Australian Rap Idiot Thinks Our Flag Represents Misguided Nationalism & Racism…

Have a look at this fucking idiot and what he thinks!

From Sydney Morning Herald:

ARIA-winning rapper 360.


“I shouldn’t even say this but if I see a group of lads with our flag I bet some are racists.”

ARIA-winning rapper 360 is white, wears tattoos thickly distributed and comes from the suburbs of Melbourne. But rather than succumb to the assumptions those elements suggest, ahead of Australia Day he’s taken a bead on racists and misguided nationalism in a pointed and often fiery new song.

The song, On A Planet No One Knows, was in in response to the sloganeering of the “we’re full” anti-immigration lobby and in part prompted by racist comments posted on Facebook after 360 (aka Matthew Colwell) put up photos of himself with some mates “with different shades of skin”.

While the song asks, “how the f— do these parents raise their kids and what books are they educated with?”, it still puts the onus on young men, who might otherwise be like him, to not be “racist c–kheads”. And not just racist either. A voice sample used in the song points out that “we need equality … misogyny that is in every culture is not part of the human condition”.

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This fucking ‘anti-racist’ garbage always comes out in the lead up to “Australia Day”. You know what? If these ‘anti-racist’ wankers think that everyone is the same, then why don’t they all go and live in Africa? Go on you fuckheads! We’re all the same after all…. Put your retarded egalitarian bullshit ideas to the test. Let’s separate along racial lines: Whites who want to stay here can, and you multikulti lovers can go somewhere else, seeing you know best! Not only that, you’d be free of us horrible racists if you all moved to multikulti heaven… Go and do it! We racists want you gone from our gene-pool anyway!

– BDL1983 (fucking angry today!)

6 thoughts on “Australian Rap Idiot Thinks Our Flag Represents Misguided Nationalism & Racism…

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

    Wiggers should be shot on sight, no trial, just one 9mm firmly placed between the eyes!

  2. GDSoldier

    Just another confused, low IQ, brainwashed maggot who is not only a traitor but also thinks he is a “black” rapper!! Get another tat you asspuppet!! An oxygen thief getting his 5 minutes of fame thanks to kikes to destabilize and break the “Aussie Spirit” . Come rap in my town cocksmoker, and I’ll show you my rap, where I rap my foot around your fucking head, then you get rapped in a bodybag cunt!!
    The day of the rope can’t come fast enough, SIEG HEIL Brother

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