The Last Holocaust Survivors are Dying, But the Laughter Never Will!

Critics are hailing the new Holocaust book "The Irreversable" as the funniest example of Jewish comedy since Nuremberg.

Critics are hailing the new Holocaust book “The Irreversible” as “the funniest original collection of Jewish comedy since the Nuremberg transcripts.”


Since the Jews first introduced their zany Holocaust comedy routine at the Nuremberg trials nearly 70 years ago, the world has not stopped laughing.  Holocaust movies, such as Schindler’s List, have entertained millions, and as it was decided that all children of the world had a right to partake in the joys of the Holocaust, a Jewish “survivor” has attended nearly every elementary school in the world over the last decades to tell jokes about lampshades made of human skin, people being tickled to death and Jews being forced to climb trees while the Nazis chopped them down.

However, with the last of the survivors kicking the bucket, the world has been left wondering: will the joyous laughter brought to the world by the stories of the Jewish Holocaust die with them?

Slate Magazine, which is edited by the Jew David Plotz (who took over from the Jew Jacob Weisberg), and owned by the Washington Post Company, which is run by the Jew Donald E. Graham, recently published an article, The Last Holocuast Survivors, by the Jew David Rosenberg regarding a new photography book by the Jew Maciek Nabrdalik entitled The Irreversible, which features portraits of some of the last living survivors, accompanied by a transcript of a comedy routine, featuring new material from these nigh-dead entertainers, much of which was made up on the spot.

Based on this short review, it is clear the book is pure comedy gold, and I think we can take it as a confirmation that although the last survivors are dying, the world will continue to laugh about the Holocaust for centuries to come.

Sickening Jew David Plotz, editor of Slate Magazine.

Jew David Plotz, editor of Slate Magazine.  Plotz is married to Christ-hating Israeli kike journalist Hanna Rosin, who gave a TED talk called “The End of Men” calling for men to be removed from the workplace, wrote an article attacking women for breastfeeding their children, and has promoted transgenederism and circumcision.

In 2009, Nabrdalik, being concerned about the fact that the last of the millions upon millions of Jewish Holocaust survivors were going to pass away in the near future, went around and took weird pictures of these Jews.  He also pressured them to produce new comedy material, which is transcribed in the book.

The Slate article featured several one-liners from the survivors, but you’ll have to pay $60 (+$15 for s&h) for this Jew’s book to read the entire bits.

The pictures in the book apparently all look like this.  Is it pretentiously ironic or ironically pretentious?  Either way, it is hilarious.

The pictures in the book apparently all look like this.

Here’s a sampling.

Jew ash making plants grow taller and prettier:

“One day I noticed a plant you could eat growing close to the barrack. I picked it up and I ate it, and later I found out that this plant grew so tall and pretty because in this very spot the ashes of burnt Jews had been scattered.” -Jerzy Ulatowski, KL Auschwitz-Birkenau survivor

Making funny faces and pretending to be handicapped to avoid rape:

“Ukrainian troops picked the prettiest girls out of the crowd and raped them. My mother had told me to make the ugliest face, frown, and pretend I was handicapped. It worked for me, but my friend didn’t receive such smart advice.” -Irena Ekert, KL Ravensbruck survivor

Patented Nazi hair removal cream cruelly administered:

“After he smeared something all over my head, only bare skin was left and all my hair fell out.  I started crying because I thought that it wouldn’t grow again.” –Danuta Bogdaniuk, KL Auschwitz – Birkenau and KL Ravensbruck survivor

Eating the boiled ass of a human corpse:

“Boys were boiling a piece of meat. I didn’t like it, but I did swallow a piece. They told me later where they had found it. It was a piece of a dead body. They cut out a piece from the buttocks.” -Tadeusz Sobolewicz, KL Auschwitz-Birkenau, KL Buchenwald, KL Flossenburg and KL Regensburg survivor

Murdered with farm tool for refusing to get wet:

“We worked by the fish ponds. When my friend refused to get into the water, our supervisor pushed her to the ground, put the spade on her neck, stepped on it, and strangled her.” -Sabina Nawara, KL Auschwitz, KL Ravensbruck and KL Buchenwald survivor

These are true entertainers, through and through.  Even at the end of their lives, the only thing they care about is bringing the joys of comedy to the world.  With their keen sense of humor, we can be certain that these Holocaust survivors are going to die laughing.


That’s a pretty funny write-up by Andre! Check out Total Fascism NOW if you haven’t already……..

