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Today I’ve been ‘on a roll’ finding stories of Jewish Chutzpah. First, it was the Federal Reserve Jews in the U.S. choosing their new Chairman (or woman), and now these three fantastic stories of Chutzpah from the Australian Jewish News. One is an oldie, but still very relevant, and the other two are new articles.

The ‘oldie’ I found whilst visiting Dallas Clarke’s Jewish News site, Buy Soma Online Review, and the others, directly from the Australian Jew News. It took about 30 seconds to find all three!

Chutzpah‘ is what someone has, when being extremely audacious. Jews are very audacious when whining amongst themselves. I’d even go so far as to say that ‘news’ translates directly into ‘chutzpah’, when talking about Jews.

Let’s see how audacious these Yids are in Australia:

Australian Jewish News, March 16, 2012

Abbott: We are all Israeli

Abbott Central web

FEDERAL Opposition Leader Tony Abbott gave a strong endorsement of Israel’s right to defend itself during a speech at the Central Synagogue last Friday night.

Appearing as a special guest as part of Central’s ongoing “Studio Central” youth program, Abbott spoke about the contribution Jewish Australians have made to our nation, before noting the similarities between Australia and Israel.

“In so many ways, [Israel is] a country so much like Australia, a liberal, pluralist democracy,” he said, “A beacon of freedom and hope in a part of the world which has so little freedom and hope.”

He added that Australians “can hardly begin to comprehend” the existential threat Israelis live under. “It is so easy for us in Australia to get moral qualms, if you like, when we read about Israeli actions in – on the West Bank for instance – or Israeli involvement in Lebanon.”

“And yet, we are not threatened in the way Israel was and is, and if we were threatened in the way Israel was and is, I am sure that we would take actions just as strong in our own defence.

“When Israel is fighting for its very life, well, as far as I’m concerned, Australians are Israelis. We are all Israelis in those circumstances.”

On a more local front, Abbott noted that Australia was the only the country in the world after Israel to have had a Jewish head of state, a Jewish Chief Justice and a Jewish Commander of the Armed Forces.

Buy Soma 500Mg Online

Zolpidem Buy Now

Next up, we have our grovelling, pathetic, ABC T.V. Network (government-owned) apologising to the Jews for allowing people to express themselves on one of their facebook pages:

Peter Wertheim (left), Stephen Lewis. Photo: Nadine Saacks
ECAJ executive director Peter Wertheim.

THE ABC has apologised for allowing anti-Semitic comments to remain on the Facebook page of one of its TV channels after the broadcast of a documentary about life in the West Bank.

The mea culpa came after the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) complained about the posts on the ABC2 page, which included a comparison of Israel with Nazis.

Slurs such as “the violence of the Israeli state”, the “facist [sic] Israeli government and their nazi-ish army” and “ethnic cleansing of Palestine” were posted after the documentary Five Broken Cameras was broadcast by ABC2 in August, and viewers were encouraged to air their opinions online.

One post exclaimed: “I was once puzzled as to why the Jews were disliked so much, but am now beginning to understand. They’re behaving like the Gestapo.”

Introducing the documentary, host Kristy Best openly admitted “it doesn’t attempt to tell both sides of the story”.

In a letter to ABC managing director Mark Scott, the ECAJ emphasised its complaint was not about the showing of Five Broken Cameras, “even though we strongly disagree with the bias, lack of context and balance in the documentary”.

Instead ECAJ reiterated a complaint from May, “about bias and imbalance in the ABC’s coverage of Israel over time”, and complained about its online hosting of anti-Semitic comments after the screening of the documentary.

Buy Ambien Sleeping Tablets

Buy Adipex Usa

Last of all, Julia Gillard receives a post ‘Prime-Ministerial’ award for serving Jewry with 100% unwavering loyalty. If you haven’t caught ‘anti-semitism’ yet (the Jews actually think the goyim catch it like a disease), then this should do the trick:


FORMER Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be awarded the 2013 Jerusalem Prize, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to strengthening Australia’s connection with Israel.

The Jerusalem Prize is awarded annually by the Zionist Council of Victoria (ZCV), the Zionist Federation of Australia and the World Zionist Federation, to an outstanding individual who supports Israel and the Zionist movement.

As a member of the Australian Parliament and Australia’s first female prime minister, the ZCV says it feels that Gillard demonstrated unwavering commitment to democratic values, as well as ongoing support of the aspirations of Israel’s people for peace and security.

According to ZCV president Sam Tatarka, Gillard “has demonstrated over her entire political career that she identifies and empathises with the Jewish people and our connection with the land of Israel”.

