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Adolf Hitler – we need another one!

ORIGINALLY POSTED 25 Jan 2016 (deleted by wordpress jews)

I’m going to explain a few things here in relatively simple terms, so anyone who is confused or wondering what motivates me can refer to this article.

What Sort Of Society Do I Want To Live In?

I want to live in a society among my own kind, meaning my own race. I do not want to live among those of other races because they are not of my blood and do not share a common world view and basic morality with my race – the White Aryan race. Different breeds (races) of humans are different, and for that reason alone it should make sense to anyone with a thinking brain to keep them separate. Now, despite the fact that there are plenty of arsehole Whites around the place, I’d still a million times over prefer to live with them than non-whites. As for all the Whites who’s natural sense of morality has been led astray, well they need to be re-educated to adhere to proper Christian principles.

Essentially I’d like to live in a White nation which operates on a basic code of Christian morality, similar to what we saw in National Socialist Germany. There’s nothing devious or tricky about any of this. It is what it is.

Am I an “Extremist”?

It is not “extreme” to want to live in a White nation with Christian morality. It is a perfectly rational desire for any White person who wants their race and themselves to have a decent future. What is extreme though, is this Jewish agenda to try and force all the non-whites and their foreign belief systems into any White living space, anywhere on earth! That is fucking nuts, pardon my French! So, no, I am not an “extremist” by any stretch. If you want “extremism”, then look no further than the current day Jewish-run political establishment in the west!

Why Won’t I accept Jews, Moslems, Blacks And Other Assorted Mixed-Breeds?

Pretty simple folks – the answer here is that these people (non-whites in general) are trouble makers. People don’t like to hear it, but it’s true and it needs to be said. Follow the historical path of civilization and observe the pattern: White Aryans create the civilization and it flourishes. Then the Jews worm their way in and corrupt everything. Next, they start bringing in other non-whites as slave labour. Finally, we are left with a racially mixed decaying civilization. Hitler explains this in Mein Kampf and it’s true, whether fashionable to say so or not! (it will be fashionable a few years down the track, trust me!) So when I am presented with the options of a White racially pure society or a racially mixed, Jew and negro loving society, which one do you think I’d choose?

Remember – one doesn’t exist without the other.

Do I Have An Irrational Hatred Of Non-Whites?

Absolutely not. I have never been that sort of person. What I do have though, is a perfectly rational hatred for a lot of these people, not because I’m some sort of horrible monster, but because their actions warrant it! They have throughout history caused the downfall of my race’s civilizations, yet I’m supposed to love them all and welcome them in with open arms? People always talk about “learning from history” and if they were serious about it they’d pay attention to my reasoning above.

I Just Can’t Be Bothered With All The Bullshit That Comes Along With A Multicultural (Multiracial) Society

Racial Nationalism is natural. A race or breed should have it’s own territory. You respect the boundaries of your lands, and others should do the same with theirs. If not, you crush the wrong-doer. It’s that simple (in theory anyway).

Multicultural (multiracial) societies run by Jews always turn into Marxist cesspits of competing ethnic groups. This is no good because what it means is the most productive group (Whites) must carry all the useless groups (mostly non-Whites) via taxation and the welfare system until we can’t support it any longer and the society crumbles. Why would I want that?

Anyway, I don’t have any particular feelings of ill-will toward the other races. They can go and do whatever they feel like in their own lands, but not in mine! I just don’t want to live with them or have anything to do with them! Why is that so hard for people to understand?

Feelings About Fags

Faggotry is outside the boundaries of any healthy White Christian society. I do not want their disgusting degeneracy to have any place in my society. I do not uphold the Jewish idea of “freedom” which means anyone anywhere can just do whatever they want, including the dick up bum hole act. This sort of degeneracy all fuels the fire which destroys White society, and that is why I oppose it! A society must have standards if it is to survive!

More About Feelings

I just don’t care about the plight of non-whites. Be they Jews, Arabs, Negroes, Asiatics, or some other exotic mixture, I just don’t care. Never have, never will. I always think “well why would you involve yourself in someone else’s problems?” No, that’s for them in Arab-land or negro-land to figure out. It’s not my business, I don’t care, so they can go cry to someone else about their “oppression”. I won’t bother them if they don’t bother me. It’s pretty simple.


Just to reinforce the point:

I’d like to live in a White nation which operates on a basic code of Christian morality. The best example we have is what we saw in National Socialist Germany:

None of this stuff is hard to understand, nor is it overly complex.

