For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – Isaac Newtons Third Law of Motion.

Think about the universe; think about how we perceive reality. There are opposing forces throughout the world we know, whether they be simply intentions or real world outcomes.

“Good vs Evil”, “Light vs Dark”, “Constructive vs Destructive”, “Right vs Wrong”…. You get the picture. I would extend Newton’s Third Law to apply to the entire natural universe we know and understand.

Every single thing that exists in this world is born out of some unknown “higher creative force”, and if all the opposing forces in the universe were added together, the net effect would see every force cancelled out leaving a kind of ‘flatline’. A universal point of equilibrium where no force or energy exists in any way above or below the ‘flatline’. This is why I contend that there is an unknown “higher creative force” which for some reason exists; and that this “higher creative force” over the natural universal ‘flatline’ is responsible for polarising the world into “Good vs Evil”, “Constructive vs Destructive”; all the opposing forces and emotions. There cannot be a force in one direction without there being an equal force in the direct opposite. This seems to hold true with the laws of Nature as a whole; not just with mechanical physics!


Above: The left of this diagram represents where the “higher creative force” makes polar-opposite forces exist, the right represents the equalibrium ‘flatline’….

The Jews are the polar opposite to the White Race. It’s like the “higher creative force” made these two opposing forces from the pre-existing ‘flatline’ of the universe. Flatline + Higher Creative Force = White Race (good, constructive) + Jewish Race (evil, destructive). It would seem that Mother Nature has built us a world of competing extremes.

A quote from Adolf Hitler sums up the situation quite nicely:

“He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.”

The Jew is thoroughly evil and destructive. It is his nature, his DNA. The White Race is (or has been) a creative, positive force for good in this world. This is our nature, our DNA. The more intelligent the individual Jew, the more evil and destructive he will be. The more intelligent the individual White, the more creative and decent he will likely be. Obviously not all ‘intelligent Whites’ are good people though…. The Jew has bought and co-opted an enormous number of white scumbags along the way with all of his corrupt behaviour!

The interesting question is: are the Jews the necessary evil we have to have? Are the Jews here just to be evil or does their inherent evil help sharpen up the good in us? In nature every creature has its eternal enemy, usually some predator out to kill it. Why is this? Is this how Nature attempts to cull the weak and feeble from any species? To cull the worst of a gene-pool so it may evolve into something superior? That’s what I think anyway.

Maybe the Jews role is to incite as much hatred and fighting amongst the good people in the world as he can, thereby forcing us to ‘wise up’ as a race, and resist our own racial decline as a defence mechanism. That may well be true, but we certainly failed two giant tests that the Jews put us through, namely WW1 and WW2. We killed off the best of our own race in the two ‘brothers wars’ and only strengthened the evil Jew.

Another interesting consideration is this: imagine the world without any Jews. (Pinch me, ha ha!) Being serious again; would our race be able to prevent itself from stagnating and decaying without any evil force present? High living standards and comfort lead to racial stagnation whether we like it or not. The Jew still allows high enough living standards for Whites, and just look at how far our race has fallen the last 60 or 70 years!! I think that without the evil Jews, racial stagnation would still be a problem but nowhere near as bad…

As much as I hate the Jews, it is conceivable that their role is to put the White Race up against the wall and force us to unite for survival, despite their obvious desire to genocide the White Race. White survival might be nature’s reaction against the Jew. After all, no-one has been a bigger parasite than the Jew, who shows his utter contempt for nature by trying to destroy every natural self-sustaining organism or species on the earth. The Talmudic/communistic mindset of the Jew should prove that beyond any doubt!

I think that around 15% of the White Race will survive the huge upheavals in the next few years. The rest will be bred out or killed in wars. The Jews can’t keep their global Ponzi scheme going forever despite what some people think. It has started unravelling in Greece with the Golden Dawn and further fires of White Racial Nationalism will ignite throughout Europe, then hopefully it spreads to Whites in the US, Canada, Australia and so on. After the Jewish system collapses, whites worldwide will have to pick up the pieces and make some new countries to live in (somehow)!

