6 thoughts on “Friday Night – Jukebox (12/7/13)

  1. akc1993

    Few good tunes there mate.
    It seems the JEWS are terrorizing world oppinion again in the minds of the countless degenerates who trawl the internet with no life. Ive been researching people I like and I keep finding links of ‘trending’ ZIMMERMAN TRIAL and SAINT TRAYVON MARTIN making everybody who can’t understand anything hate white peoples. Its like another HOLOCAUST all over again.

    All the people who’s oppinions are the loudest really care about this shit.

    Childish Vermin

    1. akc1993

      You know if its such an ‘issue’ for all the scum they must still think that ‘whites’ control everything, because ‘he is going to get off omg’

      not that he is white….

      things going on in Amerika

    2. BDL1983

      Yeah, you know man, Zimmerman is white!!
      Yeah fucking right..(note my sarcasm). I can’t believe the jew media would try pass him off as “white”…
      On the truth milita show Rich called him a “big fat burrito eatin mestizo” or something like that! He clearly isn’t white, thats for sure!
      I hope he gets let off. It was self-defense, that thug neglet deserved to be shot!! If he gets off the nignogs will RIOT! I hope

  2. akc1993

    Did you hear that Negroes in Amerika or organising to ‘kill whitey’ again if Saint Trayvon’s killer gets let off.

    Apparently all the idiots with oppinions of the world think that ‘whites’ still control the judicial system and that a huge ‘injustice’ is about to take place. Children of all ages think the same

    1. BDL1983

      Ahoy BIgBri, I got the Bully Boys on mp3 and cd… They are a good band for when you’re belting the punching bag!

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