-ETP Admin.

Buy Soma Online Us To Us

From Buy Zolpidem 12.5 Mg:

Buy Zolpidem India

I was round at a friend’s place the other day and was surprised to see a field mouse. Normally they keep away from people for obvious reasons, but this one seemed to be scurrying deliberately towards us. My friend tried to divert its course away from danger, but it turned around and came back. This sort of suicidal behaviour is characteristic of parasitosis. Many types of parasite infect a host and then gradually change its behaviour, eventually making the host completely unaware of the risks that it is taking. This is not always for easily understood reasons. Sometimes it is so that the host will be killed and eaten and the parasite can enter a new host, but this is not always so.

The mouse reminded me of our modern White nations and how we are also engaged in completely suicidal behaviours. Instead of defending ourselves against intruders we encourage the punishment of those who try to resist them. We have taken to deliberately inviting incompatible aliens into our nations in the same way that the mouse had deliberately chosen to get as close to danger as it could. Like the mouse being shown which way it should go by my friend, we were shown by Hitler which way we should go. He warned us what would happen if we did not expel the parasite in our midst, but like the mouse we refused to go in the direction of safety.

Cheap Adipex 37.5
Cymothoa Exigua latches onto the tongue, eventually causing the tongue to atrophy and fall off due to lack of blood. It then attaches to the tongue muscles, so that it moves when the fish expects its tongue to move.

Parasitic Parallels Within Our Nations

We are allowing a foreign entity to control our resources in the same way that a parasite helps itself to the host’s food while starving the host. An alien people control our banks and through them, control every resource that the nation produces and procures. Instead of purging the parasite, we have invited them to take even more control. They moved from the banks into the media and politics, until they were the equivalent of a Buy Xanax Pfizer Online, a parasite that works its way into the brain and then controls every move of its host. Our nations have become like the Gollum of Jewish folklore, the unnatural Frankenstein’s monster of a creature summoned forth by Jewish magicians, to fight battles on behalf of the Jews.

You can always tell when a creature has a parasite because of its risk taking behaviour and it should be obvious to all, that we must have a parasite within our nations for us to be behaving in the way that we are. Whether people are aware of what this parasite is or not, they should still be able to see that we have one. Unfortunately, one of the effects of having a parasite is that the host is rarely aware of it. Try pointing out the identity of the parasite and you will see clear evidence that we have one, in the way that people will not believe it and instead, try to protect it.

Buy Real Xanax Online Cheap
Sacculina Carcini extends roots throughout the hosts body enabling it to control every move the crab makes. It pumps the male full of hormones, eventually convincing it that it is female and that the parasite’s eggs are the host’s eggs.

Some parasites supplement their hosts with hormones, to make them feel well even though they are sick. In the same way, our media continually tries to distract us with mindless entertainment, created to keep us occupied with endless cheap thrills. Instead of fighting the real battle to regain our nations, the youth stay indoors fighting imaginary enemies on computer games and fantasizing of becoming celebrities.

A parasite will disable the hosts usual defences by appearing to be part of those same defences. The antibodies mistake the evidence of the parasite for other antibodies, just like the way that many of us think that other races are benign and just the same as us. Where the parasite has the same coloured skin as the host, many people cannot even tell the difference.

Wherever the host goes, the parasite goes too, infecting those it comes into contact with. The poisons of usury, multiculturalism, homosexuality, abortion and pornography are carried into other nations alongside the bait of liberty, human rights, democracy and freedom. The parasite flatters the nation, telling it how wonderful its failures have been, misconstruing history and eventually redefining entirely what it was that made the nation succeed in the first place. It encourages the nation to let down more of its defences and deceives the people into thinking this a good thing and for the nations own benefit.

Order Xanax Europe
Leucochloridium Paradoxum works its way into the eyes of the host so that it can see out, then steers the snail to where it can be seen by a bird, while at the same time making the eyes look like tasty caterpillars due to the size and colour of the parasite.

Multiple Parasites and Re-Infection

Parasites often cause secondary infestations by other parasites. Due to the weakening of the hosts immune system it becomes more susceptible to them and it is not uncommon for the host to end up with multiple parasites of different types living within it. The same thing has happened in our nations, after emancipating the Jew and giving him the same rights as the ethnic citizens, he was able to bore his way into the administrative departments of power and weaken the nation’s natural defences, to the extent where other aliens could then infiltrate the nation and set up their own enclaves. They then take what the host produces and feed it to their young in order for them to grow strong and the host to grow weak. This serves two purposes for the prime parasite, as well as further weakening the host it also deflects attention away from the original infestation.