The fight against the evil and destructive Jew will eventually make us stronger as a race. This is Natures Law. But it won’t happen yet because our people are living far too comfortably to risk their necks for anything.

What do you think? Leave thoughts below!


Eureka Stockade

Here’s a brief history of the Eureka Stockade, an uprising in Ballarat in 1854. I went on a trip to Ballarat last year to see the original tattered old Eureka battle flag. Well worth the trip to soak up this important piece of Australian history! Disregard the first sentence below associating the Flag with “democrazy”…. that’s bullshit really.


The Eureka uprising took place on 3rd December 1854. It followed years of constant discontent on the Victorian goldfields and has come to be regarded as a `milestone in Australian democracy’. The Eureka flag is closely associated with this struggle for democracy.


In 1851 gold was discovered in the creeks and gullies surrounding the present day site of Ballarat. As much of Victoria was Crown land, gold could not be mined without permission and a system of licences was introduced. Struggling against bankruptcy and believing that many diggers were wealthy, the colonial government doubled the cost of the licence in early 1854 and the police intensified their preoccupation with `licence hunts’. The diggers had to pay their dues on demand and were harassed by officials – yet they had no voice in the administration of the goldfields.


A number of important events occurred in the months before the Rebellion. The most dramatic occurred in October 1854 when an angry mob burnt down James Bentley’s hotel. On 29th November when a `monster meeting’ of some 12,000 Ballarat residents took place at Bakery Hill, licences were burnt and two new developments took place. Hastily devised as a symbol of resistance, the Eureka flag was flown for the first time at the meeting and secondly, a little known Irishman, Peter Lalor (1827-1889) addressed the crowd. He reputedly called on all those present to “salute the Southern Cross as a refuge of all the oppressed from all countries on earth”. Lalor and a band of diggers then marched to the Eureka gold lead, the Southern Cross flag flying before them, on 2nd December, 1854. Here they erected a roughly built slab stockade. The goldfields Commissioner Robert Rede believed the police camp to be in danger and sent for reinforcements. By midnight only about one hundred and twenty diggers remained at the barricade. Around 3.30am on Sunday 3rd December, at least two hundred and ninety well-armed troops attacked the Stockade. A brief but bloody battle ensued; – “coarse cries and oaths came from the police, soldiers and rebels alike – cries of fear, of pain; shouts of rage, threats and … screams of horses, the crackling roar of weapon fire. Men fell, bleeding …”. (Transcript of incidents at Eureka derived from evidence at Eureka trials, February-March 1855 in B. O’Brien, Massacre at Eureka (Melbourne, 1992) p.89). Over thirty diggers and bystanders were killed. It was all over in a matter of minutes.


Thirteen of the diggers tried for treason after the Eureka uprising – `in arms against Her Majesty’s Forces’ – were found not guilty. Peter Lalor’s concern with justice was furthered in 1856 when he entered the Victorian Parliament as a member for Ballarat. A number of important social changes and political improvements arose out of the events at Eureka. These included; Greater democracy for the diggers; The right to vote for political representatives; Abolition of the oppressive licensing fee; A realisation that all colonists had to be treated in a more civilised manner. Australia’s political system was strongly influenced by the events at Eureka. Early members of the labour movement sought inspiration in the stand taken by the diggers and striking shearers in Queensland during the 1890s flew the Eureka flag as a gesture of defiance towards police and government. The daily events, the role of the diggers and the uprising have all become a part of Australia’s popular culture and mythology. They continue to be commemorated in books, songs, films, plays, poems, and stories.


During the attack on the Stockade, the Eureka flag was hauled down from a flagpole by Trooper John King and brought in triumph to the Government Camp.

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Brett, BDL1983

Inspiring Nationalist Lyrics..

A great song by Skrewdriver. If you’re belting the fuck out of your punching bag or lifting weights then this is the sort of song to get you extra fired up! It works on me.


