sentence under house arrest for his part in the killing of 335 civilians in 1944 near Rome. He admitted his role in what was Italy’s worst wartime massacre and never apologized.

He also claimed the Holocaust was an invention by Western powers to cover up their own human rights atrocities.

Soma 350 Mg Street Value

The Order Carisoprodol Overnight most certainly is an invention, and the Jews are fast running out of so-called “Nazi war criminals” to continually “witch-hunt”. Things will only get crazier when there’s no-one left to hunt. They’ll start going after their descendants for ‘mental trauma’, and whatever else these Jews can dream up!

RIP – Erich Priebke

– Brett