“The Zionist Council of Victoria and the Zionist movement of Australia are honoured to be able to demonstrate our gratitude and respect for Ms Gillard’s many years as an unstinting supporter of the Jewish and Zionist cause,” he said.

Gillard will be presented with the award at the ZCV’s 75th annual assembly on Tuesday, November 26, where she will also deliver the keynote address. The community is invited to attend.

“It is a most special honour to receive the Jerusalem Prize, which I am pleased to accept in tribute to the unshakable commitment of Australia to Israel, the enduring friendship between our two countries, and in furtherance of the democratic values we share,” Gillard said.

In December 2011, Gillard emphasised Israel’s independence and sovereignty as being of central importance to Jewish people ­worldwide.

Buy Soma Online Us To Us

Buy Zolpidem 12.5 Mg

There you have it. The Jews are clearly, loudly, and proudly showing their power over both sides of our political process, and their ability to make our mass-media grovel at their feet!!! (Just in case you are a new comer to the Jewish Question)

How could anyone seriously doubt Jewish power and influence after reading through that?

– BDL1983

Buy Zolpidem Reddit

The big Jewish reshuffle at the Federal Reserve sure is exciting stuff! We were all holding our breaths, wondering who the Jews would pick!

Janet Yellen, a Jewess, is now officially the pick of the litter, since Larry Summers (another Jew) withdrew from contention last month. Yellen will be replacing Jew, Ben Shalom Bernanke, and continuing the tradition of Jews occupying the position of Fed Chairman. Bernanke took over from Alan Greenspan in 2006, and Greenspan took over from Paul Volcker in 1987 (both are Jews of course). Even though the Chairman of the Fed is just a figurehead position, it shows how the Jews only trust their own tribe to occupy the leadership role. It is interesting to note that the real rich and powerful Jews who own the Fed are confident enough of their power, to not feel the need to put a token ‘Goy’ in the Chairman role.

From the Jew Yorker:

Janet Yellen: A Woman atop the Fed


It isn’t exactly news that President Obama Buy Diazepam 10Mg to replace Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve. (The official announcement will take place on Wednesday afternoon.) Since Larry Summers withdrew his name from contention last month, Yellen has been the prohibitive favorite to get the job. A former professor of economics at Berkeley, she has extensive experience at the Fed: since 2010, she’s been Bernanke’s deputy as its vice-chair.

In the coming days, there will be much more to say about Yellen’s economic beliefs, her approach to monetary policy, and the challenges she will face in taking over from Bernanke next February. (Earlier this year, when her name surfaced as a serious candidate, I took Buy Xanax Nz at her background.) For now, though, let’s dwell for a moment on the fact that she will be the first woman to lead the Fed. Indeed, if you don’t count Russia as part of the West, she will be the first woman to head a central bank in any big Western nation.

That matters in a number of ways.

On a trivial, but not entirely inconsequential, level, Yellen’s extra X chromosome will ensure that she receives more public attention than your average gray-haired, male central banker would. People who work in the financial markets hang on every word that a Bernanke or a Greenspan mutters. But most regular folk don’t take much notice of central bankers except when they raise interest rates or bail out a stricken financial firm. Yellen, like Christine Lagarde, the Frenchwoman who took over the International Monetary Fund, in 2011, will be looked at a bit differently. However much she tries to avoid it—and she will probably try pretty hard—she will be regarded as something of a celebrity.

And there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that: she deserves the attention. Ever since 1962, when she graduated from Fort Hamilton High School, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, she has been leaving her mark in fields that traditionally have been heavily male-dominated: the economics profession, the world of offering policy advice to politicians, and, finally, central banking.

In all of these areas, Yellen has made significant contributions that amply qualify her for the Fed post. This doesn’t mean that she has hitherto been an absolute standout in every area. As a professor, she wrote some innovative and influential papers about unemployment and other subjects, bravely resisting the conservative orthodoxy that conquered U.S. economics in the nineteen-eighties and nineties. Still, purely in terms of academia, her husband and occasional co-author George Akerlof, who shared the 2001 Nobel Prize, partially eclipsed her. When it came to gaining the ear of Presidents and other powerful politicians, Summers and others have (until recently) often proved more adept. Inside the Fed, Yellen has long been widely respected for, among other things, her smarts, her relatively early recognition of the dangers of the housing bubble, her forecasting record, and her ability to translate complicated issues into readable speeches and presentations. Inevitably, though, she has been overshadowed a bit by Bernanke and his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, who was chairman of the central bank back in the mid-nineties, when she was first appointed to its board of governors.