Eventually the parasite is either completely expelled from the body or it causes the death of the host. Just a small piece of the creature being left behind is all that it takes for a new infestation to occur. Just as we have examples of this in the natural world, we also have instances of it within our nations. It only takes a few Jews left within a nation to start the process all over again. You cannot compromise with them, they are not symbiotic organisms with us both providing for each other, they have only one purpose and that is to suck the life out of the host and move on to another one.

Buy Alprazolam Cheap
The Guinea worm needs to lay its eggs in water, so it will control it’s host by making a burning blister in the foot, causing the foot to have to be dunked into water so the worm can poke its tail out and lay its eggs.

The Importance of Hygiene

The first step in ridding oneself of a parasite is to pay attention to hygiene, to avoid becoming re-infected. In preparation for the final expulsion of the Jew from our societies we need to shield ourselves from his poisons to prevent re-infection. All the immoral vices and dishonourable behaviour he encourages have to be cut out from our lives. Once you have woken up to the poisons of the Jew it is important to reject every last part of them. It is not enough to be against children seeing pornography, all pornography has to be cut out of your life. It is not enough to just prevent the promotion of homosexuality to children, all homosexuals have to be shunned. Being against immigration and amalgamation is not enough if you still have friends from other races, as this just leaves you wide open to being compromised. We cannot have half-measures in our own individual hygiene, just as we cannot have it in our nation’s hygiene, the same principle applies as when getting rid of an internal parasite.

We must identify and expel the parasite from our midst. If we do not, then our nations will fall,  we will be consumed by our competitors and the parasite will just grow stronger. The first step to achieving this is to cleanse our personal lives from all traces of it, so that it has no chance to use us again or affect others through us. The positive results from doing this will be clear for all to see and will ensure that people realise we are speaking the truth: That our nations are being attacked by a parasite from within and that expelling its poisons from this individual life, is what has led to the vast improvement in character. It is then a simple task to explain how what has happened to the individual would also happen to the nation, if the parasite were to be physically expelled from it.

Buy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery

Great article from Sven Longshanks! That really nails it for me regarding how the Jew operates as a parasite (maybe that’s why I called this website “Expel The Parasite”). Spread this article around the place!

Sven writes for the Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk and his own blog Buy Valium Australia.

– BDL1983

Order Ambien Online Usa

Buy Diazepam By Paypal
The Flag of Vlad’s Russia

I am now pretty much convinced that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is the last hope for the White race. If Russia is defeated (or officially kosherised) by the Jewish forces known as the “international community“, then it is all over for the White race. We need someone to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Without some sort of catalyst we will just continue to degenerate as a race until we are no longer. There was seemingly nothing happening whatsoever to get the ball rolling until this ‘Ukrainian crisis’ popped up. It still seems a little surreal, but we shouldn’t underestimate the true scope of possibilities provided for us with the actions of Vlad’s Russia. Russia seems to be providing real opposition to the kosher EU powers even though they may not be explicitly anti-Jewish. Whether they are explicitly anti-Jewish or not doesn’t matter at the moment – what matters is that the Jews really hate this situation where they are being forced to tangle with a country of 145 million people. They cannot complete their ‘Jew World Order’ plan to rule the world if rogue nations the size of Russia exist.

Buy Brand Name Adipex
Map of Ukraine – Crimea’s the little bit there at the bottom (in case it’s hard to see)

These are a few of my thoughts regarding the Ukrainian situation and how it relates to the worldwide struggle of the White race for existence and a future:

For a start, I must say that I am very upbeat about what we see happening in the Ukraine. Although the Jews through their EU have implemented a new ‘government’ headed by a Jew called Arseniy Yatsenyuk, this is nothing like one of those middle east ‘revolutions’ where the kosher overlords can simply remove the existing regime through bombing and terrorising, then continue along their merry way. No, this time it is different. Russia has a lot of popular support in the Ukraine due to the fact that there are heaps of Russian speaking people living there and these people don’t have any desire to be ‘westernised’ by the Jews controlling the EU. What the Russians have done by seizing and occupying Crimea is essentially what the popular will of the people is – I.e. fulfilling their right of self-determination. The Russians are a welcome, liberating force for these Ukrainians, in the true sense of the word, not like how the Jews talk of liberation!

