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Golden Dawn news from Buy Zolpidem India

Let us take a moment to celebrate the first of what is no doubt going to be a long streak of victories for the greatest nationalist party to exist since 1945.

Cheap Adipex 37.5

Free men.

Yesterday, I Buy Xanax Pfizer Online that the criminal Zionist Occupational Government of Greece, having overplayed its hand, would not succeed in holding the illegally kidnapped leadership of the Golden Dawn past next week.  Today, three of the MPs – Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panagiotaros and Nikos Michos – were released from detention, to the disdain of the media and the cheers Greek of the people.


The three men, along with Ioannis Lagos, had been testifying before an investigative magistrate in a court session that began yesterday afternoon and stretched through the night, ending this morning.

Lagos, Pappas and the Leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, are still being held.  But it isn’t going to be long before they’re released as well.

Nonsensical Charges and No Evidence

Kasidiaris was released a 50k euro bail, while the other two lawmakers were freed without bail being set.  The release, unexpected by the government which kidnapped them, signals the imminent collapse of the idiotic charges against them, which, in the court session, Panagiotaros accurately dubbed a “fairy tale.”

Golden Dawn is going to be in a position to launch a major lawsuit against the government for this illegal kidnapping and detention, and we should assume that there will be criminal charges brought against the government as well.

Interior Minister Yiannis Michelakis, an agent of the Jews, appeared on Skai television to claim that the release wasn’t really that big of a deal, saying “This essentially changes nothing. The charges stand, the investigation is ongoing and the evidence is being gathered.”

But the charges make no sense and there is no evidence.  This is why they were released – there was ‘insufficient’ evidence to hold them.  The Jews acted with neurotic furor, and they will pay the price.

“It is clear that the judiciary has refused to follow the orders of a government enslaved to foreigners,” said a statement posted on the party’s official website after this morning’s court decision to free the MPs. “This unconstitutional, blatantly illegal government conspiracy is collapsing under the huge weight of truth and common sense.”

Mark my words: The Golden Dawn will rule Greece, and through this, they will guide the European race into a new Golden Age.  God and the Universe have decreed it, and so must it be.

Before hailing a taxi and taking off to celebrate this great victory, Michos explained to the media how this is going to work, in no uncertain terms, “Only with bullets will you stop us, and we will rise from our graves.  Beware of that.”

Fear, ye Jews, for the end of your reign over our Great Race draws ever more nigh.

Hail Victory!

Source: http://www.totalfascism.com/we-a-free-men-kasidiaris-panagiotaros-and-michos-released/

Some great news out of Greece. Inspiring stuff!!


– BDL1983

Buy Diazepam 10Mg

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld
Buy Xanax Nz
August 21, 2013

Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg

The EU boycott should not have been a surprise. Interview with Susanne Urban, a German historian, who elucidates on the situation.

“Anti-Semitism was officially delegitimized in Germany after its surrender in 1945. This happened first in public areas such as politics, economy, culture, art and later on in society at large. Public debates and the social environment show however that since the late 1990s, anti-Semitism is expressed again more openly in manifold variations. Contemporary anti-Semitism has a solid base in the German mainstream.”

Dr. Susanne Urban, a German historian, heads the Historical Research in the International Tracing Service (ITS) Bad Arolsen. Before that, she worked for five years at Yad Vashem. She has also published a number of books.

“Several studies in recent years gave us more insight into levels of German anti-Semitism. In 2008, all parliamentary parties agreed to appoint an expert group. It was charged with obtaining an understanding of how far anti-Semitism had permeated German society and how to combat it more effectively. The ten experts were also asked to present recommendations regarding education and training of educators.

“The assignment stressed that findings concerning levels of anti-Semitism should be connected to questions about Germany’s democratic stability. The experts also focused on post-Holocaust anti-Semitism and Muslim anti-Semitism.

“In August 2011, their report was published and presented. It stressed the importance of confronting ‘secondary anti-Semitism.’ One major aspect of this is that people refuse responsibility for the Holocaust. This reflects a variety of widespread opinions. Included is that Germany is the victim or even hostage of survivors and that Holocaust compensation payments are sometimes denounced as a robbery committed by ‘The Jews.’

“This opinion is fueled further nowadays by those Germans who promote multiple types of self-victimization. This phenomenon expresses itself for instance as: ‘We were victims too but never got compensation.’ Victims and perpetrators are often inverted. In 2008, more than two-thirds of Germany’s population were annoyed to different degrees by recollections of Nazi crimes and their victims.

“The study also found that in 2010, secondary anti-Semitism was shared by 40% of Germany’s population. An identical percentage considered that Israel behaves like Nazi Germany today. Secondary anti-Semitism is not specific to Germany, but is found in high percentages in Poland and Hungary as well. In the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, these figures are much lower.

“Anti-Zionism as one variety of anti-Semitism often manifests itself as ‘criticism of Israeli politics, strategies and actions.’ It is found in all spheres of German society, be it Leftist or Rightist, Muslim or Christian. Anti-Zionism and secondary anti-Semitism often overlap for instance by making comparisons between Nazis and Israeli politics or between Holocaust victims and the Palestinians. This is also used to deny contemporary responsibility for Germany’s history or commemoration of the victims. Anti-Zionist attitudes do not differ if one is ideologically on the left, right, or a liberal.

Read More: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/13722#.UhchYX-x1EN

More Important Link: http://www.dailystormer.com/eu-and-israel-german-anti-israelism-and-anti-semitism/

These damn Jews are absolutely incredible… The amount of utter BULLSHIT they can dream up to divert attention away from the obvious fact that THEY ARE COMPLETE BASTARDS is truly amazing!!! You really have to read the crap they write to understand ‘how they are’….

The more you analyse the way Jews spin their shite, the more surprising it is that anyone takes them seriously…. Yet WE are the distinct minority of people who ‘GET’ what they are like…. Arrrrrggghhhhh!!!

– BDL1983