The situation with Syria and the Jew-controlled West is reaching some sort of boiling point; something has to give eventually….

To summarise in a simple manner: on one side we have all our White western countries playing ball for “Team Jew” (including Israel on “Team Jew” obviously), and on the other side we have Syria and Iran as solid opposition, while Russia and China are potentially big thorns in the Jewish side.

Let’s take a step back from everything and assess how this potential WW3 debacle has come about; who is responsible for it; and why they must be dealt with this time around…… If this giant shit-storm does end up being more than a confined middle-east conflict, like a WW3, then the Jews had better find themselves another planet to live on…. No one will accept them next time round. The Jews cover will be blown forever if they lose this conflict! Make no mistake about it…. If WW3 is around the corner, IT WILL BE FOR KEEPS! Perhaps it will offer the entire world a salvation from the global Jewish Problem!

Who is responsible for creating the problem?

The Jews are of course; with their “Jew World Order” agenda for world domination. Like I said above, they have essentially divided the entire world up into teams: “Team Jew” for all the countries who are on-board with the “Gefilte Fish Express” and “The Axis of Evil” for anyone who is not 100% Kosher approved….. That’s what the Jews have done, but there are many grey areas regarding who and what countries are fully on-board, partially on-board etc… The situation is not all as “black and white” as I illustrated above. That was done for the express purpose of simplicity!

The countries which are clearly marked Kosher with a “capital K” are pretty much all the same “Allies” as in WW2: The White (or formerly white) Nations. Jewish control over the White nations is a done deal as things currently stand. We are their muscle… We are the reliable part of “Team Jew”, as the Jew would see it. All the non-White Jewish controlled nations (e.g. Africa under UN occupation, Saudi Arabia etc) make up the unreliable part of “Team Jew”….. They are just impotent so the Jews don’t really care about using those countries for military conflict; as long as they can rape them for resources and send Africans to White countries; the Jews are happy…..

The solid “Axis of Evil” in this current middle-east debacle is Syria and Iran. It is very safe to say that there is very little “kosher-friendliness” in either of these 2 nations. I judge how “Jew-friendly” a nation is by how much the Jews seem to hate them. In Syria’s case there is absolutely no doubt that the Jews hate Bashar al-Assad and it is fair to say they hate Iran just as much because they are loyal supporters of Syria.

assadAbove: Legitimate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The “fence sitters” in my opinion are Russia and China. They are “fence sitters” in the sense that they don’t want the Jew-controlled West creating too much trouble in the middle-east region; mainly because of how it effects business relations negatively….. They are not “100% Kosher approved” states. They have their own unique nationalistic tendencies and therefore will probably err on the side of common sense; that means allying with Syria and Iran, and rejecting the Jewish-led insanity of the Western world…..


Russia: Vladimir Putin is a “mixed-bag” as far as I can tell. He has done some amazingly “Kosher” things such as wailing at the stinking wall in Israel and wearing Yarmulkes…. But, politics are what they are; you play the game to get along for BUSINESS etc…… The Oil in Syria and Iran are big business….

He doesn’t approve of the US’s behaviour regarding Syria and the chemical weapons allegations, and he seems to support some healthy nationalistic ideas in Russia….. Such as being against the Fags, making speeches like this one against minorities in Russia. It could be “all-for-show” and Russia may be more Kosher than what we think….. I honestly think it’s a “mixed-bag” scenario with Russia and the Jews. Russia does what it can to keep “pro-Russia”, while trying to tread the fine line of not offending the Kosher powers too much

China: China seems to be standing further in the background on the Syria issue, but I think they have a very similar attitude to Russia…… “Pro-China” sentiment; don’t offend the Jew power structure too much; but will act (just the same as Russia will) if their oil business is significantly threatened……. Mind you though, considering how big China is these days, who’d be surprised if they could take an economic hit to “weather the storm” and come out the entire conflict unscathed? Interesting thought…….

