The Consequences of Race Mixing

From Fascovereign Weltanschuung:

You would think that educating people about the negative consequences of race-mixing would be gratefully received and seen as similar to giving warnings about the dangers of smoking or fast food. Yet when the subject does get brought up and you do try to warn people, they don’t thank you for it but accuse you of ‘hating’ bi-racial people instead. If people knew the facts about race and the differences between them, they would realise that it is actually the parents of bi-racial people that are hating them, by forcing it on them in the first place. People just don’t realise the gravity of what they are doing, that one quick fumble between the sheets can have a lasting negative effect on all successive generations.

This article is written in the hope of giving people a better understanding of the consequences of race-mixing. There is very little around on the internet that is specifically devoted to the subject and most people I find have never even really thought about it before.

Genetic Similarity Theory

There are two genetically directed instincts within us regarding choosing a mate. The most powerful one is explained by ‘Genetic Similarity Theory’, it is the drive that makes you seek out a partner with a large amount of the same hereditary genes as you. This is to ensure that the features your combined genes contribute to in your children, physical and mental, are the same as the ones your ancestors had. This is the reason why there are people that look like you from far back in your family past, like grandparents or great grandparents. This is not just because you are related to them, it is because their parents choice of partner was similar to your own parents choice of partner. Your hereditary genes will have stayed the way that they were in your ancestors, being continually passed down from generation to generation, moulding the descendants in the likeness of their predecessors. This is why you get musical families, where each generation has musicians in it. The parent instinctively finds a partner with the same genes that their parents had and the talent for music can be passed on. It is also why people say that husbands pick wives who are similar to their mothers. If there were no drive to find partners with similar hereditary genes then there would be no distinct races. If you are mixed race then there will be no-one in your family past that you resemble. They will all have been prevented from having an unobstructed influence on your form and character.

The second, lesser instinct is for variety and this is there to ensure that you don’t mate with an extended family member,  instead it encourages you to look for someone who is unlike you. This will add novel DNA to your offspring’s genome leading to less chance of genetic disease. It is the source of the phrase ‘opposites attract’ and works well when you are living among your own race, creating a healthy, disease resistant population. Unfortunately if other races are living among you, it can turn into a genetically destructive desire to mate with them and will result in a weakening of disease resistance. Different races are susceptible to different diseases and this susceptibility will then be passed on to the mixed race child, giving them both races’ weaknesses instead of just the one.

Mendelian Inheritance

In a mixed race relationship between two pure types, the children will not have a smooth blend of characteristics from each parent, but the characteristics will each separate out into their individual racial components forming a patchwork of features in the offspring. This is true for all hybrids, even ones produced from breeds of the same species and is why plant breeders do not generally create seed from F1 hybrids, since the finished plants will show individual features from each parental type, rather than a harmonious blend, with the majority of the plants showing more of the dominant type’s characteristics. If you crossed a recessive small leaf plant with a dominant big leaf plant, you would not get a medium leaf plant, but a mainly big leaf one, with a few small leaves here and there. If you bred the hybrid back in with the pure types, you would no longer be able to predict quite how the plants would turn out, as each formerly pure type would have been adulterated and every so often, it would produce a plant with wildly differing characteristics to the parent’s type. The same happens with animals, you cannot get back to a pedigree once you have been left with a mongrel.

Hybridisation shatters the form entirely into separate units of characteristics and these units get jumbled up again each time they get passed on. People see attractive half-castes and think that the children will inherit the same characteristics, but it is impossible for them to be passed on like that, as they separate out again into the individual races’ features ensuring there is no unity of form to be passed on. Since Black genes are dominant and White genes are recessive, Mulattoes will always look more Black than White. This is why the mixed race ‘Seal’ (Black/Mestizo) and the White Heidi Klum’s two children look nothing whatsoever like either parent. They do not have a harmonious brown blend of each parents features, but have predominantly Black features instead.

