Steaming Pile of Shit (Part 2)

Kike-Jewess Deborah Lipstadt….

AUDIENCES in Sydney and Melbourne will have the chance to hear from one of world Jewry’s foremost defenders next month – US-based academic Professor Deborah Lipstadt (pictured), who famously defeated Holocaust denier David Irving in a British court when he sued her for libel in 1996.

Her book, History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier, will form the basis of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission’s (ADC) Gandel Oration, which she will deliver in Melbourne on August 15.

Describing her as “a scholar of great moral strength and courage”, ADC chairman Dvir Abramovich said, “Lipstadt’s bravery showed the world that those who dare to deny the Holocaust will be exposed, and we are truly honoured that she accepted our invitation.” (Bullshit you Kike-Jew….. We are the truth because we tell it! And we will never stop! THE TRUTH DOESN’T NEED LAWS TO PROTECT IT; CASE IN POINT, YOUR PHONEY HOLOCAUST RUBBISH – BDL1983)

Lipstadt will also be delivering the Ervin Graf Memorial Oration, in support of the Shalom Institute, at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth on August 14. (Ben Bernankes middle name is Shalom… Just in case anyone doesn’t know that one, hahhaa – BDL1983)


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What a bunch of arrogant arseholes…

– BDL1983

11 thoughts on “Steaming Pile of Shit (Part 2)”

  1. “Lipstadt’s bravery showed the world that those who dare to deny the Holocaust will be exposed, and we are truly honoured that she accepted our invitation”
    So the jews have fabricated something, that they know is a fabrication, it has huge ramifications for other races (justification for exterminating the european races) and for us to call it out as a hoax we are somehow doing something we shouldn’t, we ‘dare’, and we must be exposed. So all smart goyim must not ‘dare’.

    The jews give us nothing, all they do is enforce un-naturalness, they have been holding us back for too long now, i think its time they were properly dealt with, as a parasite, not as ‘intellectuals’

  2. Has anybody noticed that the Jews always go on about their ‘moral’ qualities, even though they haven’t got any? This method has often served them well in the past.

    They say they are all ‘moral’ even though you can catch them admitting they are not. If one attacks them they say you are ‘hostile to civilisation’, even though that is what they destroy. Aren’t they just one big paradox!

  3. Should be ‘former holoco$t denier Irving’, he changed jumpers at half time.
    That photo isn’t good to look at before breakfast.

    1. Yeah, Irving’s a bit shifty…… I don’t like the man. You cant go from knowing the truth to believing holohoax lies again and pretend to be an honest character!!!

  4. Lipstadt is not a terribly well respected academic at all. She’s confessed to having lied at times and her work is emotive and unprofessional.
    The entire holocaust story is a fabrication of the Zionazis, initiated by one Soviet Zionist, Ilya Eherenberg. The Zionazis tried the same “6 million murdered Jews” at the end of WWI but that didn’t fly. They then felt compelled to pull the same story again at the conclusion of WWIi, and this time it got traction.
    There is a reason Hollywood is dominated by Jews. It’s the place of fantasy, story-telling and institutionalised lies – things Jews are genetically programmed for.

    1. You’re correct about everything, except using the term ‘Zionazi’. That term insinuates that the National Socialists were somehow bad, which is a lie… The Zionist Jews and Israel should be compared to the Jewish Soviet regime instead

      1. Sorry BDL 1983. My intention was to proclaim Jews and Zionists as being what the Jew press and media make us picture what stereotypical Nazis are. Jews and Zionists are actually FAR worse than the Nazis ever were.

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