14 thoughts on “Anonymous Trolls and Jews:”

  1. Hi Andrew, I was banned from JOUtube last year for speaking the truth about the HOLLOWHOAX! I seem to be one of the few who can see through the JEW BULLSHIT,(like LYING JEW, a redundant term) and I am capable of SEEING these “JEW” demons for what they are. They are DEFINITELY NOT human like you and I! Their strong REPTILIAN DNA is the main difference between them and HUMANS. Who can blame you for censoring the LYING JEW from your site? I, for one enjoy reading their BULLSHIT b/c I learn more from the enemy than I do from my “allies”. I think the adage, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies CLOSER.” relates to that? Anywho, I LOVE your LOGOS esp the one of the STRONG Aryan fist strangling the REPTILIAN/SNAKE JEW. I use it a lot on my emails. All the best, and STAY STRONG brother!!!

  2. What’s going on! Is this blog based in New Zealand? So I see you have the same problems we have here in the USA. Same old crap. The Jews get kicked out of everywhere they go. They move into a society and suck it dry of all monetary value. Then they demoralize and demure it. Their presence drains it of all value of all shape and size, then when it’s too late, the society failing, trys to rid itself of the leech. I hope we all wake up. I hope it isn’t too late. The top 10% must go! Expel the parasites.

      1. Your doing good bro! if your pissing of the juden, niggers and traitors you know your blog is effective! You know that old NS saying, if your not slandered by the Jude today, then you spent the previous day to no avail…….something like that anyway, Hail Victory!

        1. Cheers man! As the site has got alot more traffic than before, I found there are more of these anonymous Jews, negroes and traitors leaving comments… Take the Mandela article for example… Like I said in the post, I really cannot be fucked arguing with these “people”…. Complete waste of time. Anyway, it is nice to be attacked! It’s a badge of honour! At least I know I’m hitting them in the nerve centre. So yeah, fuck them all from now on. No second chances either. One strike and the troll/idiot is banned for good!!
          1488, Hail Victory indeed!!!

          1. Greetings my friend. I was looking for some other websites like yours, and some info. I am really into War 2 and history. I am of German descent and I seem to share quite a bit of your views. I was searching yahoo, my search engine. When I click on the very limited selection of anti jew sites, they say mostly “server cannot be found”. Odd! I know yahoo, my search engine must be being manipulated. What are your thoughts? Is yahoo a lowly jew owned entity? I stopped google because I figured they were jew owned, since they sell your info if you use their “free” email service. What the fuck?? Should I move my family to Australia? Hahaha it’s getting bad here. Thanks for your time. Steven

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          2. Check out dailystormer.com for all your news without the Jews! (Hehe I was thinking about making a flier with this catch phrase and putting it around town), Brett’s got a load of excellent links on this blog to pro white sites mate, when I was in Germany Google didn’t work for a few pro white antisemitic sites, it would link to something called “chilling effects”, an internet task force created by Wendy Seltzer, who Is supposedly an ‘American’…… Looks like a kike jew in my opinion, anyway maybe yahoo is onboard with this ‘chilling effects’ deal….

          3. Steven, glad you like the site man! Yahoo is kosher too, but not as bad as Joogle!! I barely even care what email and search engines I use…. They know who we are anyway…. Moving to Australia might buy you some time compared to being in Europe or the U.S…. But yeah, things are on the downhill slide here too man…

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