Species, Subspecies and Breeds

According to the evolutionary definition of race, races started out as the same species, but have diverged far enough apart from one another over time, to now almost be classified as separate species. In all defining categories man is composed of subspecies at least and by many standards the variations are enough for the races to be classed as different species entirely. For example, if you saw two animals, one with feathers and one with fur, you would call them different species. The difference between Caucasian hair and Negro ‘hair’ is objectively as big a difference as between fur and feathers. The reality is that Negro ‘hair’ can be felted as it lacks the natural oil glands of real hair. It actually has far more in common with wool than it does hair and was defined as such up until the last century. The differences between the races of man show more variance between them than even different breeds of dog do, which is why races are not called breeds. Human breeds are the separate strains within the race, Caucasian for example has Nordic, Alpine, Slavic, Mediterranean and others. Breeding between the human races is like breeding bulls with mares or goats with sheep, both of which produce viable offspring, so being able to produce offspring together is no guarantee of being the same species.

Differences Between The White and Black Races

People like to say that Caucasian man has only 0.5% difference in his DNA from a Negro, implying that there is only a very small difference between them, yet there is only 1.5% difference in DNA between a Caucasian and a chimpanzee. A very small amount of change in the DNA makes for huge differences between species, due to the many different ways that the genes themselves can be combined. Unlike the Cultural Marxist lie that race is only skin deep, just about every part of the body is uniquely different among the races. They have different genital size, position and placing, different shape and sized feet, legs and arms, different amounts of teeth, eggs and muscle, different skull shape and thickness, in fact the bones themselves are so entirely different from each other that forensic scientists can tell what race someone is just from a tiny scrap of bone from anywhere in the body, by sight alone. Blood transfusions are not possible between the races (yet they are possible between cats and dogs) and neither are bone marrow transplants. A mixed race person stands little chance of finding a donated organ that will not reject their mismatched body, since the organs are irreconcilably different too. Obviously the skin is different (the largest organ of the body) but predictably also the lungs, testicles, brain and kidneys. Caucasoid brains are larger than Negroids and the frontal lobes have deep fissures associated with complex problem solving, whilst Negroid brains are smaller and have shallow fissures. Consequently the average Negro IQ is 15 points lower than the Caucasian IQ. This result is found regardless of geography and social status. Negroes adopted into affluent White families and Negroes in Africa and in America all produce the same averaged IQ results. Obviously not all people have their average racial IQ and there are always exceptional individuals at either end of the scale, yet exceptions serve to prove the rule, rather than to negate it.

Different Rates of Hormones

From The Biology of The Race Problem using  breeds of dog as an example:

‘It may be assumed that in two behavioural types the genetics of each system is different, and the interaction between the genetic factors and the glandular processes also differs. Within the pure behavioural types there is a harmonious relationship between behavioural systems and the other bodily organs. This holds both for the inactive and active types. Among the hybrids however, in which there is mixed physical form, there is also a disharmonious relationship between the bodily organs and the reaction systems. The factors which influence behaviour become mixed and varied, just as those which determine physical form. In the mixed types, the harmonious relationship found within each pure behavioural type is BROKEN UP, and the result is DISHARMONY among the systems.’

One of the most important differences between the races is the rate of hormones that each produce. These hormones control our emotions, our pain control, our sensitivity, all the different feelings that affect our behaviour are correlative with various secretions from different glands. Mixed race individuals can have a different rate of secretions to that needed for the particular organs that they have ended up with, which can cause highly unstable temperaments. This is caused by the same conflicting racial characteristics that result in things like having a Negro skull but Caucasian skin, or a Caucasian skeleton with Negro skin. Rather than having each organ being partially Caucasian and partially Negro in a harmonious blend of the two, some of the organs will be Negro but some will be Caucasian. So you might get White testicles in a predominantly Black body for instance, or a Black brain in a White body. In a mixed race person who appears to be mainly Negro, there is no way to predict whether all his organs are too. Negroes have higher testosterone rates than Whites and are more aggressive and less emotionally balanced because of this, but at least their organs are intended for that amount of testosterone. Hormone irregularities are also linked with depression and not surprisingly there is a very high rate of depression, as well as all other health problems among mixed race individuals when compared to non-mixed individuals. There is also a much higher suicide rate among mixed race children, five times as many of them kill themselves than do children of singular race.