In a way, though, these things just add to Yellen’s achievement, and to the significance of her appointment. Yellen isn’t Wonder Woman. But by dint of her intelligence, her technical expertise, her judgement, her creativity, her work ethic, and her willingness to coöperate with people rather than elbow them aside, she has risen to the top of the one of the most demanding professions there is. That, surely, makes her a role model for all women.

“Tonight, I feel reassured that my daughter’s economic future is in good hands,” Justin Wolfers, an economist at the Brookings Institution, wrote in Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg hailing Yellen’s appointment. “I also plan to tell her that she, too, can grow up to become the most powerful economist in the world.”

Buy Xanax Paypal Uk

Why Justin Wolfers at Bloomberg is ‘Very Happy about Janet Yellen’:

President Adipex To Buy Online plans to nominate Buy Ambien For Cheap as the next chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. In doing so, he will promote the pre-eminent policy economist of her generation to the role of the most powerful central banker in the world.

Yellen is quite simply more qualified for the job than any of her predecessors. She’s an imaginative and technically adept economist possessed of a brilliant and precise mind. As a researcher, she has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of unemployment and the importance of smoothing out the ups and downs of the economy. She has demonstrated an ability to navigate political corridors, having served successfully as the chairman of President Buy Zolpidem Usa’s Buy Diazepam Ebay.

She’s also battle-tested, having worked in key policy roles through both the Asian financial crisis and the recent global financial crisis. She has spent most of the past two decades as a leading voice within the Fed, initially as a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, then as president and chief executive officer of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Board, and over the past four years as vice chairman of the Federal Reserve.

No Fed chairman has ever been subject to as robust a public vetting as Yellen has over the past two months. It’s notable that through the drawn-out public debate over who should replace current Fed Chairman Order Xanax Eu, not a single economist who has ever worked with Yellen has had a bad word to say about her.

Historic Moment

Yellen’s appointment is also a historic moment: If confirmed by the Senate, she will be the first woman ever to lead the Fed. Economics remains an excessively male-dominated field, and this is particularly evident among the world’s central bankers. The Cheap Xanax Pill Press’s governing council, for example, counts no women among its 23 members. Likewise, there are no women on the Buy Phentermine For Cheap’s Monetary Policy Committee.

On a personal note, I’ve known Janet Yellen and her husband Buy Roche Valium Uk, a Nobel laureate in economics, for more than a decade. They are both deeply passionate about the capacity for economics to improve people’s lives, and are also refreshingly human. Yellen shares the ability of her doctoral adviser, the late Nobel laureate Generic Ambien Cost At Walmart, to translate dry economic data into an understanding of the lives that those numbers depict. Hence, her appointment reflects concern for Main Street, though it comes with a deep understanding of Buy Diazepam 5Mg.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Canada

Finally, 9 thrilling facts about Janet Yellen:

Janet Yellen will be appointed Fed chair tomorrow. Neil and Ylan already wrote the Order Ambien Online Usa of her, but here are the main things you ought to know going into her confirmation hearings.

1. She is perhaps the most qualified Fed chair in history.

Paul Volcker (center, between Elizabeth Warren and Gary Locke) is the only Fed chair who even comes close to Janet Yellen’s level of experience. (Chip Somodevilla-Getty Images)

Just look at the competition. When he was appointed chairman, Ben Bernanke’s only prior government service was three years on the Fed board and six months as chair of the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA). Alan Greenspan had three years as CEA chair.

Yellen, by contrast, has served for three years as vice chair, headed up the San Francisco Fed for six years, ran the CEA for two years, and before that did a three year stint on the Fed Board of Governors. She also did a stint as an economist at the board in the late 1970s, for good measure.

Only Paul Volcker — who had a multi-decade career at the New York Fed and the Treasury — even comes close to that, and he had nowhere near as much exposure to the highest echelons of the Fed system as Yellen has. If experience is your main criterion, Yellen is hard to beat.

2. She’s been a powerful voice for the unemployment hawks on the Fed.

Buy Diazepam By Paypal

Yellen speaks at an AFL-CIO event; at right is Richard Trumka, the federation’s president. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

In various Buy Brand Name Adipex — perhaps most notably at Buy Yellow Diazepam — and in Fed deliberations, Yellen has been clear that she thinks subpar growth and too high unemployment are the biggest problems facing the Federal Reserve. “Maximum employment,” she has emphasized, is the main goal of the Fed at this point in time. In her words, “With employment so far from its maximum level and with inflation currently running, and expected to continue to run, at or below the [Federal Open Markets] Committee’s 2 percent longer-term objective, it is entirely appropriate for progress in attaining maximum employment to take center stage in determining the Committee’s policy stance.”

