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18 thoughts on “Chabad Lubavitch: A ‘Loving’ Jewish Cult”

  1. I really appreciate what I have learned in this blog from you, my friend. It’s an eye opener, though I’ve always know what team I’m on… Thanks. Steven

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. The Jew and the rat are the same , They share the same DNA. They both spread diesese , defacating in the same place where they eat and sleep! They scurry around in the shadows taking and hoarding ,others hard earned belongings!! You exterminate one, 10 more take their place ! They want to spread and cover the planet. The only thing that will stop them besides sane people will be the Jew himself , through his hunger for more .The Jew will begin to implode and they will all cannobolize each and every last one of their stinking rat faced stench infested lives or we can speed up the process by the use of great information like our brother Steve has brought to us . Let’s be good neighbors and send them back to their fathers home JEW HELL!!!! 88 FTJ

  2. John Howard, the rattiest kike loving cunt of a PM we ever had the misfortune of suffering under. That worm has earned a special place in kike heaven, aka Hades.

  3. Judasism is an ideological colostomy bag, and the unfortunate, yet appropriately named “Shatter’ has turned his place of abode into a jewhiss toilet. No longer are the Irish wearin’ the Green……….. they’re smeared with a shit stained Brown…… courtesy of a Kosher Klown named ‘Shatter’ the Shitter as the local change agent for global Zion in Ireland whose indigenous populace are destined to be ‘diasporised’ should the Shatter remain to speak his lies to the spell bound Irish believer….. Think global, act local…… The MO of every jew…..

    Soma 350 Mg Side Effects

    Mostly……. jews are full of Schitt……………..

    As an aside BL, It might just be true that this Sarah Bressler wants to have your Baby….. Sort of as a way to neutralise your ‘anti-semitism’…….If you can’t convince them, …… breed ’em out….. They don’t age well Feller and are possibly very hairy too, Brazilians with a Whipper Snipper hairy…… so ponder the consequences, should you yield to her seductive Lillithian charms…….. Your Yiddie will have some Mohelian demon schmokin’ his schmekel on the 8th day after the prick’s cut a significant part of it off. That will constitute his first ‘sexual’ experience….

    Buy Zolpidem Reddit

    The Klown with the Chosen Choppers above probably included the above mug shot in his resume for apprentice Mohel….. Able to multi-task, his skills include gnawing off the foreskin and sterilising the would concurrently…….

    What a fucked up religion, and all these ‘jews’ affirm its deviance by continuing to identify as ‘jews’…….. Its the entitlement and privilege that gets ’em in you know. Every jew loves to immerse themselves in the ‘celebrity’ of ‘Chosenness’ and the vainglory of victimhood. That is of course until “Israel is mighty’….. kinda like when Uncle Fucken Bully raped Grace sort of mighty….If you know what I mean.

    1. Hahhahaaa!!! That’s a good tune you linked up there man! Sara Bressler is a come-back comment Jewess from a few months back…. I think you’re right – she probably does want to have my baby to breed the anti-Semitism out of me!!!! Even if it was theoretically possible, I would still be an incurable anti-Semite! 1488!!!

  4. Much of the trouble between the Irish and English may well have been due to the same forces that motivated the zionist weasel.and jew appeaser, ‘protector’ Oliver Cromwell. The historical arguments need to be dropped at this point……. A unifying consensus is required about the fact that the jew with its ‘immigration’ and refugeeism is attempting to destroy all racial nations that comprise the UK as part of its global program of racial goyische levelling.

    The jew does not discriminate between the ‘goyim’. For the jew there is a theoretical and absolute racial bi-polarity, To notice that the races exist is ‘racism’. To suggest that the races are intrinsically valuable and to seek their continuance, ‘hatred’……The word ‘jew’ is both a noun and a verb.. When the jew speaks, their emanations, wurds by peristalsis are thinly veiled lies that conceal the will of the jew…… To be ‘jewed’ is to modify ones behaviour in ways that please the jew.

  5. Search terms on youtube…. Rabbi Shimon Cowen Noachide
    Buy Xanax Nz
    Judaism demands the creation of Greater Israel, the destruction of all racial nations through ‘diasporisation’ and at best ,the subjugation of the raceless goyim by the seven laws of Noach.

    Black Magus and usurper Rabbi Shimon Cowen is the head pusher of this Turd in Oz, using the Australian Government and legislature as a proxy to unlawfully foist his irreligious, prejudicial and racial supremacist views on non-jews. Judaism judges the worth of the other even before conception………We hear much about separation of church and state, but little of the necessary union between synagogue and state.

    The jew, primarily via the BnaiBrith have lobbied to bring millions of indigenes of the middle east into Europe and European derived nations not because the jews give a shit about their welfare, but to blood the White Man so that Europeans will do the wet work as proxy for the jews as Mahatir has so truthfully described.

    Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg

    Judaism declares in its own words, and their words are ‘god’, that the ‘goyim’ are not even fully human and mere supernal refuse left over from the creation. A laughable and delusional assertion by the world’s most ‘caring’ religion.

    Our political representatives appear to agree with the jews rather than their own and observable reality…..They continue to act as blood vassals……..conduits via which Judaic poison is administered to an increasingly disoriented and deceived populace. Judasism renders deception in dealings with non-jews as a virtue. Some even declare that by deception though shalt do war.

    Judaism needs to be understood as a declaration of war against the other, and all Judaic allegiances as treacherous.

  6. We are all creatures of god – every living and non living thing on the planet- only for the majority99.99999999 percent havent got the brains to realise this fact.
    We are all from God- when are our minds and hearts going to realise this??
    With the nwo and money elite and scalar warfare- fukushima- start praying as we are all doomed- and always remember you rich you cannot eat or drink your gold!
    So why not share it now with good hearts and minds and turn things around on the planet for the good of all

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