Women, Children and Marriage

Children like to look like their parents, especially little girls like to look like their mother. It must be very upsetting for mixed race children to see someone who looks nothing like them, that they will not be growing up to look like. It must also be very upsetting to know that this was knowingly done to you, by your own parents. Beauty products to make Black people look White are a massive industry, from wigs to skin whitening creams, Blacks desperately want to make themselves look White. A mixed race child has to live with the knowledge that they could have been born happy with their skin colour and content with their hair type, if only their parents hadn’t deliberately deprived them of it. Some people like to think that they ‘own’ their bodies, but you can only really own something that you have made yourself or that you have purchased. The human body is formed according to it’s genes and you are just the trustee of them. The beneficiary is the race and the genes are relying on you to replicate them in a way that they can continue to grow in the form nature chose for them. You are just the current captain of your gene-chariot, not the owner of it and the consequent drivers are all counting on you to be a careful pilot.

Women who race mix are giving away something that is not theirs to give since they owe their very existence to their ancestors, who laid down their lives to protect them and provided everything that they now benefit from. Way back in the past they even had to debase themselves by resorting to incest in some instances, to ensure that those genes were passed down unadulterated with other races to their daughters. As well as the permanent alteration to your posterity’s genes, mixed race relationships are also more likely to split up and even more alarmingly, White women are 12 times more likely to be killed by a Black husband than a White one and White men are 21 times more likely to be murdered by a Black wife, than a White one.


Race is more fundamental than gender and yet gender confusion is acknowledged as a disorder that modern medicine thinks is so drastic that it requires physical mutilation to attempt to put right. How much more of a disorder is being mixed race? Does anyone seriously think a child would choose to have no ancestors, no people, no community? These unfortunates do the best they can with a bad lot, trying not to end up hating life and despising those who do have a family tree behind them. They are obviously not going to tell their parents that though, or make a big thing of it, because there is nothing whatsoever that they can do about it.
Even Three month old babies know more about race than most adult Europeans, they show a preference for the faces of their own race even when they are of people unknown to the child. They instinctively know what race they are. Which race’s face is it that 3 month old mixed race babies find comforting? The natural state of Babies and children is racist and this lasts until they are old enough to understand and succumb to the Anti-Racist programming that all Whites are now subjected to. Prior to the advent of Cultural Marxism race mixing was always seen as the ultimate sin against nature in our societies. There were rapes and unlawful marriages in the past, as part of slavery, war and necessity, but genetic similarity theory shows that desiring people of a different ethnicity as a partner to produce children with is an unnatural aberration.

Currently there is a massive brainwashing operation underway to encourage the races to mix with each other and blend each other out. I object to this because I cannot think of anything more selfish and destructive, than breaking an unbroken line of an immortal type of man, for the sake of what is essentially a fetish. A fetish that will still be affecting all your offspring long after you are gone. I once knew of someone Black who had two White parents. It almost caused the parents to divorce when he was born, until it was discovered that the alien genes had been introduced four generations back by a Mulatto and the generations since had all been ‘White’. This is why a mixed race child has to be identified as ‘Black’, regardless of what colour their skin is. It also demonstrates how long the genes can remain dormant in their collective units, being passed on down the line without becoming diluted by the new parents genes.

Since the basic purpose of all life, and in fact the gift given to all natural life, is to be able to recreate itself in the perfect form that God and nature chose for it, to wilfully destroy that template and think you know better than nature is not natural and not good. To forcefully take away from your children the right that God and nature gave you, the right to pass on that divinely formed genetic torch, is a crime against life itself. There is nothing worse that a man can do in this life, than to extinguish that flame instead of passing it on.

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What a fantastic article! Nice work there Sven! “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, all you race-mixing hippies!”

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