Soma 350 Mg For Sale

Well, I’ve had enough of this Jewy affair for now, although it is entertaining! You gotta laugh sometimes. The Jewish control of U.S. Finance, and therefore the entire country, is so obvious, it is beyond belief that people can’t work this out! It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Wake up!

– BDL1983

Buy Ambien Sj Cheap

We all know that Jews are moneyed up creatures. The first image that comes to mind when picturing a typical Jew is the cartoon of him grinning at a thick bundle of cash in his hand. The stereotype is true, and that’s why it exists.

Buy Msj Valium Pill
A typical Jew……

The famous Jewish ability to ‘get’ money, without ever earning it, is the source of all his power today. This ‘power-of-the-purse’ has enabled the Jewish beast to cement control over pretty much everything in the modern Western world, including all of our political machinery. We understand that the Talmudic mindset of the Jew is what permeates every facet of our society. His slimy tentacles have ensnared everything in the grip of his false, unnatural doctrine of Marxism, which divides every natural process into two opposing halves. He then agitates both sides for war against the other.

Buy Soma Online Legit
The holy Jew book of filth

Everyone understands how the Jew does this with the issue of race. Saving our White race is our most important task, but this doesn’t mean we should neglect the fact that the Jews cause countless other wars under the banner of ‘perceived injustice’. This ‘perceived injustice’ is the Marxist way of explaining why inequality exists, and also what they use as their excuse to agitate for war between the two sides. They do the same process with race, gender, class, and anything else you can think of!

In the ‘White Nationalist’ movement, there is a common knee-jerk reaction to label anyone who speaks of worker’s rights and class warfare, as a communist. This is a very naive and stupid mistake. Acknowledging the fact that class warfare does exist, and is a real problem, does not make someone a communist or communist sympathiser!

In the couple of years leading up to my awakening to the Jewish and race problems, I explored communist ideology and class warfare, and found that there were many legitimate concerns and problems that these people complained of. The capitalists’ habit of skimming unearned profits off of the workers production is the main one. I never really believed in their ideological system in its entirety, and I knew they were not whining about nothing, so I figured they were just misled. I didn’t know why or how at the time. I do now.

Order Zolpidem From Canada

Class warfare is basically a Jewish game, where they use peoples’ natural status in the societal hierarchy against them. They tell the workers that their management hates them and is oppressing them. They tell the ‘management class’ how lazy the workers are. That leaves all the essential classes of people, who are supposed to be carrying out productive work, at war with each other, for no good reason! It’s the classic Jewish strategy of getting the workforce divided up into the unnecessary ‘capitalism versus communism’ game. Capitalism is made to appeal to the management class, and communism to the working class. That’s the game, and it has real devastating effects when foisted upon any society. And of course, the Jews sit at the top of the power structure, stealing the profits and pulling the strings!

Adolf Hitler understood the realities of Jewish-promoted class warfare, and how destructive it is to any healthy, ordered, working society. He knew the Jews were pulling the strings of both capitalism and communism. He offered a genuine solution which restored the natural order: National Socialism. It worked brilliantly. The point here is that ignoring the reality of class warfare, and labelling anyone who mentions it, as a communist, is simply stupid. Imagine how Hitler would have gone restoring the German nation if he couldn’t deal with the class warfare issue, or set up ‘workers-fronts’ to solve workplace disputes. He would have gotten nowhere! It would be rather stupid to ignore the class-war aspect of the Jewish agenda, since a productive, healthy workforce, is essential to any properly functioning society.

Buy Teva Valium
He knew what to do…..

What does all this mean regarding how we deal with communists and communist sympathisers?

Since I have learnt about communistic thought through my own personal awakening process, I can safely say that there would be many genuine people, who think they have communist leanings, but in reality, just haven’t put together the bigger picture. I was one of these people! My position is that we should take these things on an individual basis where possible. For example, assess the person’s character before condemning them as an incurable communist. If they are reasonable and just need a little coaxing out of it, then we should work on them. The genuinely misled are good people and just need redirecting, over to our side! This is what the National Socialists did.

None-the-less, the Jews and dedicated communists must be dealt with severely because they are our mortal enemies. They will destroy us and stop at nothing to do so. That was the National Socialist method for dealing with the real enemies of the nation.

