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4 thoughts on “Hallelujah, for Unto Us a Child is Born!”

  1. Agree and great message. Just because there is a bible message that someone doesnt agree with doesn’t make the whole bible nonsense. People have to stop thinking so black and white and understand the jew is the most deceptive creature on earth, And as you were saying last night Christianity has been infiltrated. The best defence I see for true Christianity is the jews complete and utter contempt for it! What the jew hates is good!

    Saying that, I dont think it should be at the forefront of our movement at all, These types of things are best to be kept as personal beliefs, And on the forefront promote facts. It should be obvious to anyone that all these pictures we see are tall , narrow faced Whites, Not crook jews, Jews are chosen alright, Chosen by satan. Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. There is no god. And the one you praise was and is a jew. Come on. We are alone in the world! We created us!!! I still wanna fight the jews. Go white guys! WHEWWWW!!!

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