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Note: I wrote this short piece a year and a half ago explaining how I view National Socialist ideology in very basic ‘beginner’ language. It is by no means a “complete” summary of National Socialism; that would be a fucking enormous article…. Probably thousands of pages worth! This is just a few thoughts…. You get the picture….

Cheap Xanax Pill Press

What is a National Socialist?

A National Socialist is above all a person who believes in their folk and fatherland; or race and nation; with the practical application of the laws of nature dictating thought.

Why is race such a big issue?

Because the laws of nature must be respected. If you are a white person for example, then the very foundation upon which you exist is that all your ancestors respected their race and bred only among their own kind. If you breed outside your race then you are disrespecting your ancestral genetic code and destroying your racial uniqueness. If everyone did this we would all end up looking the same all over the world, thereby destroying all races and different cultures. Natures’ Law made you white so show your respect for nature by making your descendents white!

Why is nationalism so important?

Your race is your greatly extended family. If you acknowledge the basic law of Family and Property; for example, you don’t go home to the family 4 blocks away; you go home to your family because you prefer them and the other family 4 blocks away doesn’t want an intruder on their property. It doesn’t mean they hate you; their house and property is theirs, not yours. The next logical step is to extend the concept of Family and Property to Race and Nation. Due to the natural inclination for the different races of this earth to prefer their own, it logically figures that each race needs its own living space in order to determine its own destiny. This is the basic law of Territory and why National Socialists believe in ONE race for ONE nation. It protects the unique genetic code Nature instilled in all of the different races she created.

What is Nature’s goal?

When the Race and Nation are respected as they should be; only then can all the different people’s of the world truly determine their own futures. Natures’ desire for all races is independent self-determination. A race will perish if unable to cope on its own; bad luck. Other races will prosper. Nature desires the best, brightest, and strongest to survive and reproduce; therefore this concept must be utilised where applicable to ensure upwards racial evolution. Any other way will see the race degenerate, therefore we must follow natures lead.


In Nature, all the different species and sub-species rely upon their own unique group survival strategies. Interdependence is a fact of life for all individual living creatures; there are no ‘individuals’ as such.  This interdependence is Natures REAL Socialism among all its living species. Of course this is not to be confused with Marxism/Communism which is NOT in any way promoting Natures Laws. Equality does not exist in Nature, but this is another story for another article…..

– Brett, BDL1983