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4 thoughts on “EU and Israel: German Anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism”

  1. ‘“Several studies in recent years gave us more insight into levels of German anti-Semitism. In 2008, all parliamentary parties agreed to appoint an expert group. It was charged with obtaining an understanding of how far anti-Semitism had permeated German society and how to combat it more effectively. The ten experts were also asked to present recommendations regarding education and training of educators.’

    Your going to have to teach everyone to accept a parasite. How do they do that? Well first all the Germans need to be killed and reality must be denied at all costs.

    There is just nothing good about the jews. Anti Semitism is the natural reaction to them and if a race wants to survive it has to be, as the jews mission is defilement and the destruction of every people in the world.

  2. ‘“In August 2011, their report was published and presented. It stressed the importance of confronting ‘secondary anti-Semitism.’ One major aspect of this is that people refuse responsibility for the Holocaust. This reflects a variety of widespread opinions. Included is that Germany is the victim or even hostage of survivors and that Holocaust compensation payments are sometimes denounced as a robbery committed by ‘The Jews.’’

    The jews think that everyone should feel a responsibility to be genocided and let the jews go on defiling the world. The holocaust is the celebration where the jews celebrate the murder of the Germans and in the most Jewish way possible an inversion of reality and to them the holocaust reinforces their traditional victimhood and paranoia and their lust to murder at the same time. What they are really celebrating is what happens when someone tries to smite the parasite.

  3. To ‘combat’ antisemitism ‘effectively’ you would effectively have to murder or breed out every intellegent person. Well if they have to do that thats exactly what they will do, and that is exactly what their ‘religion’ is about.

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