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Just in case anyone is confused about the “political semantics” of things; I’d like to clarify EXACTLY what my position is regarding White Nationalism, National Socialism etc:

Here’s my take:

I’ve called myself anything from an Australian Nationalist, to an Australian White Nationalist, to a National Socialist.... I’ve never really put too much weight on what term I used because I figured everyone understood them how I do….. Maybe they don’t; I’ll define it just for the hell of it!

When I use the word “Australian”, I use it because that is where I am geographically located. When I use the term “White Nationalist“, I mean it to imply loyalty to “White Europeans” all over the world. Not just Australia. I’ve heardBuy Soma Online Us To Usrefer to Buy Zolpidem 12.5 Mg and I’ve got to say that is probably the best term I’ve heard used to describe “White racial loyalty” on a global level! This grand idea of a united “White European Imperium”, regardless of where we are located in the world, is what I support. It is also referred to as “Pan-European White Nationalism” or “Pan-Aryanism” by some people. I think that clarifies my position!

Now that’s clear; I support a grand white “Imperium Europa” where whites support fellow whites wherever we are on the planet. It’s impossible to say exactly how scattered this “Imperium Europa” will be…. My guess is that the “home base” will be Europe obviously; how many other outposts around the world, who the fuck knows!?!?!!

On an ideological and political level I support the National Socialist system being implemented within “Imperium Europa”. This means:

1.) Preservation of the White Race and even sub-groups within it where applicable.

2.) JEWS must be removed from “Imperium Europa”; that means their power and mind-set must be destroyed!

3.) Debt based money and interest slavery must be replaced with the National Socialist monetary ideals; money issued in the correct proportion to keep the economy stable (see Gottfried Feder’s ideas). I’m not elaborating any further…

4.) Elimination of the Marxist welfare state propping up the “Unter Menschen” (under men). Nature will take care of the worst elements of our race. Through National Socialist Eugenic policies, the best elements among us must be given the most incentive to breed.

5.) The Laws of Nature must be adhered to. They must dictate all political thought. This should really go without saying, considering National Socialism IS THE EXPRESSION OF NATURES WILL, but I felt like mentioning it as well….

I’m sure I could write a million things more but I only wanted to do a “basic” clarification of my personal political stance.

My Final Word: I support a great united white “Imperium Europa”; (obviously there will be white “outposts” around the world); politically and ideologically I support a National Socialist Regime to run the Imperium!

Buy Zolpidem India

Above: My appreciation goes to whoever put the great quote on the great picture!