Buy Xanax 2
How the Jew should be dealt with…

As a movement, I believe we need to better hone our skills at character examination. We must avoid knee-jerk or reactionary behaviour. Labelling someone, without thorough prior thought, or a good reason to do so, is reactionary, and contrary to the uplifting Aryan spirit of National Socialism. We should leave the petty and pathetically weak-minded task of reactionary behaviour to our dedicated enemies: the Jews and committed communist scum!

We are superior to our enemies and we should act accordingly.

Buy Xanax Cod Saturday Delivery
She’s nice.

Also posted here:

Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Online Uk

– Brett

Buy Diazepam Prescription Free

This is two articles in one. I found this at Order Adipex:


President Obama with Israeli PM Netanyahu and ADL head Abe Foxman

Buy Soma Drugs Online
The JEW is in its corner, licking its wounds incurred in the lost battle to get its Congressional whores and their WH bitch to bomb the hell out of Syria, which failed…. for now.

But while the JEW sits there, glaring at the world, it sends its minions out in the media to re-infect American minds that have wandered away from the Order Ambien Overnight, with plans to get Americans psyched up about being ‘exceptional,’ by doing an Ambien Get Highof Muslims and Arabs in the ME, SW Asia and Africa to fulfill the JEW dream of their own version of a Buy Diazepam 20 Mg by enlarging Israel using American blood and money.

In the Sunday papers, there was a story on Afghanistan, Cheap Zolpidem that told a sad tale of the six million Afghan orphans that roam the streets, looking for work, a place to sleep and food. And how they’re worried about the future, especially one without a US military presence.

Six million? Where have I heard that number before? Due to the corrupt Afghan government, the rugged terrain and the lack of a functioning society, it’s impossible to know how many hundreds of thousands of Afghans we’ve killed since 9/11, but somehow, they know that there is six million orphans?

Those orphans aren’t the only ones worried about US soldiers pulling out. After all, who will guard those Buy Xanax 0.5 that theBuy Ambien Canada Pharmacy are using to make billions of dollars each year, shipping the opium to labs in Turkey and Israel, to get refined into heroin, that is then distributed to Asia, Europe and the USA.

The story is written by Malcom Garcia, a beat reporter that gets funding from the JEW owned “Investigative Fund,” edited by 350Mg Soma Medicine Eshter? That’s a fitting name for a Jewess siccing reporters on the USA, courtesy of Israel.

Remember the Buy Alprazolam Powder China She’s the one that tricked the King of Persia into slaughtering 75,000 enemies of the Jews.

Which the JEW celebrates like this:

Cheap Xanax Online Pharmacy
Boy, nothing changes much, does it?

In the Sunday rag known as “Parade,” there’s a front page story called, Soma 350 Mg Street Value about that Pakistani girl shot by CIA/MOSSAD ops, but recovered and is now telling the world her story. A story that is supposed to bring tears to the eyes of Americans, and make them think they need to do something ‘exceptional’ again in Pakistan, like killing tens of thousands more to satisfy the blood thirsty JEW.

On JEWvision, AKA as ‘TalmudVision,’ or TV, on the CBS program Order Carisoprodol Overnight there’s tall tales about those nasty ‘Muzzies’ in Somalia, the first instance of those ‘heroic, brave, Americans…blah, blah, blah,’ taking on ‘al CIA Duh’ in 1993.

While at CBS, you can also read another Generic Ambien 74, told by a JEW grifter looking to pick your pocket.

Not to be outdone, JEW Hollywood is releasing Cheap Valium For Sale Ukthe heart-tugging story about a ‘brave, heroic American….blah, blah, blah,” taking on Somalia pirates and being rescued by US Navy SEALS, which is supposed to bring a tear to our eyes and firm up our backbones, making us feel exceptional by blasting to hell and gone another nation for the JEW.

The SEALS tried to kick off the movie launch release party this weekend by Buy Ambien / Zolpidem 10Mg and shooting the place up, looking for some CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 created Muslim boogieman, but they failed, miserably.

Sorry Israel, we’ve had our fill of being JEW assassins, and our country’s broke and needs repairing, both in the physical and metaphysical realm, so for now, we’ll have to hang up our JEW assassin nameplate.

Don’t fall for the pseudo-patriotism being offered by the JEW. It’s just another attempt to get Americans worked up so we’ll keep fighting these ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel.’

Let the JEW go back to the greatest con game of the 20the Century and keep, or at least keep trying, to dupe the world with Buy Valium Ampoules extorting more money out of the gullible and using that pack of lies to make the world feel guilty for something we didn’t do and that NEVER HAPPENED.

