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6 thoughts on “Aussie Odinists Behind Barbed Wire..”

  1. ‘ A parliamentary faction led by the member for Bondi, Abram Landa, and the Labor backbencher SM Falstein, began agitating to have the leaders of the Australia First Movement incarcerated’

    Those fucking jews putting people into camps. They often do this. The cunts are agitators fuck them i would posit that they were to do with all of the German internment here and of any distrust of Germans. Could we penetrate into this?

    How dare they ‘jews’ teach us that Australians locked up Germans during the war howabout you admit you did it?

  2. Judaism is practiced upon the heads of others. It requires that the ‘Goyim’ submit to Noachide Law as administered by the sannhedrin out of Jerusalem Israel and satellite governments of racially diasporised goyishche nations whose legislatures are occupied by their lickspittling lackeys. Those who are unable to recognise the divinity of the ‘jews’ are to be killed at worst, or have ‘no place in the werld to come’ as certain deemiers of righteousness would declare.

    Jewish attempts to demonise those who exhibit deformed cognition are attempts consistent with the theme.
    Videos of Joachim Peiper demonstrate his trial was a distinctly jewish affair. Note the placard bearing in mockery the number 42 assigned to Peiper in the Malmedy trial.The same number claimed by the ‘jews’ to represent their ‘god’. Jews claim to speak for or even be ‘god’.
    Abandoning the Germans to the jews in Nuremberg was an act of extreme dishonour. Deference to jews likewise dishonours all who fought in ;wars contrived by jews for 1 Greater ‘israel’ 2, the cessation of free inquiry and as a consequence the continued conceament of Truth. 3 the imposition of the global noachide theocracy with ‘jews’ as a totalitarian ruling class 4. The engineered and purposeful destruction of race, people and identity as a precursor to 3 to manufacture a racial bipolarity of ‘jews and ‘goyim as an existential manifestation of the jews’ fantasy that they are singularly magnificent in reference to the ‘goyim’……………

    Judaism is a PuKe.

  3. As much as ‘life’ for a Lie is the impossible ‘death’ of immortal Truth, so is ‘life’ for the ‘jews’, the existential manifestation of a lie, the Death of the ‘goyim’…..Your communism and death are, for ‘Goyim’, one and the same, ‘life’ for the jews…. If the number 18 represents ‘life’ for the jews, is it any wonder that the jews worship words commencing with CO…… or 3 and 15 ? Communism has RED blood on its hands.
    The light of the menorah is a black flame. It emanates darkness and destroys the light of Truth and decency…. If Black Holes do exist, then the lighting of the menorah is the constitutes their birth.

    1. Interesting stuff there man…. The jews take their cabbalistic shit quite seriously as far as I can tell….. Is there any reason you commented previously as Kracked Keltic Kabbalist? (KKK) Not that I care; you can do as you wish… so long as you don’t start conversing with yourself! Haha

  4. ’tis because Noachideous belongs to a secret schizoid society of 1.
    No One knows who I am, least of all the ‘jews’…….Ahem….

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