What makes this situation good reason for hope is that Russia is not some dishevelled, uncoordinated Arab Nationalist group engaged in guerrilla warfare against Jewish-controlled and funded ‘revolutionary’ terrorists. Russia is a huge country with a large army and a president who doesn’t seem very keen on playing kosher (even though he has done this in the past, I believe it was simply Vlad playing politics)! Those who say that Vladimir Putin is completely kosher must be able to answer this simple question: why are the Jews bothering to organise against him (installing a Jew EU government in the Ukraine) if he is one of their ‘boys’ anyway? It doesn’t make a lot of sense – it’s a bit like the argument that Hitler was a Jew puppet; if that were true there would have been no need for World War Two in the first place!! I get the feeling that Vladimir Putin’s general sentiments are on our side of the political fence, but he’s not explicit with an official-type stance on the issues we talk about. This is because in politics sometimes you have to keep your cards close to your chest if you hope to play the game right. It’s a tactical game – a bit like how you don’t go telling the common lemmings about the Holocaust hoax as soon as you meet them. You use tactics like planting the seeds of thought in their minds otherwise they’ll think you’re a nut; even though you’re not! Regarding Vlad wearing a yarmulke and affirming the Holocaust – well, this is what he chose to do in order to play ‘Jew politics’. He wouldn’t have gotten far if he came out with the ultimate truth in front of the “international community”, now would he? None of what is now happening in the Ukraine would be happening if Vlad chose not to play at the very least – “a bit kosher“! Think what you like about his ‘kosher’ actions, but at least he’s doing something to upset the international Jews!

Now, before anyone assumes that I’m completely full of praise and love for our new ‘saviour’ ol’ Vlad – let me tell you that I think he’s more of a ‘mixed bag’ type of character. I can’t say with any degree of certainly what his exact political motivations are, but he seems to be doing a certain amount of good for Russia, and the Jews would much prefer to be rid of him. How do we know the Jews aren’t happy with him? Simple: the Jews would not be bothering with their constant mass-media propaganda to demonise him if they were!

Another angle presented by those who insist Vladimir Putin is a Jew puppet is that the Jews never really lost any control of Russia after the fall of communism. We know that the big Jewish oligarchs never left Russia, so therefore it is hard to imagine that they aren’t still pulling the strings behind the scenes. This line of thought is hard to argue with, I admit, but it doesn’t explain why the Jews wouldn’t have installed a more ‘Jew-friendly’ leader in the first place. So, is the whole Vladimir Putin thing just a phoney display of controlled opposition? Possibly, but I think the best explanation is that he has been playing the global Jew politics game as well as he can so as to implement a kind of “generic Russian Nationalism”. By “generic Russian Nationalism”, I don’t mean we can say his views are the same as ours, but some of his actions suggest that his views are compatible with ours. Basically, Vlad seems to be a bit ‘hit and miss’, although he does have the potential to be a thorn in the Jews side which is what our race definitely needs regardless of whether the guy is 100% with us!

I titled this article “Vlad’s Russia – The Last Hope for the White Race”, because that’s what Russia represents in the grand scheme of things. If a country the size of Russia doesn’t act as a catalyst to wake up the other nations of Europe, and hopefully the entire White world, then we may as well forget about it right now. I’m certainly not saying Vlad or Russia are perfect or anything – they certainly aren’t, but without some organisation against the Jew World Order forces, we’re screwed.

Finally – no, Vladimir Putin is not another Hitler! If he is, then he’s doing a very good job hiding it so far! I hope he is, but I strongly doubt it!

Buy Yellow Diazepam
I sure hope Uncle Vlad is sincere and plans to continue fucking with the Jew EU!

Please leave comments on this topic if you agree, disagree, or whatever. I’m not claiming to be an expert with special know-it-all powers about Vladimir Putin by the way! I can see the subject of Vlad and Russia from both sides – I.e. those who say he’s completely kosher and the opposite opinion. Neither side is 100% correct as far as I can tell. There are conflicting messages floating around in internet-land and I think it shows that people don’t really know the full deal with Russia – it’s a bit of a ‘mixed bag’ like I said before, but none-the-less everyone likes to pick one side and run with it, never considering that the truth probably sits somewhere in the middle!

If Russia doesn’t make any stand against the Jew, I don’t know who will.

– BDL1983

Buy Xanax Cod Saturday Delivery



We need more music like this to get the blood of White men stirred up!

(I’m sorry if any women are offended by the use of the word ‘c*nt’ in the first song – I never use that word personally, but I like that song…. so get over it)

– BDL1983