– BDL1983

26 thoughts on “The Last Holocaust Survivors are Dying, But the Laughter Never Will!”

    1. Oy Vey! So laughing at a laughable hoax is “true crime”…. thats good stuff. It’s like you’re continuing the article!! Cheers

      1. I think demeaning people in general is the true crime. I suppose ignorance is not, so I should partially excuse your redneckery, and look to the future when our species evolves beyond such nonsense.

        1. So why are people who QUESTION the Holocaust hoax sent to prison? Truth does not need laws to uphold it; only LIES do! That tells us whos running the show AND that they are lying about the Holohoax… I’m not about demeaning people. I’m about telling the truth. If I were you I’d disassociate with your criminal tribe. Are you aware of the Jewish Bolshevik Regime which ruled Russia? They ACTUALLY slaughtered millions…That is a prime example of why people like me resist Jewish rule! Read this: ….. Have you ever asked yourself why Hitler was so ‘anti-Jewish’?
          All the best!

    2. No, the true crime is your existence and our failure to destroy the plague that is you!
      Back to tel aviv kike!

      1. Good morning! I’m far too sleepy to argue with you, you see I’m still wearing my pajamas, they are rather cozy since they are woven with the tears of children that I like to torture on my evil Jewish holidays.
        Since you have the intellect of a child, I have decided to treat you like one, I mean honestly, I wouldn’t try to explain Steinbeck to my dog (the dog is also tortured on holidays). So anyway, good job my friend! Your spelling is stellar, however brand names and places should have been capitalized. I also believe you could be a bit more creative than “MAGGOT.” Think really hard hun, look into your angry little heart, or the eyes of Chuck Norris on whatever movie you are watching, and try to think of something less redundant. You can do it! I know you can! Don’t worry sweetheart, you’ll scare off those big bad Jews sooner or later. You sure called me out good! Give yourself a pat on the back, you’re a very brave boy. Now go on and angrily eat your cheerios, take a break, the Big Bad Jews will still be here tomorrow you silly goose.


    If Sarah reads the links she will find that ‘israel’ was prophesied to be made undead in 1948

    Considering the Balfour declaration of 1917, we can deduce that the two world wars that led to its ‘creation’, necessarily preceded by the Caballisitcally derived ‘6 million’, was a contrived event by your ‘Rabbinate’.

    They, Anglo-Saxon’s , Teutons, Kelt, Picts, Asians, Slavs, Africans and every other racial grouping involved, died as dupes for you and your ‘israel’..

    So how do you feel ?, Vindicated by duplicitous success. Will you continue pissing on their graves with your lies and pious sanctimony about ‘hate’ and ‘prejudice’, when your ‘religion’ has codified as a virtue all of those things.

    We are unable to recognise the divinity of the ‘jews, or participate in the ‘religion’ of the
    ‘jews’ as “Noachides’ , because the ‘jews’ are frauds, prepared to commit mass murder against all ‘guilty’ of ‘deformed’ cognition.

    The Daughter of Saturn , represented by a six pointed Star, or Cube in ancient Western allegory is Vertias or Truth. She is reputed to hide in a well….. From whom does she hide ? Those who have been suspected for millennia or poisoning wells ?

    Do not presume to lecture others on their ‘failings’ until your own House is in order.

  2. It must be a very strange world to live in, with all of these paranoia’s and conspiracies you feel are out to get you. Maybe you are a wonderful person, maybe your parents filled your head with all of this nonsense, maybe you were abused as a child. I don’t know, it seems to me there are so many more things to focus on in this world, that we as humans should be focusing on for the better of our species, not our races. You must be a very unhappy person, and I am sorry for that, and whatever it is that happened to you to make you this way. We all come into this world completely oblivious to our differences, we all come in as innocent, smiling, infants who trust, and this is how one of them turned out, because really all we do is nurture, and not nature. You have to be smart enough to realize that, and are just blinded by bitterness or anger. Would love to get to know you as a person, not as a conspiracy hunting, hateful paranoid blogger. Perhaps e could start by sharing the same conclusion that the new Black Sabbath album is a total let down.

