White Man March – 15 March 2014

Watch this:

Well, you can’t watch it now because the filthy Jews have deleted it!!! (the original one anyway…)

UPDATE: New link sent by Dave Mansfield – cheers Dave!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3bixwdwgG8?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

What are you going to do on March 15?

Do something in the real world for a change? Drop some flyers? Just do something!

Top work Kyle!

White Man March!

– BDL1983

7 thoughts on “White Man March – 15 March 2014”

  1. http://exitwhitepower.com/white-genocide/

    A probable BnaiB’Flith site………… designed to have young Whitey lower his guard. Have confidence in ussssssssssssss says the tricky jew. We are your alliesssssssssssssss White Man……… Just because Judasism sounds like judas Iscariot as much as Christianity sounds like Christ , hassssssss nothing to do with similar behaviourssssssssssssss…… Hissssssssssss

    Why do jews spit at Christians in Israel ?….. To see if they’ll lick it up and thus become “Noachides’.

    The jew desires that the White Man march into the middle east and do the wet work for Greater Israel, culling them both. That is why the BnaiBrith has advocated for immigration of millions derived of the ME into Europe….. To show us who the ‘enemy’ is……. and claim a mutual ‘problem’. So that we will Kill for the jew and be rewarded with…….. a medal, a footy, and more immigration, possibly in the form of an armed homogenous military in the vein of Red Dawn, or Tomorrow when War Began, while the White is fully distracted and occupied with war in Arabia.

    Watch your backs Whitey Goy……… cause that’s where the jew is…… and he is NOT your friend.

  2. For Jimmy.
    Near White Man March.
    Times are a changing fast, very fast. We will win or die trying. That is no hyberbole. I was talking to an ex soldier, sniper, who spent years in Afghanistan. This was at a Scottish Sovereign meeting (another small, but growing fast, group who are spreading the truth) anyway, this man is angry, very angry that he was lied to and caused to kill, as he said “in cold blood” many innocent people. I repeat, this is a good man and is very angry and knows many of his compatriats who killed themselves and he now knows the truth and is straining to put things right. End.

    This is why the jew Feinstein in the US desires to declare ex military White as PTSD affected and ‘mentally ill’…. a favourite tactic of the jew ….. such that they are no longer permitted to enjoy the opportunities accorded them in the US second amendment. A mentally healthy person is one who believes without question, jew lies……. so sayeth the kike.

    The jew is a liar, a dishonourable, murderous and cowardly creature that will 86 you as soon as your usefulness is spent…… Once you’re gone it will stand in feigned ‘remembrance’ only to piss on the graves of those so used.
    Why else would the jew Lillian Freiman and the BnaiBrith be involved in the manufacture of the RedPoppy ceremony. ? I gematria RP equates to 18 and 16 or 86…. or ‘throw away’

    The jew desires that all Whites RiP………. We are to shed our Blood and Die, so that the vampiric jew may Drink and Live.

    The jew is he author of confusion. It is time to close ranks in a fully self defensive awareness action so as to squeeze jew treachery from the collective mind of European derived nations.

    Watch “Lone Survivor’……. This is jew war porn, as AngloKelt soldiers are slowly disfigured, dismembered and their blood shed for the pleasure, sustenance and profit of the jew. It is also designed as propaganda so that the stupefied White masses feel morally at ease with killing others for the benefit of greater Israel…… while Europe is actively destroyed by the jew.

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