Once he stood upon a hill
And looked down on our land
The green fields and the rivers
And the sea and yellow sands

But now they’ve locked him in a cell
And took away the key
They can jail our nation’s patriots
But their spirits still roam free

When he stood upon that hill
He looked up to the sky
He saw the storm clouds gathering
And the heavens full of fire

The struggle for our nation
The people picked their sides
And a fire burned deep inside his heart
The fire of Whitemans’ pride

And I said
Deep Inside
Deep Inside
Deep Inside
Is Nation’s Pride

The battle was now on him
And he fought with all his strength
Odds were piled against him
And numbers one to ten

Invaders swarmed all over
But his banner still held high
That one flag to him was dear
For it he’d rather die

Enemy was numerous
And his strength was nearly gone
They see the dead lay round the street
But he had to carry on

But very soon the time took its toll
And he was bound and chained
And from the heaven like tears of rage
Down came a pouring rain


They threw him in a dungeon
And they boasted of the fight
The moment they had power
But he was in the right

They took away his liberty
And they tried to crush his pride
But whilst he had his Nation’s flag
His hope would never die

Ian Stuart



Black Sabbath Rocks Adelaide!

Black Sabbath

Last night I went down to Black Sabbath at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. They are a bit too critical in this link about Ozzy’s performance but personally I thought they all put on a fucking fantastic show!!

Cheers to Ozzy, Iommi, Geezer and Tommy on drums!! Still got it after 40 odd years.

And I know, Sharon Osbourne is Jewish… Just in case anyone was worried and thinking I forgot to mention Jews in this article…..pheeeeeeew!



Note: I wrote this short piece a year and a half ago explaining how I view National Socialist ideology in very basic ‘beginner’ language. It is by no means a “complete” summary of National Socialism; that would be a fucking enormous article…. Probably thousands of pages worth! This is just a few thoughts…. You get the picture….


What is a National Socialist?

A National Socialist is above all a person who believes in their folk and fatherland; or race and nation; with the practical application of the laws of nature dictating thought.

Why is race such a big issue?

Because the laws of nature must be respected. If you are a white person for example, then the very foundation upon which you exist is that all your ancestors respected their race and bred only among their own kind. If you breed outside your race then you are disrespecting your ancestral genetic code and destroying your racial uniqueness. If everyone did this we would all end up looking the same all over the world, thereby destroying all races and different cultures. Natures’ Law made you white so show your respect for nature by making your descendents white!

Why is nationalism so important?

Your race is your greatly extended family. If you acknowledge the basic law of Family and Property; for example, you don’t go home to the family 4 blocks away; you go home to your family because you prefer them and the other family 4 blocks away doesn’t want an intruder on their property. It doesn’t mean they hate you; their house and property is theirs, not yours. The next logical step is to extend the concept of Family and Property to Race and Nation. Due to the natural inclination for the different races of this earth to prefer their own, it logically figures that each race needs its own living space in order to determine its own destiny. This is the basic law of Territory and why National Socialists believe in ONE race for ONE nation. It protects the unique genetic code Nature instilled in all of the different races she created.

What is Nature’s goal?

When the Race and Nation are respected as they should be; only then can all the different people’s of the world truly determine their own futures. Natures’ desire for all races is independent self-determination. A race will perish if unable to cope on its own; bad luck. Other races will prosper. Nature desires the best, brightest, and strongest to survive and reproduce; therefore this concept must be utilised where applicable to ensure upwards racial evolution. Any other way will see the race degenerate, therefore we must follow natures lead.


In Nature, all the different species and sub-species rely upon their own unique group survival strategies. Interdependence is a fact of life for all individual living creatures; there are no ‘individuals’ as such.  This interdependence is Natures REAL Socialism among all its living species. Of course this is not to be confused with Marxism/Communism which is NOT in any way promoting Natures Laws. Equality does not exist in Nature, but this is another story for another article…..

– Brett, BDL1983