Weekend R.A.C – 3/8/13

Our Weapon Is Truth!!

Don’t be deceived by what they own

It was gained by pressure, not talent of their own

Persecution is what they scream

World domination their ultimate dream

Kicked out of England in the 12th Century

For extortion and deceit while lending money


They own the media, they own TV

They got a finger in the pie of every industry

In the entertainment business, it’s a high percent

An anti-Jewish backlash is what they try to prevent

The government’s no better, it’s a Zionistic tool

So if you vote for this government, then you vote for Jewish rule


So join our racial battle all across the land

We want our country back now, our destiny in our hands!!


The anti-British monarchy have got some Jewish blood

For wealthy Jewish businessmen, they do all that they could

So don’t be taken in my friend, stick with your own kind

Don’t take their propaganda, or they’ll control your mind


Die On My Feet…….

(I can’t find an audio file or video that works… but its from the album “Fires Of Our Rage” by Fortress….. these are the lyrics anyhow….)

These are the times that try good men, the trials, the tribulations. Now it’s make or break, but it ain’t too late! This is a war of attrition!

I won’t submit to their masterplan, we’re history if we don’t make a stand. So many content to serve and to please, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees! No slave to the master, no sheep to the fleeced, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees!

It gets frustrating, so many weak willed, who let opportunity pass them by! What drives me on… are the ones who refused to swallow their pride!

Take it in your hands and seize the day, don’t let a single chance fade away! Subservience is a fatal disease, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees! The cold dead earth will inherit the meek, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees!

So scared of change, comfortably nowhere, heavens forbid we should think for ourselves. No backbone heads down a culture of slaves. Servants to the state and material world, I won’t be a victim of circumstance, be your own master or a rabble of servants!

I won’t bow and scrape just to appease, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees! Liberty or death, I’ll stand on my feet I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees!

Die On My Feet – Found at Truth Militia… What a great set of lyrics!

(If anyone can find the video or audio file for “Die On My Feet” then post it in the comments section…… I’ll add it to the post later…..)

This was my 88th post on the site by the way……

– BDL1983

Friday Night – Jukebox (12/7/13)









And just so we can all relax and sleep well tonight:

You didn’t expect that did you?!!!

Have a grand weekend! Enjoy a few of these:

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Friday Night – Jukebox (14/6/13)


FORTRESS (Australian RAC)


Southern Stars above my head.
My homeland, the ground beneath my feet.
Yet our blood flows from a northern land,
The essence of our young country!

Little more than two hundred years,
We have walked upon this ground,
But the sacrifice of so many sons
Commands our sworn duty to keep it ours!

Ancient descent to a land anew,
Southern birth-Northern soul!
A spirit forged under a sky so blue,
Southern birth-Northern soul!

Can you hear the beat of the drum?
The star of the southern must rise once more!
And blood will stain on the wattle,
This time the battle to be fought upon your soil!

Only from our past can we claim a future
And we must fight like never before.
The finest hour for the sons of the cross
Will be the end of peace and we march to war!



Above: Fortress

There’s no peaceful way out of this mess. We’ve offered solutions, we’ve done our best! We’re attacked from all sides, our voice drowned out! The flame now burns a beacon in the crowd!

Within the hearts of all true men, a pride that can’t be tamed. A rite of passage begins, a holy war we’ll wage!

In the fires of our rage!

Government oppression, our people are led. Like lambs to the slaughter, we fight for freedom and bread. Our struggle reborn, anger set alight. The white resistance, blood and soil-Our sacrifice!

Smouldering resentment grows higher than the flame. It burns away all forgiveness, our whole world set ablaze!

In the fires of our rage!

Inflamed by the white heat of hate, no-one untouched in the fires of rage!

Do you swing to the right or swing to the left? We ask not, you’ll swing by the neck, there’s too much to stake. They’ll be no recompense for our children’s future, our races existence!

They brewed a melting pot that
scalds us with the shame,
that we allowed this to happen
Now we’re forced to fan the flames…

…of the fires of our rage!



Look to the future, outlaw
The storm is coming now, race war
The skies darken as night falls
The battle’s coming now, your race calls

We’ll carry on the fight ’til the day we die
Against the people that would kill us for the flags we fly
We wont surrender, we wont give in
We’ll fight the fight and we will win, now!

Stand up beside us and we’ll have our day
Stand up against us get out of our way

The tensions rising, the flood grows
The banks are bursting, overflow
Here it comes now, tidal wave
God help our people now, mass graves

Join the battle, join the few
Stand up for your race and your nation too
We know the traitors are in our midst
But now they’re running like the others did


People to the left, people to the right
People in the middle that don’t wanna fight
Traitors fight against us, showdown
People in the middle get knocked down

We fight for freedom, we fight to win
The colour of our uniform, is the colour of our skin
We’ve got the power, we’ve got the pride
When we get the unity, it’s alright!

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