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7 thoughts on “National Socialist – Not ‘Nazi’!”

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  2. It also sounds like NASTY. Its a BRAND like coca cola ,mcdonalds nike, addidas, lady gaga. The jews like to BRAND THINGS they PRESENT IMAGES through their mass media .( BRAND ASOCIATION ) at the same time slowly introduce the concept (what they want you to associate ) After a while just the mention of the brand will TRIGGER the response its called SUGESTION . Ihave a sugestion how about ” USURY / TAXATION COUPLED WITH INFLATION ENSLAVING EVERY NATION ” now all i need is the pictures for the unimaginative sheeple and its (in ther ) 6 months down the line i re awaken the seed and bring in the who’s behind this ? i give names and addreses like the CFR, TRILATERAL COMMIISION, ECT, its not like rocket science slowly we will are winning

  3. Tried to refrain but the pic broke me… What a disgusting, hideous, vile, vermin hooknosed, scurvy dog, monster kike! Subhuman primordial slime!

  4. Brett, would you believe that there is a (well known) carbon copy of this rancid yid running around Melbourne! I’ve got a great photo for you, let me know how to get it to you, guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

  5. I forgot to mention that I have heard the footy commentators (possibly Luke Darcy) talk about his family “surviving” the holohoax, and on two separate occasions no less !! YES, you heard right…yet another miraculous survival story That should set the tone for my side by side kike comparison. Not a race hey?? 1488! Sterben jude.

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