Black Sabbath Rocks Adelaide!

Black Sabbath

Last night I went down to Black Sabbath at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. They are a bit too critical in this link about Ozzy’s performance but personally I thought they all put on a fucking fantastic show!!

Cheers to Ozzy, Iommi, Geezer and Tommy on drums!! Still got it after 40 odd years.

And I know, Sharon Osbourne is Jewish… Just in case anyone was worried and thinking I forgot to mention Jews in this article…..pheeeeeeew!


10 thoughts on “Black Sabbath Rocks Adelaide!”

  1. Ahh you went to Black Sabbath mate. I was waiting for that. I know they would have been amazing. One of your propper Metal bands. Come out of England! Fucking good music man..

    You know they dont showcase good music anymore because they have to popularise baseless music with no inspiration so that all the races can appreciate it. Germanic music gets to the spirit. If you listened to the Media you would never hear it, never know the supperiority.

    1. Maybe we should all just give in and listen to rap music!!! Yeah right eh! Fuck that…..
      The age range of the crowd was encouraging though… Alot of ‘oldies’ as such but also alot of younger fans who all fucking loved it! That ghetto black shit rap certainly hasn’t ruined all the youth anyway…

  2. Osbourne: hugely talented, adored by millions, “King of Metal Mania,” awesome showman, brilliant, indespensible, irresponsible, sick, filthy, gross, disgusting, disrespectful, addict, drunk, foolish, exploiting, a miserable example for any child, including his own children. His wife, Sharon, seems more like a ‘stage mom’..who encouraged the behavior…in order to sell records, is also extremely guilty for enabling the world’s biggest rock and roll asshole, through and through.

      1. I think thats the bit the jews really like in the music industry side of it. They have to spread their drives you know. No sensible aryans allowed on show. Everyones got to have something wrong with them if the jews are to make them famous. The jews are onto things now far more depraved than Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath get recognised now and people fill up when they play from them being good. Not like jewish shit. The degenerate Osborne TV show would have to be a jewish initiatives, Ozzy wouldnt know about the jewish problem would say yes

  3. I’ll never forget one of the times I heard Ozzy’s voice. I was in a gift shop in a casino in Vegas, years ago. His voice is as clear as a bell. There is no wavering, no missed tones, clearly a legendary singer. I was mesmerized by his voice. I finally asked the young clerk, is that Ozzy? He grinned and said yep, I love him. I play him all the time. The blacks don’t like it, but tough.

    1. Yeah, I can’t believe they were critical of Ozzy’s voice. The sound quality was excellent for anyone who was there standing on the bottom level! New drummer Tommy did a great drum solo at half-time, Iommi let rip on the guitar, and Ozzy was certainly nothing like how he acted in that degenerate TV show a few years back…

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