    1. I can assure you Sara that my intentions are good… I bear absolutely no ill feelings toward you personally. What we must understand though is that there is an incredibly corrupt controlling power in our world and it just happens to be a JEWISH OLIGARCHY….That’s not my fault nor is it yours. The Jews who control our media, financial systems and everything else are a huge problem for the freedom of all races of people on this earth…. Probably yourself included. They don’t care about you or me or any decent people anywhere… That is the problem!
      And no, I’m not an unhappy person at all. I’m perfectly level headed and capable of understanding the truth when i see it….. Thats why I think the way I do…. Nurture is definitely part of things, but nature is what makes us who we are AND precisely why all the different races on this earth are DIFFERENT! It isn’t hate or anger or anything like that that make things how they are…. They just are.. That is nature itself..
      And its not about “conspiracy hunting” or anything like that, but just observing the way the world actually works…Thats all I’m doing and saying here
      When I refer to “Jews”, I am referring to GROUP BEHAVIOUR, not average Jewish people such as yourself! Visit John Friend’s Blog ( to understand more about what we think… If the Jewish people wish to free themselves from all the bullshit of their corrupt “leaders” then that’s fine with me….
      I envision a world of true “diversity”, where ALL races can determine their own destinies…. Adolf Hitler showed the way for whites.. and you should be relieved that he DIDN’T even try to exterminate your people…. He was a good and kind man, not in any way a monster…. He tried to find a humane and fair way to deal with the Jewish problem which was VERY REAL in his country… and it WAS NOT EXTERMINATION AT ALL. He tried to find a peaceable method of tranferring the Jews to Palestine.. It was called the Haavara Agreement… Look that one up!
      By the way I haven’t heard the new Black Sabbath album yet… I hope it’s not a ‘total let down’!
      Like I said; No ill feelings and all the best… I’m simply suggesting you investigate how deceptive and destructive the “Jewish power base” REALLY IS in this world… It is huge…. Do the right thing and reject those bigwig scumbags for your own sake!!

      1. The Haavara agreement was highly controversial. While it helped German Jews to emigrate, it also provided a major market for German goods in Palestine, thereby helping Germany’s weak economy at a time, so it wasn’t like it was done with sweet intentions, it was also to end the Jewish boycott of German services/products. This doesn’t account for all of the Jews in the rest of Europe, who disappeared during World War II. In addition to that, the outbreak of war in September 1939 ended the transfer practice.
        Anyone who has bothered to learn about the rise of fascism in Germany and in particular, about its effects on the European Jewish population, understands that the Nazis tried a number of things to get rid of Jews and other minorities before the war. They didn’t automatically start killing people (how else would they have the Olympics?), it took them some time to get to that point, but so what? It doesn’t really matter what they intended to do at first, but what they did. The Holocaust was called by Himmler “the final solution” and his speech at Posen in 1943 he alludes to the process through which they decided to quit trying to passively get rid of the Jews, and just exterminate them.

        What I find hard about all of this is the complete overlooking of human nature. I have worked at daycare centers, and been around small children of every race and religion. I have watched black children, Muslim children, Asian children, Jewish children, and Caucasian children, and you know what? They are all the same. They play the same, and they are color blind. Sure none of them want to share, but they all want to play, they all want to be cuddled and tended to, and it doesn’t matter what color the person next to them is. The only thing we receive from our genetics is what we have on the outside, my Austrian genetics gave me a squared but narrow chin, and my Jewish ones gave me deep brown eyes, and nothing else. You cannot say that we inherent everything from our genetics, but then say your problem is not with the average Jew like myself. The totally average, Steve Miller Band loving, itty bitty savings account owning, Jew that is me.

        By the way, seriously, the new Black Sabbath album is really awful. I can’t believe that after 35 years this is what they came up with. You have my curiosity peaked to get to know you, and why and how you believe all of this, and I would like to follow this all up via e-mail and off the blogs if you would be willing.

          1. I just re-read this comment thread and I promise never to be “nice” or “play-dumb” when conversing with a Jew ever again! NEVER AGAIN! (oy vey, its another holohoax!)
            It’s a complete waste of time and I should have known better……

          2. Golly gee! I’ve certainly never read Mein Kampf before, is it new? I did read this book once written by this guy in prison who flunked out of art school because his drawings of people sucked, what I found a little odd is how much a book written by a guy who wanted to bang his niece got so popular.. But you all are too smart to fall for such ridiculous nonsense right? I don’t know about you guys, but niece banging seems a little gross… But that’s just what the personification of the devil wants you to think, so when you hear low voices ringing through your ears saying “don’t bang your niece, or even think about it” it’s really just us silly Jewish devils.

          3. Wow, well all of this attention certainly makes me feel important! Here I thought I was just the spawn of a guy with a sandwich cart from Austria, apparently I’m very interesting. Regardless, the art is mediocre at best, surprised he wasn’t painting his niece in a nightie.

            We can all be selective though..

