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10 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela – Good Riddance, You Communist Criminal!”

  1. You ignorant fool 🙂 You’re hilarious. How far did u actually make it in school? Like I said, carry on with your pathetic ramblings – you obviously don’t have much else. Hitler a saint and our Madiba a murderer! You should seriously be institutionlised. Psycopathic nut!

    1. I completed the highest level of school and I also have an Advanced Diploma in Accounting… Not that I do that anymore because its parasitic bullshit. My IQ is between 135 and 145 from two tests I have taken….. Maybe you should have finished school, then you might even be literate enough to understand the article!

      1. A cool response BDL1983.
        No doubt, “Samantha” (true gender not disclosed) will believe in the Jews fake holocaust too and since I know people with an IQ of less than 100 who realise that the “holocaust” is another Jewish lie then we would have good reason to conclude that “Samantha” is either very thick, very well brainwashed or simply another Jewish troll.

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