World’s Ugliest Jew Contest?

Brace yourselves, this could get ugly. Fucking ugly!

This Jew appeared on the screen when I innocently flicked the TV on just before:

This "person" is so unbelievably ugly, and stereotypically Jewy...
This “person” is so unbelievably ugly, and stereotypically Jewy…
Worlds most Jewy Jew?
The worlds’ most Jewy Jew? He has all the classic features: the hook nose, the ears, the Yid frizz, the beady rat eyes, and even an ugly piano teeth look which is better seen when it opens its mouth…. And he LOOKS EXACTLY like a rat, which is why we say “Rat-Faced Jews”!

Anyway, the Jew in question is one of Channel Ten’s favourites. Joe Hildebrand is his name, and he seems to always be on those stupid morning-panel-discussion shows where a bunch of idiot feminists sit around and bitch about pointless shit and celebrity gossip.

I got the shock of my life to see someone so ugly. I nearly spat my coffee all over the place! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. All I know is if I had a face like that I’d be wearing a bag on my head. He should not be allowed out in public. A little old lady would just about fall off her perch if she encountered him!

He wins the “Expel The Parasite Award for World’s Ugliest Jew”! The prize is a one-way ticket to Tel-Aviv!

Bye-bye rat boy! Hahaha!!

– BDL1983

17 thoughts on “World’s Ugliest Jew Contest?”

  1. This is the kyke that hosted the Australian TV show’ Dumb drunk and racist’ He tricks the audience into thinking that he is actually a white australian. He gives his typical jewish views saying that, Nationalism is stupid.. He does pop up alot on talk shows spreads his multiculturalism ,and always claiming that White Australians are racist. The deception comes in many forms but mainly hiding behind the cloak of a white australian.

    Joe Hildebrand says not jewish. Ends in laughter! Later claims on other sources how jewish he actually is! See video below

    Also see this video on Joes Hilderbrands attack on freedom of expression

    All typical jewish behavior , Using the bullying thing as an emotional way to get people to accept anti-speech laws, Which in return supports the jews agenda as it fits into his ‘Hate speech’ nonsense.

  2. It is a commonly known fact by some of us in the know (but suppressed by the jewmedia) that Jews have a higher percentage of Rodent DNA than any other race.They look like Rats, they act like Rats (parasites) and they even smell like Rats.

    I once dated a Jewish midget (before I knew what I know now), I glued a Beer mat to her head so that when we went to Rock Concerts I had somewhere to put my pint of Beer. I tried to have sex with her once, yes only once and I threw up over her face (Too much Beer), I fell asleep and when I woke up the bitch had shit on my chest, their was a note stuck in the turd, it read:

    ” You bastard un-rat like fucker, my Mother told me not to race mix, glad you didn’t manage to fuck me and inseminate me with your un-rodent DNA. Enjoyed shitting on you, it felt good”

    Later on in life I thought, hmmm that’s all your race has ever done, SHIT ON US.

  3. Lol that’s some funny shit. I don’t know if he’s the ugliest though, I seen some of them Jews that have a huge hook nose. There’s a picture on murder by media of a young Jewess that has thee biggest hook nose I’ve ever seen! Its like 4 inches long.

  4. He’d get on well with Charlie Pickering on channel tens the project , another multiculti advocating lickspittle , once pronounced the thing he most hates in the world is NAZIS and intolerant people ,.,. tosser, could be yid too, he does look a bit ratty

  5. Here’s another rat-faced yid on Oz TV that made me spit out MY coffee…. Ginny Stein on the JBC, sorry ABC News24,that entire station is infested with hook nosed pirates now, I challenge anyone to watch that station without puking!! Sieg Heil brother

    1. Funny pic man, but please come up with something better than a bunch of numbers for your comment name in the future!! it looks like a spam comment as it is

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