            Jewish Paintings:




            Lest we forget Philip Veit who did quite a famous portrait of Jesus:


            Of course who am I to talk? The Italians have us all licked with art anyways.

            Also, FYI all modern art is tacky, whether it comes from Jews, or Germans:

          4. The guy promoting the modern art in this link is Sherwin Simmons: He is so clearly a Jew I shouldn’t even have to point it out… We know who’s pushing ‘Modern Art’. I never said that Germans/Whites weren’t capable of doing shitty artwork, especially under guidance from Jewish art professors!
            Read this one:
            “surprised he wasn’t painting his niece in a nightie” – Hahaha! Yeah good one; I’ll pay that! But….. Jews own all the book publishing companies, so anyone wanting to spin ‘tall-tales’ about Jew-enemy #1 A. Hitler isn’t exactly going to be pressed for hard evidence to back up their ‘stories’ are they now? This relates directly to how the Jews continue to push their giant Holocaust LIE – Control of media = control of narrative = lying to the Goyim as usual! Watch the video here: then try and explain to me why the Jews were actually treated VERY WELL in NS German work camps, whilst upholding the ‘Holocaust’ extermination myth!
            Now, I’ve just revisited our few private emails exchanged a few months back and I looked at the link you sent me – A ‘documentary’ by Jared Diamond called Guns, Germs & Steel where he tries to tell us that the races are all the same and it’s all the ‘environment’ as to why the races differ…. Well well, turns out Mr. Diamond (of all names) is an Edomite Jew… Obvious Jew propaganda to get us to ‘de-racialise’ our thinking while the Jews maintain their strong tribal identity and therefore preserve their number one strength which allows them to continue ruling the Goyim – I.e. UNITY!
   – Final thought (since I’m getting sick of this comment thread): If the Jew’s weren’t a problem in every nation they’ve ever inhabited, then why have they managed to continuously get kicked out of everywhere throughout history? Are all the Goyim nations wrong to have disliked Jews? Or is there something inherently unlikable about Jewish behaviour? I think you know the answer……

          5. All of this wacky science came from Darwin… not a Jew by the way.. But anywho, I think I know the answer, science told it to me while it was sitting in the backseat to your idiotic ideas about the way things work. It said “pssst.. Sara, there’s no point. These people probably take Noah’s ark literally and like to fuck their relatives.”

            Now science told me this after of course I had a few million people over last night, at one of our UNITY parties, we discussed ways to alter history and whatnot, which was rather interesting for me since I have spent most of my working days as a cashier at a Blockbuster and as a waitress at a diner. Yeah I know, I’m a total elitist. In fact while I was cashiering at Blockbuster for $7.20 and hour it was completely my fault that Adam Sandler got so damn popular, it was that sense of unity in our giant network. So if there is anything I have to apologize for, it’s Little Nicky. That movie was seriously awful, sorry gentiles! My Jewy bad!

          6. Funny, that’s what I thought of your response! This site sums up what I think…. Whatever, I’m sick of this comment thread because it’s pointless. If you want to know more about what I think then read some of the articles (which you obviously don’t)! I’ve got nothing more to say

    1. The eternal enemy knows EXACTLY what THEY DO! Just as you do hasbara monkey. Oy Vey!! Preach your deception on the msm where your brethren will welcome you with open arms. Here however, shill vermin like yourself WILL be called out. The gall of a Christ killer to come on here and quote Jesus. FUCK OFF MAGGOT !

  3. The Shrewish Horde of Iniquities seek to have our children indoctrinated with the lie of the Cabaliistically derived 6 million inschools.The import of the number 6 is derived from the fact that ‘g-d’ in Judaism has the number 42.
    The actions of the Rabbinate constitute child abuse, an attempt to include innocents in their religion. Their use of government as a proxy, and for safe access to the mind of the goyische innocents is repugnant.

    The date on which we celebrate Christmas is also Kabillistically derived. The number of JC is 10 and 3, being the numerical position of the letters. The 25 of the 12 is derived from this….2×5 and 1+2.

    If 6 million were nailed as described, then their blood, is on the hands of the Rabbis who incited it.
    In Halacha it is not permissible to count ‘jews’, but entirely necessary it would seem to propagate the apparent numerological lie to children, our children. This is a heinous act performed with malice aforethought, conceptually consistent with the core ideal of Judaism………Malice afrorethought .

    In Judaism, only ‘jews’ are human…….. It is a religion of two faced hypocrisy.

    Imbibing the ideas of the Talmud turn this.

    into this.

    Do not lecture us

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