WW3: Same old “Allies” or “Team Jew” vs “New Axis Of Evil”? Scary thought, but this thing could get real ugly…… and this is precisely why the Jews must be dealt with as soon as possible; most likely after whatever the upcoming conflict develops into…… and by “dealt with“, I mean herded somewhere where they cannot harm any other human beings on the face of the planet. The Jews are nothing but “a problem” for EVERYONE! We can’t live with them, therefore there’s no other choice…….

The most amazing thing about all this “Syria using chemical weapons against their own people” bullshit is that it would make no sense AT ALL for them to do such a thing!!! What would they stand to gain except the wrath of the “International Community” (code for Jew-powers-that-be) and the JewSA launching military action against them? Bashar al-Assad is not suicidal as far as I know!

What would make sense here is if Israel, through the Mossad, have armed these ‘rebels’ with weapons (maybe chemical weapons, who knows… the UN can’t even tell us for sure….) and got them to unleash massacres on Syrian civilians, thereby providing the Jews with the excuse they need to launch a war against the non-Kosher enemy nation of Syria! That is highly plausible!

Another amazing thing about this Syria debacle is that it’s the same playbook the Jews have used time and time again! Remember Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya….. The enemy is different but the gameplan is always the same! In fact, throughout all of history “false-flag” attacks are the #1 Jewish method of warfare….. Blame the Reichstag fire on the National Socialists, provoke Hitler to send troops to Poland, blame 911 on the Arabs/Muslims, phony Weapons of Mass Destruction…. The reality is that it’s always the Jews behind these sorts of events and false news stories/false propaganda. That is the JEW Modus Operandi – ALWAYS! The TALMUDIC DIALECTIC: create problem; anticipate reaction; offer pre-planned Kosher solution!

Finally, what “moral high ground” can the US take regarding the use of chemical weapons? None whatsoever…. It is an absolute joke that they even have the nerve to….  White phosphorus in Iraq, Nukes on Japan after WW2 was all but finished, Agent Orange in Vietnam, and on and on the list goes……… But, when Jews are running the show, chutzpah is always abundant!!!

‘All this fighting just to protect a shitty little dirtbox called Israel and its “persecuted” residents???’

I suppose it’s time to turn on the TV for another dose of Holocaust propaganda…. Never forget!!!

Oy Vey!!….

– Brett, BDL1983

For truthful info on the Syria situation check out this site:

Hackers Expose U.S. False Flag to Frame Syria


• Mercenary emails indicate U.S. may have proposed “false flag” chemical attack

By Richard Walker

Hacked emails from a British mercenary company were posted online, leading to claims Washington was backing a dirty war against Syria in which a chemical attack on Syria could be blamed on the Syrian regime, thereby strengthening the case for immediate intervention on the part of the United States military.

British mercenary company, Britam Defence, has since admitted it was hacked but claimed the hacker, who posted his online name as “JAsIrX,” had maliciously and cleverly used hacked material to generate forgeries to destroy the company’s reputation and make it look like it was involved in shocking behavior.

According to a spokesman for the company, it was really a “risk management firm” and not a mercenary company like those hired by the U.S. Defense Department to carry out military operations in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, the sheer volume of hacked documents from Britam demonstrates that the UK firm has a hand in more than just paper-pushing. It is clearly a company with tentacles that reach into all parts of the military-industrial complex in the UK and overseas.

One of the hacked emails that has resulted in the most embarrassment for the U.S. government concerned Syria. The email reads as follows:

Phil, we’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved in Washington. We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell [sic] from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record. Frankly, I don’t think it is a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards,


The “Phil” referred to in the email is purported to be Philip Doughy, Britam’s founder. The “David” is the director of development, David Goulding. The “CW” in the email refers to Chemical Weapon and the “g-shell” implies a gas-warfare-type shell.

Read More:

American Free Press is a great website….. Check it out…. John Friend writes articles for them nowadays too!

– BDL1983