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3 thoughts on “ALL-WHITE town fights to preserve segregation in S.Africa.”

  1. I worked with an Afrikaans bloke on a mine site here in West Oz, he was a super racially aware bloke and the only person i have ever met that knew the Holocaust was a lie. They know the nature of the Jew from there own communist revolution and Diamond dealers! They all should be granted Refugee status here in Australia,

    i think they should be given incentives and land to develop some of the unused expanse up North, where the internationalist traitors propose a ‘food bowl’ that can only be obtained by massive third world immigration and foreign ownership. They should be fighting for what they built though and i understand most probably don;t want to leave there fatherland! I hope these communities can survive, the bloke i worked with had family members slaughtered and are living in one of these such communities. Fucking Hold On South Africa, when the time comes i hope a strong military can be raised by nations to free the Boers!

    1. Yep I agree man.. Problem is South Africa is a lost cause for the whites….. If I was in their position i’d wanna get out just because there’s no future there…. it’d be hard to leave the land you love but it’s better than being hacked to death by savage blacks with machetes! You’re right, we should give them all refugee status in Australia…(at least they are GENUINE refugees)

  2. I like this bit

    ‘A fence surrounds its almost 2,000 acres and guards in fatigues police at the entrance of the community condemned as “racist” by some critics’

    Ohh throw in that word, that’ll get the goy.

    And this bit

    ‘ Its residents are from the same white minority that ruled the country for decades, imposing strict racial segregation and oppressing the majority non-white population Its residents are from the same white minority that ruled the country for decades, imposing strict racial segregation and oppressing the majority non-white population’

    Its okay because we deserve it as punishment for being superior.


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