But we won’t fall again for the Buy Phentermine Germany that have gotten us into so many wars and cost us dearly, both in blood and treasure.


Check out the Buy Xanax Tijuana……

That last Anyone Buy Adipex Online in the above article is worth a look too:

(From April 3, 2003 – A classic Jewish admission of war guilt regarding Iraq…. Why is it ‘anti-semitic’ when Jew-haters like me point this out? The Jews tell us, in their own words, what the evil anti-semites keep saying……Yawn…)


The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it’s possible. But another journalist, Thomas Friedman (not part of the group), is skeptical.

1. The doctrine

WASHINGTON – At the conclusion of its second week, the war to liberate Iraq wasn’t looking good. Not even in Washington. The assumption of a swift collapse of the Saddam Hussein regime had itself collapsed. The presupposition that the Iraqi dictatorship would crumble as soon as mighty America entered the country proved unfounded. The Shi’ites didn’t rise up, the Sunnis fought fiercely. Iraqi guerrilla warfare found the American generals unprepared and endangered their overextended supply lines. Nevertheless, 70 percent of the American people continued to support the war; 60 percent thought victory was certain; 74 percent expressed confidence in President George W. Bush.

Washington is a small city. It’s a place of human dimensions. A kind of small town that happens to run an empire. A small town of government officials and members of Congress and personnel of research institutes and journalists who pretty well all know one another. Everyone is busy intriguing against everyone else; and everyone gossips about everyone else.

In the course of the past year, a new belief has emerged in the town: the belief in war against Iraq. That ardent faith was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Eliot Abrams, Charles Krauthammer), people who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history. They believe that the right political idea entails a fusion of morality and force, human rights and grit. The philosophical underpinnings of the Washington neoconservatives are the writings of Machiavelli, Hobbes and Edmund Burke. They also admire Winston Churchill and the policy pursued by Ronald Reagan. They tend to read reality in terms of the failure of the 1930s (Munich) versus the success of the 1980s (the fall of the Berlin Wall).

Are they wrong? Have they committed an act of folly in leading Washington to Baghdad? They don’t think so. They continue to cling to their belief. They are still pretending that everything is more or less fine. That things will work out. Occasionally, though, they seem to break out in a cold sweat. This is no longer an academic exercise, one of them says, we are responsible for what is happening. The ideas we put forward are now affecting the lives of millions of people. So there are moments when you’re scared. You say, Hell, we came to help, but maybe we made a mistake.

2. William Kristol

3. Charles Krauthammer

4. Thomas Friedman

Read More:

– BDL1983

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Bandidos Brisbane Centro president George Bejat.

GOLD Coast bikie gangs are actively targeting hot-blooded young Muslim and Eastern European men as they seek to beef up their ranks with aggressive ethnic recruits.

Sources say gangs such as the Bandidos are embracing multiculturalism, signing up Lebanese, Turkish and Balkan members, many from Sydney and Melbourne.

The trend mirrors the early stages of the rise of crime gangs in southern states who recruited from ethnic groups, sources say.

Pacific Islanders such as violent Bandido and Muslim convert Leonard Toalei are also being targeted.

Toalei – who is behind bars on remand over a wild rampage on the Gold Coast two months ago in which police claim a taxi was shot up, a milk truck hijacked and a cabbie and bus driver assaulted – has been embraced by a new Logan-based Muslim ‘brotherhood’ called Ummah United.

Ummah, whose Generic Ambien 79, describes itself as a community group set up to help keep Muslim youth on the straight and narrow.

Toalei is pictured on the Ummah United Facebook site being welcomed back into the fold after being released from jail over a violent siege in Surfers Paradise in which he shot up a woman’s unit, bashed her and bit her on the face.

Within weeks of being released from jail, Toalei allegedly went on another rampage through Southport.

Toalei was arrested during what police claim was a violent struggle in the Southport CBD in which he was bitten by a police dog and tasered. He is back behind bars awaiting his next court appearance on multiple serious charges including serious assault, robbery and weapons offences.

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Well, isn’t this another heart-warming multicultural success story?! It’s good to see the multicultural way being embraced by criminal elements……

At least the bikies give our Jew news programs something to ‘whine-on’ endlessly about!

– BDL1983

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I didn’t really feel like having an adrenaline rush today. Ah well, sometimes you have no choice! It was either me or him, and it wasn’t going to be me!! This is the black bastard who was hanging around outside my shed door:

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He measured in at 1.5 metres; a nice old ‘five-footer’!

