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This was the first album I ever bought. I was 13 or 14 at the time, and Ashes to Ashes was my favourite tune back then. It still is a great song!

Buy Xanax Nz


Another great song and favourite album from back in the day….. (I’m old now)

Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg


FNM cover of the old Black Sabbath classic….. From this album:

Buy Xanax Paypal Uk


Ooooooooo.. Spooooky….. I don’t know how many people remember the ‘Omen‘ films with Damien, the son of satan. He had the 666 birthmark on his head – “The child must die; he is not a human child”…. Born of a Jackal on the 6th of June, 1966 at 6 am….. How satanic is that? The anti-Christ; he’d have to be Jewish eh! Hahaha

Adipex To Buy Online


– BDL1983

Buy Ambien Cr 12.5

Buy Ambien Prescription Online

Aaarrgghhh!……. Fuck it all, it’s morning again and I’ve gotta get up!

This is what I think pretty much every morning as my phone alarm blares the “Horst Wessel Lied” in my ear. It’s supposed to motivate me to get up, but nothing really works when it’s freezing cold! After accidentally pressing snooze a couple of times I eventually stagger out of bed, boil the kettle, and drink a couple boiling hot coffees….

Buy Phentermine GenericMy coffee NEVER looks like this by the way……….

After that I’m warm and “good to go” for the day….. Provided I don’t turn the T.V. on! But you know what? Sometimes I do turn it on! I guess I’m a thrill seeker when it comes to the Televits because the “Morning T.V.” content is atrocious! You need a sense of humour to handle the absolute shit they expect us to view!

Buy Diazepam Legally

If I turn on the T.V. this is what I usually get:

Buy Valium Hua Hin Buy Adipex In CanadaAbove: The wonderful, ever-enlightening ABC Breakfast crew…….

First channel: ABC Jew News, Morning Edition. This channel is usually the home of endless whining about “Asylum Seekers”…. How much of a stupid fucked up name is that?! “Asylum Seekers”….. It’s more like “coloured scumbags, nearly all male, hoping to get to Australia where they’ll be given a free ride at the taxpayers’ expense”! And all this because our Jew-controlled government signed all the UN treaties to accept everyone based on the ridiculous concept of “human rights”…. Another Jew idea to make us accept any featherless biped as “human”…. We’re all the same…. Right…… Anyway, they always have some “heartbreaking” story about a small child who has drowned falling out a rickety boat…. Cry cry sob sob…. and then a few others “lost at sea, feared dead”… More tears….. Fuck this, me too angry, change channels, Flick:

Cheap Valium For Sale Buy Alprazolam AustraliaAbove: Kochie & Mel…. note how “Jewy” Kochie looks in the top pic……

Next up: Channel 7, Sunrise. Probably even more “pukeable” than ABC News because we have to put up with “Jew pretending to be white”, Kochie. When it’s time for the financial segment he usually stands up, get his pointy finger out, and points at some stupid graph of false statistics showing us how the US recovery is going well, how Europe is “turning around”…….. Blah blah blah…… Then he’ll give us some “wise” advice on how to cope with our ever tightening budgets! He always has a sly “gloating” look as he says his stuff…. Typical sly Jewy crap…. Sometimes he gets really cocky and tells us quite blatantly how the big four banks are making record profits, then in the next mouthful tells us what we need to do during “tough economic times”……. “Hmmmmm, the Goy must be really stupid”….. I’ll bet that’s what he’s thinking! Maybe he’s right! If us Goy can’t figure out that we are being screwed by the banks, then maybe we deserve it!! Bank = Record Profits, People = Tough times; you don’t have to be a genius to see who’s doin’ the fleecing!

Buy Valium 10 Mg Online Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India

Buy Valium In Cambodia

Above: The standard “Sunrise” garbage!

