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Rabbi confirms Jewish plan to Rule the World and wipe out the White Race….. in 1952!

UPDATE 15/5/14 – Apparently there’s a bit of uncertainty regarding the authenticity of this particular speech by Rabbi Rabinovich. Allegedly Eustace Mullins received it from a Hungarian Jew in New York City and that’s the only real source for it. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was authentic (I assumed Mullins was a reliable enough source), then again Jews do disseminate false information to muddy the waters, with the goal of discrediting the absolute mountain of factual evidence showing Jewry to be guilty of what we accuse them of. That said, there are tons of documented quotes by Jews with the same attitude, saying pretty much the same thing as Rabbi Rabinovich. Noel Ignatiev is one particularly disgusting Satanic Edomite Jew who deserves a mention!

There is ABSOLUTELY NO DISPUTING THE AUTHENTICITY of the New York Times article at the bottom though!

Here we go again. I know this all gets very repetitive, but that is the name of the game until our people get their act together. The following extract is from page 109 of the book, Who is Esau-Edom by Charles A. Weisman. I really don’t know how much clearer we have to make things before people “get it”!

Here’s Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich speaking at the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in 1952. “Emergency Council of European Rabbis” – what the hell? Why would Jews need councils/conferences of an exclusive rabbinical nature if they were not a cohesive tribal force working against the interests of not only the White race, but all other races too?


OK, so Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich got a bit ahead of himself when he said the Third World War would occur within 5 years and end for all time the Jewish struggle against the White Race, but who can blame him for getting a bit overwhelmed with bloodlust? After all, he was speaking at a council of his fellow bloodthirsty Rabbis!!

The agenda for world domination, otherwise known as the “New World Order” is clearly a Jewish agenda. Sure, there are plenty of scumbag, sell-out Whites who’ve sold their souls to the devil and therefore are willing accomplices to Jewish criminality, but there’s really no escaping the fact that Jews are the NWO’s driving force and coordinators!

Still don’t believe it? Here you go:

New World Order to Jews

Enough said.

– BDL1983

Israel Doesn’t Care that the US is Spying on Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2013

The NSA is a Jew operation.

The NSA is a Jew operation.

Unsurprisingly, while the world is outraged that the US is recording all of the communications of their citizens and their leaders, Israel is not a bit bothered. This is – obviously – because Jews run the US government, and they can’t be upset that they are spying on themselves.

From the LA Times:

The U.S. also listens in on Israel, former Mossad chief Danny Yatom recently told Israeli media, and columnist Amir Oren wrote that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been a “U.S. intelligence target since the 1980s.” Some Israeli observers saw the indignation as naive.According to excerpts (Hebrew website, video includes some English) from an interview with Israeli Channel 10, Wendy Sherman, under secretary for Political Affairs, avoided directly answering the question whether the U.S. was “spying on Israeli political figures.”

Welcoming reliance on Israel’s “vaunted capabilities in terms of intelligence,” Sherman said, “we will have to talk about these things together” to ensure partnerships and relationships are respected (The full interview will be broadcast Sunday evening).

A detailed report in the New York Times revealed the National Security Agency also tracked “high priority Israeli military targets,” including Israel’s Sparrow missile system, a recent testing of which touched frayed nerves in the region in September.

This report met with a mellow shrug, too. “This doesn’t surprise me,” energy minister Silvan Shalom told local media Sunday. Shalom, a former foreign minister, said that upon taking public office, he was advised to assume “the whole world was listening” and that his phone was monitored constantly. “This was the basic working assumption,” Shalom said.

“Everyone listens to everyone else all the time,” Dov Weissglass, an adviser to former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, told Israel Radio. Anyone in relevant circles knows that “sensitive issues are not to be communicated by electronic means,” he said.

Of course, they are recording the Israelis because they record everything.

There are also occasionally some differences between Israeli Jews and American Jews, which have led to at least minor conflicts in the past, though they make sure to keep such things very quiet.

It appears also that not simply the American Jews running he NSA, but the Israeli Mossad also has full access to all of the NSA databases.

On top of this, the man playing the middle-man in revealing all of this, Glenn Greenwald, is himself a Jew – I’m still not sure what exactly that means, but I can assure you it means something.  It may be that he is just in there, harnessing the power as Jews always do, or it may be something more devious.

Source Article

I found this article rather amusing. Remember how (just a few days ago) Angela Merkel was so surprised that the U.S. was tapping her phone, as if Jews would ever do anything like that!! Hahaha!!

– Brett