Ahhhhh………… With that over with, it’s time for a cuppa to soothe the nerves:

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Golden Dawn news from Buy Diazepam 10Mg Uk Next Day Delivery

Let us take a moment to celebrate the first of what is no doubt going to be a long streak of victories for the greatest nationalist party to exist since 1945.

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Free men.

Yesterday, I Buy Phentermine Weight Loss that the criminal Zionist Occupational Government of Greece, having overplayed its hand, would not succeed in holding the illegally kidnapped leadership of the Golden Dawn past next week.  Today, three of the MPs – Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panagiotaros and Nikos Michos – were released from detention, to the disdain of the media and the cheers Greek of the people.


The three men, along with Ioannis Lagos, had been testifying before an investigative magistrate in a court session that began yesterday afternoon and stretched through the night, ending this morning.

Lagos, Pappas and the Leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, are still being held.  But it isn’t going to be long before they’re released as well.

Nonsensical Charges and No Evidence

Kasidiaris was released a 50k euro bail, while the other two lawmakers were freed without bail being set.  The release, unexpected by the government which kidnapped them, signals the imminent collapse of the idiotic charges against them, which, in the court session, Panagiotaros accurately dubbed a “fairy tale.”

Golden Dawn is going to be in a position to launch a major lawsuit against the government for this illegal kidnapping and detention, and we should assume that there will be criminal charges brought against the government as well.

Interior Minister Yiannis Michelakis, an agent of the Jews, appeared on Skai television to claim that the release wasn’t really that big of a deal, saying “This essentially changes nothing. The charges stand, the investigation is ongoing and the evidence is being gathered.”

But the charges make no sense and there is no evidence.  This is why they were released – there was ‘insufficient’ evidence to hold them.  The Jews acted with neurotic furor, and they will pay the price.

“It is clear that the judiciary has refused to follow the orders of a government enslaved to foreigners,” said a statement posted on the party’s official website after this morning’s court decision to free the MPs. “This unconstitutional, blatantly illegal government conspiracy is collapsing under the huge weight of truth and common sense.”

Mark my words: The Golden Dawn will rule Greece, and through this, they will guide the European race into a new Golden Age.  God and the Universe have decreed it, and so must it be.

Before hailing a taxi and taking off to celebrate this great victory, Michos explained to the media how this is going to work, in no uncertain terms, “Only with bullets will you stop us, and we will rise from our graves.  Beware of that.”

Fear, ye Jews, for the end of your reign over our Great Race draws ever more nigh.

Hail Victory!


Some great news out of Greece. Inspiring stuff!!


– BDL1983

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Golden Dawn Leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos

The idea of the Golden Dawn expanding and opening up chapters all over the world is something that will surely make Jewry tremble, worldwide. I sure hope so. All western nations are in desperate need of new, life-breathing political forces, such as the Golden Dawn. Natures’ law dictates that when any biological entity or race has been pulled too far away from its natural instincts, there inevitably will be a backlash against the trouble-maker! The rise of the Golden Dawn and other organisations with the same sort of political and spiritual platform are a historical necessity; just like how a rubber-band can only be stretched so much, until it snaps, and flicks back at you! The Jews have pushed, not just the White race, but everyone too far, and the rubber-band is not far from breaking. With a bit of luck, the recent Soma 350 Mg Reviews will only help strengthen our righteous movement in the long term.

From Buy Adipex Pills, describing the Golden Dawn ‘Down Under’:

Melbourne has long been known as one of the biggest cities for Greek diaspora in the world, and the “world’s most liveable city” is fast becoming the latest battleground for the swelling fascist movement sweeping Greece.

Golden Dawn, the nascent political party capitalising on deep resentment to the European Union’s austerity measures, Buy Xanax Uk Next Day Delivery 18 seats in the national parliament. In further concerning developments, it is now looking beyond Greece to countries with a large Greek populations like Australia, England and Canada to broaden its political reach.

Typically described as fascist or a neo-Nazi movement, Golden Dawn is currently led by Nikolaos Michaloliakos, a Holocaust denier who has spent time in prison for attacking journalists and carrying illegal guns and explosives. Golden Dawn has been accused of sparking xenophobic violence by promoting anti-immigration policies, and its political symbol bears a striking resemblance to the swastika.

The group now plans to “Order Phentermine Weight Loss”, and as part of this plan has established a group in Australia to “Order Ambien Online“.

Reports suggest the group has more than 200 members and 3000 followers in Melbourne, and plans for Golden Dawn MPs to visit later this year have sparked a firestorm of protest from Greek communities and civil activists. Many prominent Greeks are attempting to prevent them from entering the country, but early indications suggest the government won’t deny them visas.