Then they’ll get back to the stories. Mel will introduce a story about “Racism” or “Sexism” or “Homophobic remarks” someone made on Twitter, or some bullshit like that…. Kochie usually takes over and explains the Jew PC “mode of behaviour” Channel 7 would like us all to conform to….. Mel and whatever other idiot is sitting on the couch nod as Kochie makes his point; or shake their heads slowly as Kochie explains to us the terrible “racial” slurs uttered on the football field…. This is a truly sickening spectacle, trust me….. Flick:

Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk

Above: I hate this Homo so much….. sick bastard!

Channel 9, Today show. Ohhhhh my god, it’s that absolute flaming fucking homo doing the Hollywood Gossip section….. Not bloody likely… Flick:

Cheap Generic Soma

Buy Xanax Saudi Arabia Buy Xanax Agora

Above: Good-looking “Totally Wild” presenter, snakes, and a Buy Ambien Sj Cheap saying “what the hell are you looking at?”

Channel 10, usually some kids show. Actually more educational than most “Adult” news programs, although the “politically correct multikulti bullshit” is always thrown in just for good measure! Totally Wild (the Kids show with animals), sometimes have cool reptiles on there…. At least the presenters can’t tell political lies about the animals….. Well, actually, they can if they say the species is threatened by “Buy Msj Valium Pill” or some rubbish like that….. Flick:

Buy Soma Online Legit

Last but not least: SBS, German News, in German…  I can usually handle this rather well since it’s easy to block out by not concentrating on understanding the German. But I’ll tell you what, when I do pay attention I can understand enough German to get the gist of what they are talking about… and it’s never good…. Basically DW-TV news goes like this:

Neo-Nazi activity on the rise, danger, danger, panic”

Coloured person success story in Germany”,

Holocaust reminder story”,

Order Zolpidem From Canada

“Israel attacks more Palestinians but Germans must keep giving Izzy money because of the previous story”,

“War in Syria, let’s support the Jew-backed Rebels”,

“Protests in Egypt, support the Jew side again (Obama said so……It’d be racist to disagree!)”,

Buy Teva Valium

Above: German? Yeah right…..

Negro soccer player kicks a goal (Negro speaks fluent German; ‘see we’re all the same’ says the Jew)”,

And there you go, that’s modern Germany….. Not a single thing about the actual Germans except when they can be blamed for imagined “Nazi” crimes….. Thanks to the Jews! Flick:

Buy Xanax 2Above: Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick. She’s always on ABC News complaining……..

Aaaaarggghh… ABC again: Now they’re talking to Australia’s “Sex Discrimination Commissioner” complaining about how women apparently aren’t filling enough CEO positions in giant Jew companies… and they’re not getting equal pay…. whine whine whine….. Maybe it’s because women don’t naturally gravitate toward leading huge companies; could that be why they aren’t 50% of the total CEO’s?  And maybe they aren’t earning equal pay because they aren’t filling as many high positions………. Is it really that hard to work out? Women aren’t being oppressed; they just don’t naturally do the same jobs as men! Oh but no, the Marxists have to create a “Sex Discrimination Commissioner” to ENFORCE equality, thereby pushing Men OUT….. It’s the same deal with the “Race” issue they always moan about…. Equal opportunity means enforced equality to the Commies…..

Buy Xanax Cod Saturday Delivery

Above: Everything on the Televits leads to this…..

More coloured people in, means YOU ARE FORCED OUT WHITEY! It’s so annoying by now I can hardly stand another minute of T.V. One last Flick:

Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Online Uk

Above: Typical Sunrise again…. I wish I could have found the “Honey, I’m Gay” headline….. Ah well….

Channel 7, Sunrise again: HEADLINE: “HONEY, I’M GAY”! This is NOT a joke by the way… There was actually a story on there a while back trying to teach Husbands how to tell their wives that they are GAY!…. They just wanna “come out” and be accepted….. Because being a Fag is sooooo normal and fashionable now……. What the fuck is wrong with these people?!

RIGHT, THAT’S IT, I’M AS BAD TEMPERED AS ALL FUCK, where’s that fucking remote!?!?? Found it!

Buy Name Brand Ambien Online



– BDL1983