The rise of Golden Dawn is alarming. There is widespread anger in Greece at the austerity measures imposed by the government and the EU, and by tapping into this fury, movements such as Golden Dawn can draw a level of support previously unattainable.

Expanding the base beyond Greece is the obvious next step when you consider the Greek diaspora is estimated at over seven million, compared to the 11 million people living in Greece. Of the diaspora, Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale, making it the world’s third largest Greek city. Many of these expats would now be relatively wealthy compared to those still living in Greece, and their support would go a long way to prop up the organisation financially and give it a sense of international legitimacy.

A telling paragraph toward the end of this article shows how the mainstream media likes to portray anyone who detects the Jewish machinery behind world politics. Speaking of ‘far-right’ extremists in Europe:

Like Golden Dawn, these groups typically espouse extreme right-wing positions of blaming migrants, detecting Jewish conspiracies in any successful business and communist sedition in anyone wearing a red t-shirt, it has no other discernable features.

Buy Valium Europe

Also posted at the Buy Valium:

– BDL1983

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More important news on the Golden Dawn, from Andre in Greece:

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It’s all part of the plan.

As the situation on the ground in Greece continues to intensify, it has become clear this sloppy and totally illegal attempt by the Samaras government to crackdown on the Golden Dawn is the best thing that has ever, that could ever, happen to the rising nationalist party. Under heavy pressure from international Jewry, the government of Greece has poured gasoline on the fire of the cause of Greek nationalism.  An explosion is imminent.

On the back of a conviction by the media for a crime for which there was no evidence and which made no sense – the supposed ‘assassination’ of an irrelevant leftist rap artist during a soccer brawl – the Jews were unable to resist the chance of a coup.  In acting on this neurotic urge, they have vindicated everything that the Golden Dawn has been saying for the last thirty years about the nature of this sickeningly corrupt system of democracy and international capitalism. With this foolish show of unjustifiable force, the system has shown, that for all its talk about freedom and democracy, it exists solely to uphold the established order, which entails dictatorial rule over the masses by a small financial elite, and that it refuses to tolerate anyone who threatens this status quo.

Michaloliakos, Kasidiaris, Panayiotaros and Lagos, elected officials brutally dragged out in handcuffs by masked thugs based on unclear charges, are now martyrs. And this is not a status that can easily be stripped.

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Criminal Greek Prime Minister Samaras being congratulated by the head of the American Jewish Committee, two days after the arrests.

Several prominent legal scholars have come out and condemned the arrests as illegal. Greek law Professor George Katrougalos, of Democritus University, has Buy Alprazolam Next Day Delivery the government’s actions “extreme,” and questioned their legality. M. Dimitrakopoulos, a prominent Greek independent legal expert, has Order Alprazolam Online India that the ‘case’ will fall apart as soon as it gets to court.

Meanwhile, both the police and military are protesting, demanding on several websites that the entire government resign and turn over power to an interim military government, which brings the question of the likelihood of intervention by the military on the behalf of the Golden Dawn.  Though I do not think this is particularly likely at present, it surely speaks to the amount of pressure that is being put on the ruling powers to free these political prisoners.

When Samaras gets back from his Order Xanax Online Uk with the top Jews of New York, he is going to have hell to deal with.

Behold, Dawn Rises

The people went along with the media circus which tried and convicted the Golden Dawn, but no one expected it to go as far as this.  The vast majority of Greeks despise their corrupt government, which has sold them out to foreign powers, right out in the open. The arrests, outlandish as they were, carried out by known criminals, have caused the opinion of the masses to begin to swing abruptly toward the Popular Nationalist Party, and this is going to make it impossible for them to hold them for the 18 months they are claiming to be able to hold them for.

The Golden Dawn leadership is likely going to be released by next week, as the shock wears off and people start demanding to know what the hell is going on in their supposed democracy.  The memory of the dead rapper has been overshadowed by the spectacle of the mass arrests – there is no more juice for the media to suck from it.

The Jews have backed themselves into a corner.  With the Golden Dawn framed as the feared enemy of the hated establishment, the May elections are going to show fantastic results for the party.

Surely, the Jews will not give up.  But the harder they push against the party, the more they are going to drive the masses towards them.  After this ill-planned, criminal assault on these popular, elected leaders, I don’t see how the Jews are going to be able to stop the Golden Dawn from taking over the government of Greece, short of a NATO military intervention.

These are highly interesting times, brothers.

Hail Victory.


I hope Andre is right!

– BDL1983